Developed Vs. Developing Markets: Comparative Aspects

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Information about Developed Vs. Developing Markets: Comparative Aspects

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: TIIKMConferences


PowerPoint Presentation: Hosted by: Conference partners: DEVELOPED VS. DEVELOPING MARKETS Dr. Kailas Kadu Developed Vs. Developing markets: : Developed Vs. Developing markets: Comparative aspects 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Dr. Kailas Kadu M.A (Eco), MBA, Ph.D Professor and Dean Academics Central Institute of Business Management Research and Development,(India), Nagpur (Maharashtra) Rastrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra, (India) + 91-9850341456 + 91-8237110999 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Market Leader” which means it is a nation with a control over the market. Market means customers who ultimately make the market strong. Market makes a nation strong. In strong or developed nations, market is strong. In developing nation market is also developing, means, market is local or domestic and not international or transitional , Its export is pigmy by world standard . Its economy is agro based. Balance of trade and payment is not favorable . Developed market means market with potential. It is a country that is most developed in terms of its Economy and capital markets . The country must be high income. It also includes openness to foreign ownership, ease of Capital movements, and efficiency of market institutions . Its export is greater than the import. Money moves with a great velocity which ultimately creates more transactions . 4 PowerPoint Presentation: We classify nations into three types viz. , underdeveloped, developing and developed nations. The main factors of comparison are GDP, per capita income, balance of trade and payment. In developed nations, markets are strong and costumers have more purchasing power. The word market has got a vast and varied connotation. It is something like “Sound market in sound nation” as that of “Sound mind in sound body”. . People enjoy a lavish life. Their GDP is also higher as compared to that of developing economies or markets . 5 PowerPoint Presentation: Sr. No. Factors Underdeveloped Economy Developing Economy Developed Economy 1 Social Structure Caste based Social pattern Traditional attitude Caste, religion based pattern, little improved attitude Mostly commercial, very few casts etc. 2 Manpower Utilization Very low hidden unemployment Medium Some un employment High Latest technology available 3 Education Traditional Growing engineering and technological Institutes More practical, need based technological institutes 4 Manpower Skill Unskilled Semi-skilled Skilled 5 Base of economy Agro based, livelihood on agriculture Agro, & production sectors Dominance of service sectors 6 PowerPoint Presentation: 6 Per capita income Low Medium High 7 Public system management Poor Satisfactory Good 8 Sector wise analysis Week service sectors, Strong agro sectors Medium service sectors, Medium agro sectors High service sectors, Weak agro sector, 9 Market Less developed Medium developed Highly developed 10 Technology (Low) Not available (Medium) Somewhat available (High) Latest technology available Sr. No. Factors Underdeveloped Economy Developing Economy Developed Economy 7 PowerPoint Presentation: Some factors are also there which are given below : Type of Government and Government Policies Prominent market structure available Future prospects of nation Alignment with other nations ( SAARC Countries, G6 Nations etc.) Saving and spending habits of the people. Mechanism for employment generation Population Utilization of available resources Size of market in terms of capitalization and total no. of listed companies 8 PowerPoint Presentation: Emerging Markets: An emerging market is a nation with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization. China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey, etc. are emerging markets 9 PowerPoint Presentation: 10 PowerPoint Presentation: 11 PowerPoint Presentation: 12 PowerPoint Presentation:  Developed markets Developed market is a country that is most developed in terms of its economy and capital markets. The country must be high income, but this also includes openness to foreign ownership, ease of capital moment, and efficiency of market institution. 13 PowerPoint Presentation: As of March 2012, Russell Investments classified the following 26 country as developed markets; Australia Hong Kong Norway Austria Iceland Portugal Belgium Ireland Singapore Canada Israel Spain Denmark Italy Sweden Finland Japan Switzerland France Luxembourg United Kingdom Germany Netherlands United States Greece New Zealand 14 PowerPoint Presentation: Criteria met by developed countries: They are high income Economies. Active monitoring of market by formal stock market regulatory authorities. Non or selective incidence of foreign ownership restriction. Free and well developed equity market Free and well developed foreign exchange market Non or simple registration process for foreign investment Rare incidence of failed trades (easy & early settlement ) Sufficient competition to ensure high quantities broken services Efficient trading mechanism Transparency– market depth information /visibility and timely trade reporting process Developed derivatives markets Total number of listed companies 15 PowerPoint Presentation:  Sum up: Underdeveloped nation needs to penetrate the advanced technology for social wellbeing. Quality of education is the ray of hope and the concept of globalization shall boost the economy. Underdeveloped nation needs to be given a special status for their progress . “poverty any where is a danger to prosperity everywhere ”. Developing nation is a capital deficient nation. Hence, is always in search of capital from abroad, especially from non residential nationals. 16 PowerPoint Presentation: The GDP of developed nations is in two digits plus. In case of developing nation it is less than two digits. Full employment ,living wages, more per capita income, better public system management, better governance, rational utilization of the available resources etc are some of the factors to be required for the same, and for this, citizens have to work hard and that to the fullest of their skill and capacity. 17 PowerPoint Presentation: At the end, I would like to sum up my thoughts by laying down stress upon a stanza of a poem I have studied recently . The woods are lovely dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep … 18 PowerPoint Presentation:  Thank You…… 19

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