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Information about Devdas

Published on July 23, 2009

Author: trinityblu



The tragic love story of Devdas & Parvati


Devdas (1917) a Bengali novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The story is based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee (also spelled as Chattopadhyay), first published in 1917 but written in 1901. 2

Please read this, otherwise you may not understand the following storyline…; ) Devdas is a young man from a wealthy Bengali Brahmin family in India in the early 1900s. Paro (Parvati) is a young woman from a middle class Bengali family belonging to the “merchant” caste. The two families lived in a village in Bengal, and Devdas and Paro were childhood friends. Devdas goes away for thirteen years to live and study in a boarding school in the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata). When, after finishing school, he returns to his village, Paro looks forward to their childhood love blossoming into their lifelong journey together in marriage. Of course, according to the prevailing social custom, Paro's parents would have to approach Devdas' parents and propose marriage of Paro to Devdas as Paro longed for. When Paro's mother makes the proposal to Devdas' mother, the latter insults her, plainly saying that the marriage is not possible in view of her own higher caste and financial status. To demonstrate her own social status, Paro's mother then finds an even richer husband for Paro. 3

When Paro learns of her planned marriage, she stealthily meets Devdas at night, desperately believing that Devdas will quickly accept her hand in marriage. Devdas meekly seeks his parents' permission to marry Paro, but Devdas' father agrees with his wife. In a weak-minded state, Devdas then flees to Calcutta, and from there, he writes a letter to Paro, saying that they were only friends. Within days, however, he realizes that he should have been bolder. He goes back to his village and tells Paro that he is ready to do anything needed to save their love. By now, Paro's marriage plans are in an advanced stage, and she declines going back to Devdas and chides him for his cowardice and vacillation. She makes, however, one request to Devdas that he would return to her before he dies. Devdas vows to do so. Devdas goes back to Calcutta and Paro is married off to the betrothed widower with children, who is still in love with his previous wife and is therefore not interested in an amatory relationship with Paro. 4

In Calcutta, Devdas' carousing friend, Chunnilal, introduces him to a courtesan named Chandramukhi. Devdas takes to heavy drinking at Chandramukhi's place, but the courtesan falls in love with him, and looks after him. His health deteriorates because of a combination of excessive drinking and despair of life—a drawn-out form of suicide. Within him, he frequently compares Paro and Chandramukhi, remaining ambivalent as to whom he really loves. Sensing his fast-approaching death, Devdas returns to meet Paro to fulfill his vow. He dies at her doorstep on a dark, cold night. On hearing of the death of Devdas, Paro runs towards the door, disregarding "purdah", but her family members prevent her from stepping out of the door. The novella powerfully depicts the prevailing societal customs in Bengal in the early 1900s, which are largely responsible for preventing the happy ending of a genuine love story. 5

AishwaryaRai                  Shah Rukh Khan                        Madhuri Dixit          as "Paro"                           as "Devdas"                        as "Chandramukhi" 6













The transition of Devdas from a man who did not fully understand love, to a man who understood nothing but love, marked a fateful journey.A journey, during which the restless, unexpressive lover in Devdas commanded love and yet did not demand it. Indeed when Destiny gave him pain, he made pain his destiny. He remained pure and chaste in a worldly world till his end. It was an end for which the heavens did not cry. For they were regaled by a unique soul who only understood the language of love. A peerlessly beautiful courtesan, Chandramukhi ironically made the world dance at her feet.She revelled in the gravitation of admirers and wealth galore. Indeed, she had everything until she met Devdas (and then she got peace) She gave it all up for the love of a man who could never be her's and yet feels enriched with the legacy of loving him. From the innocence of childhood to the indiscretion of youth, she loved only one man - Devdas .Such was her intensity, that she gave before she could get. Such was the conviction that she cared not for the world. But the heart that unflinchingly loved, also understood the call of duty. Once wedded to another man, she played her role as a wife with devotion. But the wife had to constantly fight a silent, losing battle with the little girl and the demure woman who had always loved her Devdas. 19


