Development of a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP compiler

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Information about Development of a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP compiler

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: vp3892


Development of a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP compiler on Netburner platform: 2/22/2014 1 Development of a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP compiler on Netburner platform Prepared by : Pratik Vyas Introduction: 2 Introduction An open source protocol – Modicon Inc. Dick Morley Innovator For Industrial Automation System Communicate over Master – Slave Technique Remotely access Machineries Less human effort require Modbus TCP/IP Modbus RTU Modbus TCP/IP Stack: Modbus TCP/IP Stack 3 Modbus TCP/IP Stack: Modbus TCP/IP Stack 4 Socket: 5 Creation of socket() int sockid= socket(family, type, protocol ); sockid : socket descriptor family : integer, communication domain, PF_INET type : communication type like SOCK_STREAM & SOCK_DGRAM protocol: specifies protocol, IPPROTO_TCP:: Indicates that the TCP protocol is to be used socket call does not specify where data will be coming from, nor where it will be going to –it just creates the interface! Socket Modbus TCP/IP Stack: 6 Modbus TCP/IP Stack Bind: reserves a port for use by the socket int status = bind(sockid, &addrport, size); sockid: integer ID addrport: the (IP) address and port of the machine for TCP/IP server, internet address is usually set to INADDR_ANY, i.e., chooses any incoming interface size: the size (in bytes) of the addrport status: upon failure -1 is returned 7 Bind Bind:  int sockid; struct sockaddr_in addrport; sockid= socket (PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); addrport .sin_family = AF_INET; addrport .sin_port = htons (5100); addrport .sin_addr.s_addr = htonl (INADDR_ANY); if( bind ( sockid , ( struct sockaddr *) & addrport , sizeof ( addrport ))!= -1) { … } 8 Bind Bind: bind can be skipped Stream socket : The OS finds a port each time the socket sends a packet 9 Bind Modbus TCP/IP Stack: 10 Modbus TCP/IP Stack Listen: Instructs TCP protocol to listen for connections int status = listen(sockid, queueLimit); s ockid:: integer, socket descriptor queuelen :: integer, # of active participants that can “wait ” for a connection s tatus:: 0 if listening, -1 if error The listening socket is used by the server only as a way to get new sockets 11 Listen Modbus TCP/IP Stack: 12 Modbus TCP/IP Stack Connect: The client establishes a connection with the server by calling connect() int status = connect(sockid, &foreignAddr, addrlen ); sockid:: integer, socket to be used in connection foreignAddr:: address of the participant addrlen:: integer, sizeof(name) connect() is blocking 13 Connect Accept: The server gets a socket for an incoming client connection by calling accept() int s = accept(sockid, &clientAddr, &addrLen ); s :: integer, the new socket (used for data-transfer) sockid :: integer clientAddr:: address of the active participant addrLen :: sizeof(clientAddr) accept () waits for connection before returning 14 Accept Modbus TCP/IP Stack: 15 Modbus TCP/IP Stack Exchanging Data: int count = send(sockid, msg, msgLen, flags ); msg :: message to be transmitted msgLen:: length of message (in bytes) to transmit flags:: special options, usually just 0 int count = recv(sockid, recvBuf, bufLen, flags ); recvBuf :: stores received bytes bufLen:: bytes received flags:: special options, usually just 0 Calls are returns only after data is sent / received 16 Exchanging Data Close: 17 Close Close: When finished using a socket, the socket should be closed status= close(sockid ); sockid :: socket being closed status:: 0 if successful, -1 if error Closing a socket closes a connection 18 Close User Interface: User Interface 19 Further Implementation: Further Implementation After getting data from the client forward it on Modbus RTU stack and RTU stack will send it to device. In reverse device will send information will get to the Modbus RTU stack and it will return to back on Modbus TCP/IP stack. 20 Thank you: Thank you 21

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