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Published on March 26, 2019

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slide 1: Date: 06/04/70 Age: 49 Mail: Xavier Mitjavila Moix EDUCATION 2010 1988-1993 SENIOR EXECUTIVE PROGRAM SEP. Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. Milano Italy. LICENCIADO EN CIENCIAS EMPRESARIALES. MASTER EN ADMINISTRACION Y DIRECCION DE EMPRESAS MBA. Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas ESADE. Barcelona Spain. WORK EXPERIENCE Jun 16 / to date July 15 / May 16 JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS. Paris. Turnover: 700 M Eur General Manager. Once the integration process was completed in Southern Europe and the business successfully relaunched in the three countries I was promoted to this position. Key target of this new adventure was to integrate the only country in the world in which due to the very specific social laws and rules and the complexity of both companies we did not merge in July 2015 as we did in the rest of the world. First we needed to divest an important part of our business following a decision taken at EU level in order to operate at 35 market share and not at 50. After that divestiture France was yet the number one JDE country with two businesses of around 325 M Eur each. Thus it was key to succeed that integration. The starting point was two different companies with different headquarters different Management Teams different cultures different information systems logistics and ways of working two different factories and a huge organisation of around 450 FTE. Bottom line was at 16. Today since October 2017 we operate behind one only legal entity with all Associates based in the same HQ in Paris. We have thus one only Management Team and a lean and simple organisation with only 290 FTE. We deployed as well a new company culture based on the Corporate Mission Vision and Values. Management Team reporting to the General Manager integrating the following company Directions: Sales Marketing Finance Supply Chain Purchasing Human Resources Legal Communication and Corporate Affairs Industrial for the local factory. Our Bottom line in 2018 is at 28 level thanks to our focus on top brands mix evolution strategic revenue management and downsized structure. The company is growing and will achieve 700 M Eur of turnover. JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS. Barcelona. Turnover: 275 M Eur General Manager Southern Europe. In September 2014 it was internally announced that DEMB 1753 was going to merge with the Coffee Division of Mondelez International in July 2015 creating a new company: JDE. An internal recrutement process was conducted making the managers coming from both companies compete between them for a place in the new organisation. I was confirmed for the General Manager role in Spain and I given extra responsibilities with Italy and Portugal entering my new scope. Difficult process in which we did integrate within the former DEMB Spain three new companies. In the case of Spain we did move from 125 M Eur to 200 M Eur adding the Mondelez Coffee Division and its 40 Associates. In the case of Portugal 10 M Eur and 15 Associates and Italy 65 M Eur 55 Associates and one factory as DEMB had no previous presence in these markets we needed to run the integration completely from scratch doing the spin off from Mondelez and running a slide 2: April 13 / June 15 October 08 / March 13 completely integrated new business the day after. Management Team reporting to the General Manager integrating for the Southern European cluster the following company Directions: Sales Marketing Finance Supply Chain Human Resources Legal Industrial for the local factories in Spain and Italy. Portugal and Italy Country Managers part of the Southern Europe Management Team as well. D.E. MASTER BLENDERS 1753. Barcelona. Turnover 125 M Eur General Manager. Successfull business unit during the period 2011/2013 mainly due to the launch of a new brand in the Nespresso system segment and the focus of all company investments behind it. When I did arrive in April 2013 the company was growing around 10 top line and 15 in EBIT. During the first 90 days I did the onboarding visiting the factory main logistic service provider warehouse and point of sales together with the sales field force managers. Then went for different internal and off site meetings together with the Management Team in order to define our mid and long term strategy our strategic goals and our short term action plan. Unfortunately once defined we found ourselves with a company decreasing by 20 in turnover month after month due to lack of investment behind our two main historical brands and the launch of Private Label brands in the Nespresso system. Such a strong decrease in sales was not expected at all and obviously we needed to rapidly change our vision and go for a very radical short term excercise in which we did: i. Focus our investments in only one region in which we were making 40 of our sales and investing behind the main three brands also the two historical mentioned above. The 3 brands became number 1 2 and 5 in the media investment ranking ii. Make our