Devdas is coming home from London after 10 years and Paro the love of his childhood and live wants to know, if he had missed her in all these years … Paro: And ten years to the day, l havekept alive the flame l lit for you. How many hours has it been burning? Devdas: lf l were to count ... Paro: 87.600 hours. So much you matter,every second l remembered you. How many seconds to a day? Devdas: l know, l'll tell you ... Paro: You're bad at arithmetic Devdas: There were times when l missed you … Paro: When...? Devdas: Whenever l breathed. For them, reminiscences,those who can be forgotten. Silly … So effortlessly you counted off those seconds? Without as much as a thought to every passing second... … that carried me away? ln the flame of the lamp that you lit, it was l who burned 87.600 … 21

Devdas mother: What is this? Paro's mother: The token of betrothal... of my daughter to your son.Paro and Devdas Devdas mother: Are you in your senses, Sumitra?l invited mother and daughter to entertain my guests!Devdas and Paro were childhood sweethearts. Paro's mother: They are in love, they can't live without each other … Devdas mother: Yes, we landlords … ven if you may momentarily forget your disgrace, but your standing? Paro's mother: Blind you are, that you do not see their love …Now soon you will stand dumbstruck in witness your son's ruinationl swear, my daughter will marry into a family richer than yours … in a week.________________________________________________________ Manorama: l hear your mother is giving you away ... into a rich family. Do you know your husband's name? Paro: Devdas. Manorama: Even after all that happened ... will Dev marry you? Paro: l'll ask him and l'll tell you Manorama: ls there anything left to ask? She was insulted so gravely Paro: Dev didn't insult her, did he? Manorama: Will you walk up ... to ask Dev to marry you? Won't that be embarrassing? Paro: Why be embarrassed about asking for what is yours? 22

Devdas: Paro? Are you all right?So late at night? ln the dark...? Weren't you afraid? Paro: No, now l'm afraid of no one Devdas: Not even of being maligned? Paro: No, when l am with you ...l don't even care about getting a bad name Devdas: Why... here... now...? Paro: Why does the river head to sea? Why does the sunflower always face the sun? And why comes Paro heedless of her dignity...? Why unheeding my family honour do l venture out in dark of night? Why do l seek refuge at your feet? To all questions, a single answer Devdas: For the same reply,far too many questions asking to be answered Paro: There are no questions, not as long as we're together Devdas: That's what they don't want. Paro: What do you want? Devdas: Happiness, for you … Paro: Where there's love, there's no fear. Devdas: Where there's smoke there's fire … ln fires of attrition, l don't want us ... to be consumed. Paro: l'm doomed, in any case. Be it with you, or without you Devdas: Let me drop you home. 23

Devdas father to Paro at 2 am: Even the cur is wary of the door it's kicked out of. What you can't get away with by light of the day, you try by night?Why don't you, mother and daughter start a brothel? Devdas to his father: Not even a pimp would advise his daughter to do that … Devdas father: This marriage isn't happening Devdas: l shall do no such thing Devdas father: You forget whom you are addressing Devdas: A hot-headed landlord who will send his fellow-man's daughter ... to a brothel. Devdas father: Gentlemen's daughters ... never steal out of neighbours' rooms at 2 am Devdas: So great was her compulsion and it was you who compelled her Devdas father: l will brook no argument from you. Devdas: Nor do l wish to talk to you …__________________________________________________ Paro's mother: l saw you burn for Devdas. l treasure your feelings. Were youto have asked me before leaving... l would not even mind if you were to have been whore for a night Paro: Ma, l just went to ask him! Paro's mother: And received what in reply? Not alone, you carried with you, the honour of our family. Have you left your honour behind? 24

Chandramukhi: Chandramukhi Devdas: Your mirror couldn't bear to see my face. l'm sorry for your loss Chandramukhi: If sorrow be joy's harbinger, every loss signals what gain shall be? You are much amused? Devdas: Naturally … l see someone trying to ward off the evil eye ... while women on the marketplace ... vie to be seen … Chandramukhi: You touch upon eyespeak and you have stolen my heart. What l took for stone, breathes the life into me ...___________________________________________ ChuniBabu: Where are you off to? Devdas: l made a big mistake! l shouldn't have written that letter to Paro.l want to go to Paro.___________________________________________ Chandramukhi: Bad manners, walking out on a performance Devdas: Dancing to an audience of drunken menis shamelessness. You are a woman, Chandramukhi.Realise who you are …Woman, mother, sister, wife, friend … When she is none ... she is whore Could you be some else, Chandramukhi? The Price. For our time together. Keep it. Chandramukhi to ChuniBabu: Such anguish in those eyes … 25

