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Published on April 21, 2010

Author: ashwpreet


Determinants of Personality : Determinants of Personality Prem Lata Goel M.Ed student Roll No. 07 A powerpoint presentation on What is Personality? : What is Personality? Latin word-”persona”__”mask”worn by Greek actors. The effect and influence left by an individual (with mask) on the audience. Personality is a complex blend of a constantly evolving and changing pattern of one’s unique behaviour, emerged as a result of one’s interaction with one’s environment and directed towards some specific ends. Determinants of Personality : Determinants of Personality Genetic Determinants Physiological Determinants Psychological Determinants Social Determinants Cultural Determinants Genetic Determinants : Genetic Determinants Biological Heredity– Inherited from forefathers in the form of chromosomes. Social Heredity--- Inherited from preceding generations in the form of social traditions, customs and skills. Acquired knowledge and skills are transmitted to the succeeding generations. Principles of Heredity : Principles of Heredity Principle of resemblance Principle of Variability Genetic Material: Germ cells carry all the characteristics of potential child. Mechanism of Heredity: Zygote of 46 chromosomes. Minute particles called genes located on chromosomes. Genetic Code: Chromosomes-long organic molecules of substance DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) connected by chemical bonds. Dominant and Recessive Traits:Both genes foster identical characteristics-Homozygous condition. Both paired genes differ in a given characteristic- Heterozygous . Social Determinants : Social Determinants Role of Home:The first and immediate environment. Family Morale:Good moral pattern and discord family pattern. Economic Factor Role of school Role of the teacher Cultural Determinants : Cultural Determinants Internalization of values,ideas,beliefs Institutionalization: Religions, faiths and creeds with different religious faiths ,beliefs, prayers and cultural programmes. Slide 9: ThAnk YOU

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