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Published on January 24, 2014

Author: aharrell2000



This presentation provides a few ideas on how to develop/lead the BEST global sales team possible, however, humility, and learning are the 2 key areas. This report focuses on people development and how to get the most out of your global sales talent!

Presented by Andre’ Harrell (AH2 & Beyond Consulting)

* When leading a global sales organization there are 3 behaviors required: “Humility”, “The willingness to be EDUCATED while EDUCATING”, and embracing “DIVERSITY”

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” Global Sales Development Structure is built on 4 Principles: 1. Individuals will have the opportunity to improve and capitalize on their developmental competencies. 2. Sales Development will help define specific action steps designed to help pull-through competencies in the field. 3. Training will have an unwavering monitoring process designed to review training initiatives and identify skill competency gaps. 4. Partnership/Teamwork with Sales, Marketing, Training will ensure individuals are impacted and fully competent in all 3 areas.


DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” * Strategy Tactic Build an “acumen “ understanding of direct reports  Meet Demonstrate consistency in your words and actions as the leader  Be Be fair but stern  Treat individually with each direct report to discuss their career goals and identify skills they need to achieve goals. “Connection Session”  Keep a running list of what’s important to my folks, update and review every quarter.  Listen thoroughly to your reports interests, opinions, concerns and goals. This is the “blueprint” of your people predictable by letting your team know what to expect from you  Lead by example and inspect what you expect from your people.  Treat everyone on your team with RESPECT, and demand it in return. everyone with respect and demand excellence of performance  Everyone will be evaluated based on their performance and competency. Progress / Results Actual

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” * Strategy Tactic Ensure that “Development” is a focus on every work-session  Each direct Ensure Development options for “ready now employees”  Stretch assignments will be Track and Sustain Progress  Refer to report will have a career development plan to review and update. A development discussion will take place on work-session.  Development plans will be officially review quarterly  A tracking system will be put in place to keep up with employees destined for additional responsibility. provided for those who have demonstrated performance and an interest to gain further development.  Team experts will be assigned based on team needs.  Track promotion opportunities for each direct report. above strategy/tactic. Progress / Results Actual

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” * Strategy Tactic Create an effective learning environment  Consistently promote Coach Plans will be done after each work-session  Field Conference Ensure learning opportunities exist on every one-on-one  Discuss with each the value of training by identifying skill gaps of each direct report  Encourage team members to share best practices/lessons learned with each other at team meetings.  Model my commitment to development by sharing my development and asking for feedback on progress. Report (FCR) will be delivered within 24hrs after the work-session has completed  Weekly Status reports from team will also help aid the the development process.  Identify readings, training programs etc to help supplement the person’s development and ways to help them apply training to current job. team member and gain agreement on ways to work with them that will promote partnership and a learning opportunity.  Review work-session feedback report with team member to ensure alignment and agreement on how success can be gained moving forward. Progress / Results Actual

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” * Strategy Tactic Ensure the team remains focus on executing our sales objectives/goals.  Each team member Ensure feedback is consistent and has high impact  Field Conference will be held accountable to execute results in their given responsibility (through status reports, sales results, and development plan).  Each work-session will begin with the review of prior actions plans that were completed to ensure follow through.  Business Unit Director will take advantage of “coachable” moments” (e.g. times when teammates experience success, disappointment or trying a skill for the first time). Reports will always address what was observed the day of the work-session.  Identify opportunities for teammates to apply their developed skills many times, in many places, and in many ways.  Review work-session feedback report with team member to ensure alignment and agreement on how success can be gained moving forward. Progress / Results Actual

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” * Strategy Tactic Be a powerful role model for development  Complete quarterly a Align organizational polices and processes with coaching and development  Stay alert to 360 Feedback review from your team on your performance.  Obtain a career/development coach.  Build a competency model for the sales team if there is not one in place.  Ask team members what kind of feedback and support they would like from you  Recognize development efforts, and not just results only. company updates, and insights for tips that could help teammates through the development process.  Emphasize development in the business planning and performance-management practices.  Identify readings, training programs etc to help supplement the person’s development and ways to help them apply training to current job. Progress / Results Actual

