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Published on July 7, 2016

Author: AntonniKendallPrades


1. Development of the ear From 3 weeks to adult

2. 3 weeks • Ear placode forms • Beginnings of inner ear development • A tag of skin is found in the closed otic pit • In week 3 where it starts the placode derives from the back of the embryo

3. Ear placode On the 22nd day the ear placode forms, on each side of the hindbrain

4. 27 days Whereas the otic pit form s it s starts as a shallow depression on the side of hindbrain

5. 29 days By the beginning of week 4 the otic pit begins to constrict and deepen, thus forming the ear vesicle

6. 31 days Then the otic pit shrinks thus forming this structure

7. 5 weeks By 5 weeks the extended lymph duct appears from the utricle of otic vesicle The saccule of the inner ear forms

8. Cochlea The cochlea is an organ which is formed by an outgrowth of the saccule, which contains the organ of Corti The ear is attached by the auditory nerve and supplies to the brain

9. Cochlea pt 2 Inside the cochlea are cells which help for balance and hearing known as organ of Corti

10. Auditory nerve It is called the vestibulochordcochlear nerve, which connects with the ear to the brain It helps balance and hearing and locomotion

11. Bony labyrinth The bony labyrinth surrounding the membranous part is made out of bones whole which the ear is made. It derives from otic capsule

12. Middle ear • Tjhesthebest the middle ear (tympanicum cavity) is the cavity which is called a men middle ear • It has 3 bones called ossicles • The ossicles include malleus (hammer), incus (anvil) and stapes (stirrup). These were produced by the tympanic membrane (eardrum) • It helps to vibrate sounds as far as whistle

13. Middle ear • 5 weeks In 5 weeks of development the middle ear derives from 1st pharyngeal pouch (tubotympanic recess) In 7 weeks it will become the ossicles

14. External ear • Part of the ear which includes the meatus and pinna

15. Development • 6th week-Beginning of ext ear, as hillocks • 7th week-Differentiation • 10th week-Antitragus and tragus are present • Adult-Full morph

16. 6th week Left-5th week Right-6th week

17. 10th week (mature)

18. Parts of a human ear Pinna Ear canal Eardrum Malleus Incus Stapes Semi circ canals Vestibulo-cochlear nerve Cochlea Eustachian tube Rest

19. External ear (adult) Pinna Tragus Helix Antihelix Concha Ear canal Ear lobe Rest

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