Devdas: Kaki-Ma (Kaki Ma :Aunt)lsParo in? Paro's mother: The wedding procession is about to arrive.You can see her. Devdas: l'm back Paro Paro: Why? Devdas: l've come back to you. Forever ... Paro: When my wedding procession is at my door? Devdas: There's still time. l'll convince my parents. l'll tell them... Paro: Your parents! Haven't l...? lf honour matters to your family...doesn't honour matter to us?Your father may be a landlord Doesn't my father count? No matterhow lowly we bride-sellers are... we never cheat anyone. Devdas: l never cheated you, Paro Paro: Then why did you leave me? And that letter? Devdas: Paro you know, your Dev never does anything deliberately … l was naive Paro: Naivete! How naive can you be Dev?On a whim, you give me a bracelet? On a whim, you write sayingthere's no love lost! Naivete? Paro forever... another whim? Paro's mother: Paro! Your wedding procession Paro: Time to part 26

Devdas: l don't accept this marriage! Paro: What difference? l accept Devdas: Then, l'm going to tell everyone... Paro: l went to see you at 2 am? You want to malign me? Devdas: l... malign you? How could you think?lf you ever say that again ... Paro: What will you do? Hit me?Ever since l was a child ... have you held me in fief?And when l ask for my right... you do a volte face? Devdas: Enough! Stop it Paro. Such vanity is no good. Paro: Why should l not be vain? What are you Dev, but wealthy and handsome?l possess virtues, beauty.And after tonight, riches too.From now on, l am more than an equal to you.lf you be a landlord, l take pride in being an aristocrat … Devdas: Such vanity? Not even the Moon is as vain. Paro: But the Moon is scarred Devdas hits Paro with the pearls, she has a wound, on her head, blood is comming out there … Paro: What have you done? Devdas: l have scarred you, like the Moon.With the mark of my love … 27

HAMESHA TUMKO CHAHA On joyous night ... when her bridal procession arrived ... slowly, a sea of sorrow ... rose, stilled in her eyes To lilting lutes ... her eyes told the tale Always, it was you l loved ... and l loved and l loved ... and l loved forever Forever l have longed for you as l have longed for nothing else My heart has worshipped you ... worshipped you and worshipped ... and worshipped but none else Never ... never, never, never ... and none else 28

Sorrow clouds a joy ...shades of anguish darken her ... as she goes to tell her beloved ... only to tell her beloved. The wound you have left me with ... only adds to my beauty My wound I will preserve as your mark ... that anoints my forehead My beloved, oh beloved ... without you ... my life is incomplete ... vacuous, empty ... my life is empty ... Carrying memories of moments past ... with burdened steps she walks ... her heart cries ... her eyes weep ... her heart resonates 29

Childhood memories of relationships ...swinging in the rain ... smiling, drawing laughter ... annoyed, being placated Every moment ... etched into my heart ... in the flames of my lamp ... l am carrying away My beloved without you ... my life is nothing ... nothing at all Always, you l loved ... and l loved and l loved ... and l loved forever l loved, loved, loved You, l loved and loved l loved and loved Only loved and loved and loved 30

Paro's husband: You have my word, Parvati this manor, you will haveno problems about anything.Except one. l wish to tell you something.l married because my Ma insisted. My children needed a mother,and this manor needs a lady … Paro: And you...? Paro's husband: Subhadra... was my first wife. You're now the lady of the manor, the mother of my children and my new bride, no doubt. But Subhadra, l can never forget. The ominous first night may be over.We will stay distanced, forever. My mistake or my sin,call it what you may ... but do forgive me. 31