coffee brands travel across market segments throug a very agressive innovation program iii. Cover all market price partitions behind a strategy to capture growth from premium mainstream and also value price partitions through our historical brand portfolio iv. Relaunch a full innovation program in the company iv. Review all company internal processes to simplify our ways of working and reduce fix cost v. Massively increase our working capital in order to easily finance from within our future growth plans vii. Launch a change management program behind the concept worked during my landing period together with the Management Team. Results arrived rapidly in the Core Area. Company start growing in that region at 10 with good performances in the three key market segments. Profitability moved from 14 EBIT/turnover to 17 in 2014. With those results we had the case to rollout our plan to national level with extra investment and that was exactly what we did in 2015. Company was back to double digit growth and EBIT/turnover reached 22. Management Team reporting to the General Manager integrating the following company Directions: Sales Marketing Finance Supply Chain Human Resources Legal Industrial for the local factory. DANONE ITALIA S.P.A. Milano. Turnover: 330 M Eur General Manager The Business Unit grew the previous years mainly thanks to the launch of Danacol. However during the same period of time the working climate went down placing the BU in the bottom of the Division due to some restructuring operations but also a very directive management style. Target was to keep growing the low per capita consumption allow it even with the economical/financial crisis started back in 2008 and put Danone Italia back to the first WW People Survey positions. The drivers in which this period was based at Top Line level were the focus of investments behind the two main company brands Activia and Actimel the breakthrough innovation with the launch of Danaos in 2010 and the optimization of Media and Promo Investments with new tools focused on the dynamic calculation of ROI. From a Human point of view more voice was given to our collaborators and future was built with their implication and more information. 2012 was closed with the historical record of sales both volume and value and profitability reaching 20 while the starting point back in 2008 was 155 thanks to several productivity programs within the Industrial Supply Chain and Purchasing areas. People Survey improved for the third year in a row and placed the Business Unit back to the 8 th position out of 45. slide 3: October 06 / September 08 August 04 / September 06 July 02 / July 04 September 00 / June 02 September 98 / August 00 August 97 / August 98 December 95 / July 97 March 94 / November 95 September 93 / February 94 DANONE S.A. Barcelona. Turnover: 1 Bn Eur / 1 profit ranking Marketing Director. The Business Unit is the one with more historical success at worldwide level. Growth came thanks to a solid model based on innovation supported with strong media and commercial investments and mainly thanks to a strong team that has been the “school” for most of the other BU’s during Previous 15 years. Target was to reach 500.000 tons while keeping flat the share of market in a market where Private Level were growing. Strong decrease of advertising cost after long and hard negotiation on one side and focus of investments index 200 on the regions with more presence of Private Label on the other side allow the company to reach the target on 2007. DANONE FRANCE. Paris. Turnover: 1.1 Bn Eur / 2 profit ranking Co-Marketing Director. At the end of a period with bad results a deep change at Management Team level was implemented with new General Manager arriving and new Functional Directors in most of the company areas. In Marketing it was decided to go for a double head organization with one Direction focused on Health products and the other on Kids and Pleasure. I was responsible of this part. Target was to reach sales uplift above double digit growth with the two main brands Danette 2 nd company brand in turnover just below Activia and Gervais aux Fruis Danonino internationally. Downsize the team while improving its quality. Communication and Innovation were the main drivers used. In the case of Danette co-creation with consumers show the future way to other Business Units. From a human point of view FTE are down from 70 to 40 in just 12 months and focus was made in the intensive training of new marketing generations to create a strong team for the future. DANONE ITALIA S.P.A. Milano. Marketing Director. DANONE PORTUGAL S.A. Lisboa. Marketing Director. DANONE S.A. Barcelona. Brand Marketing Manager. MINUTE MAID DANONE S.A. Paris. Area Marketing Manager Iberia. DANONE S.A. Barcelona. Brand Marketer Senior. DANONE S.A. Barcelona. Brand Marketer Junior. DANONE S.A. Barcelona. Assistant Brand Marketer. LANGUAGES Catalan Spanish French English Portuguese Italian PERSONAL SKILLS Clear orientation to introduce dynamism factors into organisations change and speed management. Quick adaptation to new contexts both human and cultural.

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