Developing rich interactive eBooks to teach linked open data to professionals: principles and processes

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: johndomingue



This talk given at a seminar in St Petersburg describes work within the Euclid project which has focused on producing Open Educational Resources, in particular eBooks, to support the professionals learning about Linked Data

Developing Rich Interactive eBooks to Teach Linked Open Data to Professionals: Principles and Processes John Domingue, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University STI International St Petersburg, March 10, 2014 11/03/2014 1

Overview • Motivation • Design and delivery principles • Channels • Process • Results • Monitoring • Future Work • Summary 11.03.2014 2

Motivation (1/3) 11.03.2014 3 3

Motivation (2/3) 11.03.2014 4

Motivation (3/3) Percentage increase in staff over next 2 years Approach taken to increasing staff Big Data Analytics talent gap staff survey

PRINCIPLES 11.03.2014 6

11.03.2014 7

‘Right’ Topic? 11.03.2014 8

Design Principles Industrial relevance Team curriculum design External collaboration Explicit learning goals Use of realistic solutions Use of real data Use of real tools Show scalable solutions Eating our own dog food 11.03.2014 9

Delivery Principles Multiple Channels Open to format Addressability Integrated High quality Self-testing and reflection 11.03.2014 10

CHANNELS 11.03.2014 11

OU iTunes U Stats • Open University on iTunes U was launched on 3rd June 2008 • Now 58 iTunes U Courses • 65,138,000 downloads • Over 9,015,700 visitors downloaded files • Currently averaging 80,000-300,000 downloads a week • 449 collections containing 3,485 tracks (1,638 audio, 1,847 video) and 27 extras (PDF) • 423 OpenLearn study units as eBooks (ePub), representing over 5,000 hours of study • Currently delivering an average of 0.3-1 TB of data a week

ESWC Summer School 11.03.2014 14

PROCESS 11.03.2014 15

Expert Opinion Gathering 11.03.2014 16 Data science curriculum session

Process Model Collection of Raw Chapter Materials Learning Objectives Slides First Version Webinar – First Recording Slides – Final Version Webinar – Final Recording Initial Version of eBook Chapter Pre-final Version of eBook Chapter Final eBook Chapter and online course

RESULTS 11.03.2014 18

Modules 11.03.2014 19 • Introduction and application scenarios • Querying Linked Data • Provisioning Linked Data • Interaction with Linked Data • Building Linked Data applications • Scaling up

Module Formats 11.03.2014 20

11.03.2014 21

11.03.2014 22

11.03.2014 23

11.03.2014 24

11.03.2014 25

11.03.2014 26

iTunes U Course 11.03.2014 27

MONITORING 11.03.2014 28


Data Harvesting • Twitter – keywords-based search & monitoring • LinkedIn groups – Linked Data Web, Semantic Web, ‘Ontologies, OWL-S, SPARQL interest group’, Semantic Technologies Group, Semantic Technologies, OWL/RDF • W3C mailing lists – SemanticWeb, LOD, Government Linked Data, Public-idp, Public-ldp-wg, LifeScience, RDF Stream processing, Semantic Open Data, Semantic Web Activity • SlideShare - not monitored yet (RSS feed is useless) #30Social Media Monitoring Platform v.2 Dec 2013

Monitoring Numbers • 185,000 tweets • 773 linkedIn posts • 898 messages from the W3 mail lists 11.03.2014 31

Monitoring Forums (1/2) 11.03.2014 32

Monitoring Forums (2/2) 11.03.2014 33

Monitoring Topics (1/2) 11.03.2014 34

Monitoring Topics (2/2) 11.03.2014 35

Monitoring People 11.03.2014 36

FUTURE WORK 11.03.2014 37 @ICT_FORGE FORGE is bringing the FIRE and eLearning worlds together FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) high-performance test-beds Forging Online Education through FIRE


11.03.2014 40

11.03.2014 41

Summary • Need to fill skilled data scientists gap • Successful development and deployment of open educational resources – Multi-skilled course team – Strong links to industrial requirements – Rich multimedia interactive eBooks – Explicit learning goals – Real data and tools – Multi channel delivery • Linked data based monitoring • Future work to deploy in new contexts – EU job skills dashboard 11.03.2014 42

The team Thanks to all contributors! Alexander Mikroyannidis, OU Alice Carpentier, STI-R Andreas Harth, KIT Andreas Wagner, KIT Andriy Nikolov, fluidOps Barry Norton, Ontotext Alex Simov, Ontotext Marin Dimitrov, Ontotext Daniel M. Herzig, KIT Elena Simperl, STI-R/Univ. of Southampton Günter Ladwig, KIT Inga Shamkhalov, KIT Jacek Kopecky, OU John Domingue, OU Juan Sequeda, Capsenta/University of Texa Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield Lyndon Nixon, STI-R Maria Maleshkova, KIT Maria-Esther Vidal, Univers. Simon Bolivar Maribel Acosta, KIT Michael Meier, fluidOps Ning Li, OU Paul Mulholland, OU Peter Haase, fluidOps Richard Power, OU Steffen Stadtmüller, KIT 11.03.2014 43

44 @euclid_project euclidproject euclidproject Other channels eBook Course

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