Devdas: How regrettable, to be rescued of the streets by a prostitute ChuniBabu: My word! She helped you out of humane concern.You were sick. She picked you up from the streets. You've come to, after two days. She never slept a wink, nursed you, sat through your cries for Paro lnsult instead of gratitude? Chandramukhi: You left as if, forever. But as luck would have it ... l find you once again. Medicine need it. Now. Devdas: Your medicine, l don't need. l'd rather have lain there … Chandramukhi: What is this? Devdas: You've been here for two nights. Lamps in your boudoir went unlit. This is price.For two nights you wasted on me … Chandramukhi: Now l know, why Paro abandoned you. Let alone love, you don't even deserve sympathy … Devdas: A courtesan talking of romance. Am l to learn of her what love is, what romance be? What is amour? Chandramuhki: Love mirrored in your soul, amourGod's gift to life's design, romance. How regrettable ChuniBabuyour friend possesses none ... of soul, or intent or purpose …The money, it lies at the feet of harlots in brothels. If you be so vain, return to me hat l spent on you – two nights … You owe me two nights ... These eyes will await you ... 32

Chandramukhi: Why drink beyond your limits? Devdas: l drink that l may force myselfto stay on ... looking at you, tolerating you... that l may lose my senses,to help me forget Paro But Chandramukhi ... such are memories of Paro, they won't even let me lose my senses Why, after all l drink, do memoriesof her haunt me day and night? Why ... oh why?Why, does man become so naive? Why make mistakes?Why ... for foible ... so harsh a punishment? As to be rent asunder? One enters matrimony,and the other...? Slain. ln what fain folly ... he forsakes the lotus...?For a paper flower? l fall ... Touch me not! l despise you! l can't bear to see woman come to this. Begone Never again shall l stand at this door. But yes, whenever l come to think of Paro, l shall. And come the guilt pangs,l shall come. For where else can l go? There... l have sentenced myself. Chandramukhi: Why punish yourself so? Devdas: Because every day, my heart is put to trial.Every day, this romance is tried, but every day,the verdict is the same You are convicted Paro … 33

Devdas doesn't let Chandramukhi even to touch him once …Chandramukhi: lf l am so despicable, if my touch be so abhorrent, then why... did you come into my life?ln my solitude l was content. Why be my messiah of misery? Devdas: Chandramukhi? Which is what l am upto. Chandramukhi: Stop it, you've had enough. Devdas: Why not say l've lived enough? Chandramukhi: How could l...? You have Paro, memories of Paro. All l have is you, my Midas. A touch and iron is made to gold. Devdas: Are you pricing yourself or me? Chandramukhi: ln a world of relationships what value a woman of easy virtue? Nothing. Besides, you won't even give me the right to touch you. Devdas: Are you in love with me? Chandramukhi: Or you could ask me if l breathe. Devdas: You breathe, Chandramukhi? What will you get out of it? l have no home, no heart … Chandramukhi: Loving isn't only about receiving. Love, l have traded many times, but loved, l have but once. Devdas: Put more into a chalice filled and what happens? lt spills, to the ground. So too my cup floweth over, with Paro More can only spill to fall, and in the falling, take you down too. Chandramukhi: But in the spilling, the wine must've been caressed by the chalice. Devdas: Then spill ... some more. 34

Devdas father: Devdas ...? Dharamdas: Master, your Paro is here. Paro to Devdas father who want‘s to appology: No, no Babu-ji! Devas mother: When you were children, l'd ask you to find Dev whenever he was lost … All night, he (Devdas father) was asking, where's Dev - where's Dev? Devdas father: Devdas …? ___________________________________________________ Dharamdas: Where is Devdas? l must see him. Chandramukhi: Asleep. You can't see him now. Dharamdas: Can l not? l'm here to take him, l'm not leaving him in this hell … Master ...! Babu-ji ... Devdas: Babu-ji won't even see my face. Why has he sent you?Anyway, he will be displeased to see me as l am …Sir NarayanMukherjee will have to hang his head in shame …Go Dharamdas, go away! Dharamdas: Listen Deva ... Your father is no more ... 35

