Determination of water solubility limits in CO2 mixtures to deliver water specification levels for CO2 transportation project update - Dr Stephanie Foltran at UKCCSRC Biannual Meeting, Cambridge April 2014

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Information about Determination of water solubility limits in CO2 mixtures to deliver...

Published on April 25, 2014




Presentation given by Dr Stephanie Foltran from University of Edinburgh giving an update on UKCCSRC Call 1 Project "Determination of water solubility limits in CO2 mixtures to deliver water specification levels for CO2 transportation" in at the UKCCSRC Biannual Meeting - CCS in the Bigger Picture - held in Cambridge on 2-3 April 2014

- Call 1 project - Determination of water solubility limits in CO2 mixtures: Ensuring the safety of CO2 transport Stéphanie Foltran Norhidayah Suleiman Matthew Vosper Ke Jie Martyn Poliakoff Mike George UKCCSRC Biannual meeting - CCS in the Bigger Picture - Cambridge on 2-3 April 2014

Aim of our research 2 To establish the solubility limit of water in impure CO2 to ensure the safety of pipelines • For this presentation: ▫ Water solubility in CO2 + 5% N2 or in CO2 + 10% N2 at T = 40°C and P = 8 – 18 MPa • Nobody has made such measurements before

Karl Fischer titration Can detect µg of water Low temperature FT-IR spectroscopy Water highly absorbing in infrared Long standing experience in the Group with high-pressure vessel coupled to infrared spectroscopy Research Strategy: 2 independent methods 3

Background • Literature data on water solubility in pure CO2; • The presence of impurities changes the physico- chemical properties of CO2! 4 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 200 400 600 800 Pure CO2 2 % H2 7.5% H2 10% H2 ρ(kg/m3 ) P (MPa) 50 o C SANCHEZ-VICENTE, Y., DRAGE, T.C., POLIAKOFF, M., KE, J., GEORGE, M.W., Int. J. Greenh Gas Con, Vol.13, 2013, p.78. 2% of H2 in CO2 can reduce the molar density up to 25% in the critical region

FT-IR spectroscopic set-up 5 N2 CO2 Gas mixer IP: ISCO Pump F: Fluid S: Sample HJ: Heating Jacket EC: Equilibrium Cell



FTIR spectrum of CO2 + H2O 8 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 10002000300040005000 Absorbance Wave number (cm-1) ν1 + 2ν2 + ν3 ν2 2ν1 + ν3 CO2 H2O CO2 CO2 ν3 CO2 4ν2 + ν3 (ν1 + ν3) +(2ν2 + ν3)

9 FT-IR spectrum of H2O in CO2 at 25°C, 9 MPa and with 0.2µl of H2O FTIR spectrum of CO2 + H2O

0.1µl Procedure 10 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 1.31.4 1.5 Bending mode of H2O for different concentrations at T and P fixed ν2(H2O) Saturation quantity

11 Z. Wang et al. Fluid Phase Equilibria 338 (2013) 155– 163 uncertainty Saturation data Calibration data Our work: less than 4% In the literature with a similar method: 10% ! Uncertainty challenge

12 H2O concentration decreases by up to 59% with the addition of N2 Concentration of water in CO2 mixtures At = 40°C and P = 8 - 18 MPa in pure CO2 and in CO2 + (5-10%) N2 mixtures 3% of error compared with the literature

13 10% N2 lowers the solubility of the water in CO2 by up to 26% At = 40°C and P = 8 - 18 MPa in pure CO2 and in CO2 + (5-10%) N2 mixtures Mole fraction of water in CO2 mixtures

EC: Equilibrium cell SC: Secondary cell Solubility of water in impure CO2 using Karl Fischer titration 14

Equilibrium part 15 1. Pre-heater 2. Equilibrium cell 3. Secondary equilibrium cell + Filter 4. Sample loop

Conclusions • Development of an FT-IR method to study the solubility of water CO2 + impurities; • The presence of N2 lowers significantly the water solubility in CO2; • Design of a high-pressure rig coupled to a Karl Fischer. 16

Outlooks • Solubility of water in ▫ CO2 + H2 ▫ CO2 + O2 ▫ and CO2 + H2 +N2 • Reproduction of the FT-IR results using the Karl Fischer titrator 17

Acknowledgements • Prof. Martyn Poliakoff and Prof. Mike George • Dr. Ke Jie • Matthew Vosper • Norhidayah Suleiman • Dr. Maria-José Tenorio • Mark Guyler • Workshop: ▫ Richard Wilson ▫ Peter Fields • All the group 18 • UKCCSRC for funding this project

Thank you for your attention!

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