Developing White Hat Strategies in a Black Hat World - LAC 7Feb2014

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Information about Developing White Hat Strategies in a Black Hat World - LAC 7Feb2014

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: MatthewAJackson



The iGaming industry is notoriously aggressive and trying to compete using non-manipulative strategies has been almost impossible. This session will take a deep dive into the changes Google has implemented, how this applies to iGaming and how you can start to develop real SEO strategies that get results. Key takeaways will include understanding link penalties, how user signals play a role in top rankings and using your target audience to create natural link strategies

Developing White-hat Strategies in a Black-hat World Matthew Jackson, Chief Search Strategist @M4Jackson

What are we talking about? Gaming sites have a difficult task in the post-Penguin world Having a website does not make you link-worthy • How it has worked in the past • How it works now • What can we do to make you white-hat link-worthy?

Gaming SEO in 2002-2011 Webpage Links Rankings

#1 It worked #2 Google is was stupid #3 Everybody was doing it #4 But mainly, it was cheap!

As a long-term strategy this categorically does not work anymore

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin Image:

Recent Google Algorithm Updates

Unnatural Links Bad Strategy Penguin 2.0

Churn & Burn

What is Penguin? “Using advanced computer science techniques such as machine learning and neural networking, algorithms can create new and improved algorithms based on observed results” Christopher Steiner – Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World

Why should we avoid penalties?

The current Sentiment Engagement NEWS DESIGN BUILD Quality Structure CITATIONS is listening to… CONTENT CONVERSATIONS Authority BLOG Satisfaction SOCIAL Relevance Freshness

Our Interdependent Approach fits this landscape


Google is Using User Signals

Return to Search You have a few seconds to get the visitor’s attention and persuade them that they have arrived at a site that will answer their query. If they go back to Google, that’s a negative signal.

Usability & Conversion If a website is difficult to use… If the homepage fails to clearly state what a company offers and/what users can do on the site… If users get lost on a website… If a website's information is hard to read or doesn't answer users’ key questions… …they leave


• How and where do we acquire new visitors and traffic to the site? • Search engine organic traffic (SEO) Acquisition • Search engine paid traffic (PPC) • Referrals • Affiliates • Once someone is on the site how to we keep them there? Engagement • Content • Social • Ensure that users engaged with the site can quickly and easily buy/signup/convert Conversion • Design • Development • Content • CRO • Once someone has bought how to we encourage them to buy again and promote our site? Retention • Search • Retargeting • Email Google Listens To This To Feed Back To Acquisition • Search – to keep people coming back Return to Search • Social

How do we get links then?

Image Credit:

Put your site at the centre of

This gives you two key benefits #1 Gets you in the conversation #2 Makes you worth talking about

Old style links Pros Cons Easy Google will devalue 10,000+ per day Google will spot patterns Cheap Google will penalise You may have to outsource (£) Boring?

Creative linking Pros Cons Google CAN’T devalue Expensive? Referral Traffic Time consuming Social Shares 1 link per day/week/month Brand Exposure Need buy in from others (PR, Social, All done in house creative, developers) Exciting

You have to promote

Social activation of content

Blogger outreach Social seeding Forum seeding Media databases Seeding Paid media Media relations Response Source Google Alerts

Case Study 1


Case Study 2

Pornhub – “Big Data” • • • • Use easy to get data (Google Analytics) Present in an easy to use format Create eye catching sound bites Rinse and repeat

Case Study 3

PR & blogger outreach By storing all players’ results in the quiz we were able to release the data to journalists and bloggers to generate links and coverage. Working with fan sites we were able to increase plays for individual teams, by placing a link on one Crystal Palace fan site we were able to drive over 1,200 plays of the game overnight.

Social influencers

Forum seeding

Reddit Using Reddit’s self serve advertising across general football and team related sub-reddits we were able to reach over 20.5K people within just one week with $15.

What’s the future?

Google is clever If Google can do this in its 20% time, think what it can do in the other 80% time

Golden Retriever

Create sites & campaigns for the users

Negative SEO?


Your new link strategy • Create something to talk about • Promote to a relevant audience • Be a part of the conversation

Don’t worry about… • Link anchor text • • Keyword relevance • • If the content is related to commercial terms, the anchor text will generate itself Create content to be proud of sharing, not content to boost rankings Target pages (unless it’s based on link worthiness) • Build your brand, build overall site authority, rankings will come

A few tips…

#1 Create things you and others are passionate about

#2 Paid media = Earned links

#3 Work with the right people

Thank you! Please email any questions to Or get in touch on Twitter: @Branded_3

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