Devdas comes drunk to his father‘s furneal.His father used to hit him very often … Devdas: Too bad …All of a sudden... how...? He was a nice man,such men aren't born too often. Babu-ji has earned... another title, no? Late Sir NarayanMukherjee ...We loved each other dearly. But too bad, this is too badLate, Sir Mukherjee ...was a good man.___________________________________________ Paro's mother: Does Devdas drink every day? Dharamdas: Alcohol, day and night. Lives on it. Rarely does he come home. There he lies in Chitpore... in Chandramukhi's brothel, all day. The room upstairs is practically Deva's residence … Paro's mother: Devdas! He lives in a brothel? Dharamdas: Such days l have lived to see … Paro: Have Have you seen Chandramukhi? What is she like? Dharamdas: When l went to fetch Deva ... l saw her. Sweet deceit, as they say. Famous courtesan, uses her charms. She plunders, he squanders. We must rescue our Deva from the hell, Paro. l cannot tell him anything, but he'll surely listen to you. He holds you in high esteem, he can't refuse you only you can stop him, Paro. Only you can stop him from drinking. 36

Devdas: Paro, do you want me to malign you, to give you a bad name?Paro: Had we given ourselves a bad name, we might've ended up together. Devdas: You're happy, aren't you Paro? Paro: Oh it's a different world, Dev ... Devdas: You've matured Paro. You even look like an aristocrat.Those large eyes, l can keep watching‚ but l can't bear to seebig teardrops in those eyesJust as well that you came by. l got some things l wish to return.Who knows, l might never return … Come... Look ... At yourself ....Remember? _________________________________________________ (flashback) (When they were children…) Little Paro: ArreO'Deva Young Devdas: What happened Paro? Little Paro: Deva, l lost my anklets. Have you seen them? ________________________________________________ Devdas: l stole them. And you knew l did it and why l did it …And your pot … And here, the memento of our love, our parting.You just left, that was the end of the relationship.But l'm still tied to all these, Paro 37

Paro: And l am tied to memories of you … Paro: What's that? Devdas: Three Rupees. Paro: All they're worth are memories … Devdas: Mine, aren't they? You thief.l'll take them back, but only with usury. Paro: How much interest will you take? Devdas: Two percent. At two percent ... six cents a month … for 13 years... 9.36 Paro: You've become good at arithmetic. Devdas: Circumstance taught me, Paro … Let's talk of something else. Paro, why not turn matchmaker and find a bride for Devdas? l hear Manikpur girls are nice? Paro: Yes, but you want a beauty, no? Devdas: No, not a beauty. Just someone like you Paro: Someone who is pleasant? Devdas: No, must be a bit naughty. Should be able to quarrel with me. Like l said, she should be like you Paro: You can find them by the thousands. Devdas: Spare me the thousands. Just let me come to grips with only one, of the likes you. Enough. 38

Paro: Give up drinking. Devdas: No. Paro: You can give it up. Promise me that you'll never drink again. Devdas: Can you promise, you'll forget me?lt's rather late, Paro. Paro: l'm not leaving, until l have your word. Devdas: l can't. Paro: You can. One can do anything one wants. Devdas: Can you elope with me tonight? Paro: l had only one dream. To serve you. Devdas: lf there's love, there's no fear. Paro: One chance to fulfill my dream? Devdas: Can you elope with me? Can you? Paro: Come with me. l'll care for you.l can't bear to see you like this! l feel like dying, Dev. Devdas: lf serving me makes you happy,then so be it. l promise you, before l die,l'll surely come to your doorstep. Paro: Swear that, by me. 39

Devdas mother: No one in this house ever understood you.All of us are responsible for your ruination.Before we lead you to worse, leave this house Devdas: Babu-ji said leave the village.Everyone said, leave Paro. Paro said, leave drinking.Now you say, leave this houseOne day, HE will say ... leave this world.But l am part of you. That right no one takes away from me.Not even you.______________________________ Paro's mother-in-law: For the ritual, one must fetch the soil from a courtesan's doorstep.ln that soil, is built the image of the goddess. Paro: l know Paro's mother-in-law: And go where men daren't even walkin daytimes for fear of censure? Paro: Don't humans live there? ls there no air...?No sun in those quarters?Do rains refuse to visit them?Nature doesn't discriminate.Should we? Paro's husband: Parvati is right.Even Subhadra wanted it done Paro's mother-in-law: Very well,as our Parvati wishes. But remember, it's the DurgaPuja. 40

