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Information about Devgrids goals before launch

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: madalinignisca



Some thought while we prepare our solutions to publish them on the main marketplaces.

Soon on

Devgrids Solutions, not just themes...

Our goal Devgrids The web is full of free and premium themes and plugins (or modules, or extensions), but they lack of some precious features and characteristics that websites or mobile applications should really have. We want to provide full solutions, not just unfinished pieces.

Themes Devgrids Themes are the top level in the construction of a website based on a CMS like WordPress. Should it include functionality from plugins? No! Because you don’t want vulnerability on the level that hackers can interactivate with your website. Really, it’s the first exploited!

Plugins Devgrids Plugins, or as named by other CMS platforms as modules, extensions or components, should provide all functionality that you need. How something looks like, the plugin should offer the theme the element and let the theme take care of it’s presentation. You’re also safe if the theme breaks.

Solutions Devgrids Back to our goal. We want to provide solutions. Think like recipes where you will get a theme, all needed plugins, default configuration, full demo content options. But this recipes, can exchange some elements, be more flexible.

Some differences Devgrids We want to abstract as much as possible. We want to build themes that would support well our plugins and most popular plugins, and offer you stability when you’re moving from a theme to another one. We know that will be important for you, even if you haven’t thought about it until now.

Compatibility Devgrids First we intend to use Bootstrap framework for all Frontend part and some additional popular frameworks that provide all current popular elements that would be needed in a website. But we do it different. Let’s explain first why.

Performance Devgrids How speedy is your website has a great influence for search engines today. We can’t control your hosting solutions, but we can guarantee the speed of our themes and plugins. How? Performance oriented logic in code and loading only necessary resources.

Performance Devgrids Problem we have identified in almost all general purpose themes and most niche themes is that are loading additional resources when not needed. By conditioning what we call, we can condition the load of a needed resource. And we do it in any case.

Better integration Devgrids We love simple solutions, like Page Building solutions, and there are a few popular plugins for that. But we dislike one major thing (we consider it issue). It loads additional resources on the frontend that just duplicate already implemented by the theme or other elements.

Why another alternative? Devgrids When it comes for Sliders and Page Builders we needed to think how to balance the Performance of the final solution. Separate, all would have decent performance. In a recipe, things change. They need to use an optimized common library of CSS and JavaScript. No duplication!

Again, compatibility? Devgrids So would our plugins work with other themes? Short answer YES. But there is only one thing to take care, they need to integrate Bootstrap (most popular do) and very important, not to be altered as functionality (design customized at will).

Security Devgrids We are obsessed with security. We filter out all elements that might be susceptible of being exploitable by somebody that has the source code and would find out a “door” in your website. And we know how not to affect performance when maximizing security.

Why being flexible? Devgrids While building websites for different clients and using popular solutions on the market, we were very annoyed of being very limited on what we could use as alternatives to some elements. That made us not to use their solutions again ever. So, on our solutions, we want to keep our clients.

And more Devgrids And if you extend your business on the web, online, why not go mobile after, and when we mean mobile, not just responsive websites, we mean why not be able to have the design you started with integrated into a mobile application that does the job? We’ll come back more on niche solutions...

Keep in touch Devgrids We’re preparing to launch soon. Stay tunned and follow us at

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