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” Development Tactical Planning Calendar (Example) Tactics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Account Business Plans 2/14 Revise Revise Revise Career Development Plans 2/14 5/14 8/14 10/14 Allocation (Financial) 60% Re-evaluate 30% Re-evaluate Unit Promotions 2 Recruiting & Selecting 2/14 5/14 9/14 Winter Break Team Mentor-ship Program 2/14 Stretch Assignments/Action Plans 2/14 4/14 7/14 11/14 Salesforce/CRM Team Experts (Training Initiatives) 2/14 6/14 ----- ------ Quicken New Hire Progress/Development 2/14 4/14 6/14 ------- Track Personal Development Plan 2/14 4/14 7/14 10/14 Insert Retention Tactics to “A” & “B” players (Development) 2/14 4/14 7/14 10/04

Business Imperatives: • Training Strategy • Brand Strategy • Field Sales Strategy • Global Development Strategy

Development/Training Strategy Current Landscape Assessment of Field Experience (Lessons Learned) Key Issues & Strategies Plan of Action Key Issues & Strategies Plan of Action Key Issues & Strategies Plan of Action Key Issues & Strategies Plan of Action Brand Marketing (Development Strategy) Current Landscape Assessment of Field Experience (Lessons Learned) Field Sales (Development Strategy) Current Landscape Assessment of Field Experience (Lessons Learned) Global (Development Strategy) Current Landscape Assessment of Field Experience (Lessons Learned)

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” KEY TRAINING DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES/TACTICS Key Identifiers Tactics • Identify at least 2 key sales trainers to help build the training model • Start with Basic Selling Skills Model • 6-month time frame to implement “Advanced Selling Skills Model” • Develop a Management Development Training Model • Develop an e-learning training system that enhances the home-study training model • Develop a new hire “on-boarding” system • Sales Training Metrics (“Dashboard”) • Create innovative training including “Product Training and Selling Skills principles • Classroom setting on teaching the basic fundamentals of selling • Ensure sales force at 6-month time is ready for an advanced selling skills model • Classroom training for sales directors on the fundamentals of managing/coaching sales people • Work with IT to help develop an online animal medicine training system for new hires • Ensure sales training initiatives are “graded’” to identify best practices (I.e. develop a tool that records the results of each training class and/or initiative

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” KEY BRAND MARKETING/DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES/TACTICS Key Identifiers Tactics • Partnership & collaboration with brand marketing • Solidify “Sales & Marketing” teamwork • Encourage shared strategic brand & training initiatives that follow through to sales force • Identify brand strategic business imperatives • Brand Marketing Research Overview • Thorough understanding of brand business plan (I.e. competitive front, customer segment etc.) • Identify Norbrook product dollar forecast • Consistent meetings with brand that ensures open dialogue. • Encourage teamwork on special training initiatives to ensure alignment. • Drive involvement in brand strategic planning to ensure training is consistent with brand focus. • Encourage involvement with brand research needs that will help build customer focused training. • Understanding the animal medicine business/ forecast will help build the “metrics” and performance on training.

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” FIELD SALES DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES/TACTICS Key Identifiers Tactics • Sales Trainers must have consistent communication with field leadership (e.g. sales Directors) • Develop field “coach plans” where training is involved • Identify and work closely with our new hire process • Identify field goals, objectives and direction • Understand field demographics (I.e. tenure, new hire ratio, turnover percentage) • Identify and understand training class metrics (I.e. training performance) • Conference Calls, face to face meetings, etc (I.e updates on training, new hire performance). • Develop a consistent feedback form that closely aligns to field coach plan to ensure the importance of training pullthrough. • Build a seamless home-bound new hire training process so that home-office training is efficient. • The field “enviornment will dictate how we plan, develop and rollout training classes (I.e. turnover ratio, sales tenure, management involvement.