Chandramukhi: Paro...? Paro: How did you know l'mParvati? Chandramukhi: Dev Babu told me... should a woman come asking for him, she can only be Paro. Paro: What are you doing? Chandramukhi: My obeisances to the woman, whom l shall never be able to replace. Paro: l have heard of exotic women here,but you possess the wile too. Chandramukhi: Only if you'd see, l have a heart too. Paro: Chandramukhi... isn't that your name? Chandramukhi: They also call me Devdasi. Paro: You are famous. Chandramukhi: Not anymore. Paro: Why? Chandramukhi: At angel's touch,l learnt of a sacrifice l never knew. Paro: How strange of a courtesan to swear by fidelity. Chandramukhi: Curious too... what draws an aristocratto a courtesan's doorstep? 41

Paro: Where is Dev? Chandramukhi: l too am eager to hear his footfall.Six months it has been ... since l set my eyes on him. Paro: You lie Chandramukhi: lf you don't trust, look around. Paro: Or do you assume l won't?How long do you think, you can keep Dev here?Only so long as the beauty,the youth, the money? What's your endgame?You must have fleeced Dev,l'll pay you more. l can't bear to see Dev suffering this hell Chandramukhi: How strange.The very Paro who drove Dev Babu to insanity, wants to buy him. And what may you have to offer me?Can you offer social recognition?Can you possibly make him love me?Or make it possible that l may touch him, just once?Dreams, longing, hopes, that he has kindled in my heart ...might you make them come true? Can you?No, you cannot deliver. And l will not give you Dev Babu. Paro: And l will take him away and no one is stopping me. Not you,not social sanction, not even Dev could. Not to forget, courtesans aren't destined to have husbands. Chandramukhi: Courtesans have no destiny, lady. 42

Chandramukhi: From your perspective,you can see nothing. From mine will find him everywhere.Look, there he is,in the flame of the lamp.There he lies, in folds of the covers. ln that half a chalice ...his thirst lies, unquenched.His fragrance still lingers. Take it all, if you can. The light, the folds, the fragrance, all of it ,all yours But l cannot give you your Devdas. Paro: You love Dev so dearly? Chandramukhi: l only worship him. Paro: Now l'm assured.Dev isn't lonely anymore. Oh l forgot what l came here for.l want to perform the DurgaPuja.From your doorstep, l want soil. May l...? Chandramukhi: What is this? Paro: l came for Dev.Instead ...his welfare is something l entrust you with.. l will expect you for the DurgaPuja. Do come. 43

Chandramukhi goes for the DurgaPuja to Paro's home. Paro: Chandramukhi ... l'm so happyto have you here. l'm glad. Chandramukhi: How could l refuse your invitation?l had to come. Paro: Have you met Dev? Chandramukhi: No … Paro's mother-in-law: Who is this? Paro: Chandramukhi, my friend.She comes from Calcutta. Paro's mother-in-law: Bless you, consider this your home.Parvati, don't let her go too soon. Paro: Sure. You will leave only after the celebrations. Chandramukhi: No Paro! l can't stay here. Paro: Why not? lt's been ages since l hada heart-to-heart chat with someone.Come, let celebrations be the rusefor forgetting our woes.Let's sing, dance,give ourselves a little to live. Chandramukhi: No... Paro: Our joys might touch Dev. Chandramukhi: Paro, listen to me. Paro: No refusing. For Dev's sake. 44

Than an old client of Chandramukhi recognizes her. Kali Babu: An aristocrat and a courtesan come together.This woman, whom mother-in-law calls a friend, is a whore. Landlords did keep whores.Now even a lady of the manor makes friendships in brothels. Wonderment. That's stripping without touching.You started the farce, Chandramukhi. l ended it. Chandramukhi: No Kali Babu, if men couldenact farce, what need for whores?You would've had your brothel too.You know it and it's is the aristocrat, who brings cheer to the brothels.And bastards are born, of aristocrats of your ilk.Call them illegitimate if you will,but aristocracy runs in their veins. Paro's mother-in-law: Company of the aristocracydoesn't confer status to the courtesan. Chandramukhi: Absolutely correct, Badi-Ma.But why should the lady be embarrassed?lf she spoke a few kind words to me,it's because she considers me human.He who frequents the alleyways of disrepute ought to be ashamed. The very dens littered with trophies of the lust of his forefathers. Have you thought? You might have a sister somewhere in the brothels Why sister? You might even visit your daughter's... ln the soil at the courtesan's doorstep... is moulded the image of the goddess. The soil isn't impotent. Now the farce ends l return, lady ... back to my world,to those disreputable alleys ... where l might  someday find Dev Babu again......Farewell 45

