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Published on July 5, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. Development of the stomach From 4 weeks to 8 weeks

2. Stomach • A stomach is a large hollow muscular organ which helps the nutrients to digest • It has no villi unlike the bowel (small) • It first starts as an unturned organ at 4 weeks • In the next weeks the stomach begins angling at the greater curvature than the lesser curvature • In 8 weeks the stomach reaches final anatomical location, end next to spleen and next to the liver

3. 4 weeks • The stomach of the 4 week embryo is not yet turned in an angle • In 4 weeks the mesenterial relationship in the abdominal cavity relates to the whole system known as the peritoneum • This occurs when the A/P position occurs in these stages • The stomach’s ; part; the lumen lacks any digestion yet ; often • In next few days the stomach turns in an angle and flexes to the left, and begins rotation • It is supplied by right and left vagus nerves (10th cranial nerve)

4. 5 weeks • The stomach is slightly bent and the omental flexure becomes more prominent • The stomach is supplied by vagus nerves (CN X). And the Rest is supplied by vessels. It was vee being coated in a thin layer of secreting mucous layer in the interior • In 5 weeks all every other organ in the digestive tract begins to increase in size

5. 7 weeks • By now the stomach assumes the shape of a J. It positions in the anterior part of the abdomen • It is still supplied by vessels and nerves • The stomach continues flexing

6. 9 weeks • In 9 weeks the stomach has a greater difference between LC and GC, their noticeable curving • In the fetal period digestive tract is immature until they became mature for several months • In the adult human body stomachs are main part of nutritions • In 9 weeks the stomach reaches final anatomical position

7. 40 weeks • Rest of the digestive tract fully formed

8. Stomach organogenesis

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