Development of the embryonic lungs

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Information about Development of the embryonic lungs

Published on July 6, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. Development of the embryonic lungs From 4 weeks to maturity

2. Weeks 4 to 9 Week 4-Origination of lungs, the trachea Week 4.5-Beginning of lung development Week 5-Lungs start to form bronchial buds Week 6-Secondary pulmonary buds form Week 7-Tertiary buds form Week 8-Immature lung, contains saccules

3. Lung development The lungs of the embryo at week 7 contain the tertiary bronchus buds In week 9 the lobes of the lungs form and contain 3 lobes and the other 2 Week 10 continues lung development

4. Bronchus development The 28 year development of the lungs 16 weeks-3RD bronchus fully formed, beginnings of bronchiole development 19 week-Respiratory bronchus bronchi bronchiole less appears 28 weeks-Saccules form Birth-Last saccule forms 7 years-Mature lung, alveoli formed 28 years-Aging of lungs begin

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