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES/TACTICS Key Identifiers • Identify the critical cultures to help mold training development • Communicate and collaborate with marketing to develop consistent message that caters to each business focused country • Identify and understand EU training goals/objectives • Identify key customers on EU side of business (I.e. distributors, sales reps, management team) • Establish close working relationship with regulatory/compliance unit to ensure training meets compliance policies. Tactics • Build collaboration training initiatives with EU team (solidify communication channel). • Assign “EU” point persons to establish communication channel. • Establish a process where training business plans can be communicated and leveraged at the EU level • Training initiatives for EU have to meet the personality of the client base (I.e. tailor made training tactics). • Communication loop developed with regulatory/compliance to ensure EU has the most appropriate/legal training.

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” OTHER CRITICAL DEVELOPMENT ISSUES * Brand Initiatives: Partner with brand teams to create synergy between sales and marketing that results in development initiatives to drive business results. Provide input toward the development of content for sales materials and brand materials. Anticipate the training needs from the field, and respond with the appropriate training. * Planning & Organization: Develop training schedule, SOP’s for conducting classes, work with others to help prioritize developmental projects, and create innovative development strategies that will help drive business. * Vendor Relationship: Establish “win/win” relationships with suppliers to ensure quality and timely work that is within budget; shares risks, rewards, and accountability (SOL). Evaluate currently used vendor programs. Leverage existing and past programs for new results. * Training Program Delivery: Develop Trainers to effectively manage, facilitate, inhouse training classes. Ensure communication and cooperation among all internal & external partners to achieve optimal training program. * Training Program Design: Creates targeted deliverables that meet identified training needs, which result in desired behavior. Assesses strengths and weaknesses of current programs. Continue to learn about training design, and development techniques.

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (Example) Development Objective • All sales reps will be certified in both Basic & Advanced Selling Skills. Product Knowledge assessments will be delivered at each quarterly meeting. • 100% of Sales Directors will be enrolled in future management development courses. • All sales reps/directors will have career development plans that will be assessed on each field work session. • Field session coach plans will be built and utilized by Sales Directors. • People Development meetings will be organized quarterly at the behest of the Chairman.

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (Example) Key Strategies • Build Career Development Plans Key Strategies & Tactics Tactics • Ensure development plans are updated and reviewed quarterly • Basic & Advanced Selling Skills certification • Developmental Program Construction • Field coach reports that assess competencies and performance • Ensure all sales reps/directors are certified in basic & advanced selling skills • Build management development programs that focuses on “Job & Career Development” for directors • Each sales rep will have field coach plans completed by sales director after each work session

DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SALES TEAM FOR “EXCELLENCE” CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN (Example) NAME: MANAGER'S NAME: DIRECTIONS: The design of a Career Development POSITION: DATE: Plan should be a joint process of the employees and their manager. 1. Solicit input on your effectiveness. 2. Identify your strengths and development needs 3. Target up to three development objectives. 4. Identify actions that will help you reach your objectives. PLAN PERIOD: 5. Identify resources required. 6. Identify specific target dates for completion 7. Describe how you will monitor or measure success 8. Review and update your development plan on a quarterly basis. OVERALL CAREER DEVELOPMENT GOAL COMPETENCIES TO LEVERAGE COMPETENCIES TO IMPROVE AND/OR DEVELOP Seek Opportunities to: Broaden Your Experiences and Perspective Build, Strengthen or Deepen Your Skill or Knowledge Base


Checkout my presentation on “Commercial Excellence Sales PlanExample”….perhaps you can take away some key points out of the example plan to keep you focused at your upcoming National Sales Meeting. You can also checkout my background/work by clicking on the following links:

Andre’ Harrell AH2 & Beyond Consulting 267-221-8529

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