Paro's husband: l would like to know ... Paro: Who Devdas is?Devdas is a childhood friend, he was body, l was soul.He is my love and he is my vanity and he is with me, always. Paro's husband: Do you realise what you are saying? Paro: Same as what you told me,“you're now the lady of the manor,the mother of my children. No doubt.But Subhadra, l can never forget”. Paro's husband: Subhadra was my wife. Paro: Subhadra was your first love.Devdas is mine. First love, like yearscan never be obliterated. Paro's mother-in-law: Parvati, you are forgetting.You are the lady of the manor. Paro: Maybe that's reason for my guilt?l'll accept any penalty you decree. Paro's husband: Of course you will be punished.You may never step out of the manor.This is your punishment. Paro's mother-in-law: But what punishment, Parvati?We are the ones being punished. The lamps we lit in celebration,have set fire to our houseAlways put out the fires, that threaten your home. 46

Devdas: But forever, this heartwill live in darkness. One by one, all myrelationships are over.And there was Paro and l love her... so much. But there's one ... one Chandramukhi.Loves me dearly. Chandramukhi: Dev Babu, what‘s happend? Doctor: Even a drop of alcohol is poison for him. Any moment may be treacherousTry to keep him in good cheer Dharamdas: Oh God! Chandramukhi: What is this Dharamdas?Cry and you will make me cry too.And people will call me a courtesanwho cannot enact a farceWe got to keep Dev Babu in good cheer, no? Dharamdas: You're absolutely right.Let's wipe our tears. Let our laughter ring in Dev's ears. Chandramukhi: Yes Dharamdas. Dharamdas: Let's fill his life with joys. Chandramukhi: Yes Dharamdas. Dharamdas: All his woes be gone. Chandramukhi: Yes Dharamdas, yes. 47

Devdas: Met Paro? How did you find my Paro? Chandramukhi: lf love be personified ...Paro's would be the being, hers the very heart. Devdas: Forbidden though it is, l always end upwith a metaphor about eyes. One Paro and one, Chandramukhi. One, sentimental, vivacious. And you... how delicate, how demure … Chandramukhi: She is fickle, like a doe,gushing like a river ... the liar, the butterfly, the moon and you...? Devdas: Poem? Ballad? Some tears, sometimes fire. Chandramukhi: Everyone loves her. Devdas: And you, unloved by all save me?What is this, Chandramukhi? l was likening you to fortitude.What you turn out to be? Wax doll? Look at you, melting away.Will you let the candle melt away and cast me in dark?You've done much for me, Chandramukhi. One more favour. Let me leave. Chandramukhi: No! You know not what you suffer. Devdas: You know it and l suffer. Chandramukhi: Then why must you...? Devdas: l must face myself before l'm lost.l cannot bear to see my death mirrored in your eyes Chandramukhi: l have been given heaven and earth. Will we meet again? Devdas: What the Judge of virtue and vicewill pronounce for you l know not.But in the afterlife, should we meet l won't be able to renounce you. 48

Devdas: All ties with life are severed. lt all ends, ChuniBabu …ChuniBabu: No Devdas: Silence? So deathly? As if l'm dead already? ( MEMORIES …) (lf serving me makes you happy ... so than be it.l promise you, before l die, l will surely come to your doorstep One day HE will say … leave this world …) Devdas: Are we there? Faster, please … Very little time left … (Paro … I'm here Paro …) Paro: What's that crowd outside? A servant: Some stranger has been lying there all night. Counting his last, maybe …His breathing is last … Paro: Who is the man lying outside? MahendraBabu: Someone from your village, one DevdasMukherjee … Paro: Devdas! Devdas! But the gates are closed are closed … Devdas( with his last breath)  Paro ……Where will l find again lost innocence lost dreams lost childhood ...Where is gone the shade of trees ...where l made myself a home........ 49 50




















Trinity 70 7/20/2009 You have to see it to believe the on-screen Chemistry between Aishwarya & Shah Rukh…

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