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Published on September 19, 2010

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Slide 1: Destination Marketing and Branding Slide 2: Destination Marketing and Branding Vrnjacka Banja – Izvor Zivota November 2005 Programme : Programme Marketing: Definition Marketing Mix Channel to market Critique Some examples of good & bad marketing Branding: Definition Some theory lunch Making a Marketing Plan Group work Presentations of Group Work Conclusions Marketing is…………… : Marketing is…………… Creating and keeping customers Satisfaction of peoples needs and wants Process of predetermining consumer demand Process of planning…market research A central orgsanisational function Marketing is…………… : Marketing is…………… Marketing is a complex, interactive process between a company and customer; a continuous circular flow. The company constantly tries to find out what the customers want, then it tries to meet their requirements…. (Better than anything or anyone else)! Marketing not just about promotion : Marketing not just about promotion The Four “P’s of the Marketing Mix Product Price Place Promotion Product : Product defining the characteristics of your product or service to meet the need and wants of your customers; (eg features, lifecycle, quality, options, style, guarantees). Price : Price the price you charge for your product or service to support its positioning in the market place. Decide on a pricing strategy; eg value for money, premium, competition, credit terms. Place : Place this refers to the means by which the customer acquires your product; (eg Location, transportation, inventory, distribution) Promotion : Promotion Marketing and promotions help raise awareness of the product/service. More & more marketing is based on : More & more marketing is based on …………….CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! …………….CUSTOMER NEEDS! …………….CUSTOMER FOCUS! …………….CUSTOMER SERVICE! ……………CUSTOMER CARE! ……………AND A TOTAL CUSTOMER CULTURE! In the tourism industry, also : In the tourism industry, also People: Skilled staff who add to your customers' experience. People are your first line of public relations People are your brand In the tourism industry, also : In the tourism industry, also Process - your systems and infrastructure. The way customers get hold of your product /services or find out about your place. In the tourism industry, also : In the tourism industry, also Physical Evidence - how your places/ services really benefit and delight the customer/your guests. Eg. the ambience & presentation - factors which make up the "whole" customer experience Define your Customers : Define your Customers Define your customers. These “target markets” must fit into the tourism potential and existing tourism product. They must fit to each other. Product Development : Product Development Product /”attractors” must be developed to satisfy the needs, wishes an expectations of the selected target groups They must conform with international standards & anticipation of trends This is an ongoing process Price Policy : Price Policy Price Policy 3 factors influence price:Cost structure (fixed cost, variable cost) Competition Demand and expectation of customers Marketing and Promotion : Marketing and Promotion Materials (brochures, maps, images, CD-Rom, video etc) Internet, direct marketing Public Relations (media using television, newspaper, radio etc), sponsorships, events, journalist’s trips Advertising Trade Shows Distribution/placement : Distribution/placement Internet, online booking etc Direct selling (telephone/fax/walk in and book) Distribution over agencies/tour operators, hotel chains Advertising Market Research : Market Research Data collection and analysis (statistics, questionnaire) Analysis of trends Analysis of competition: Find out what others do, and examine whether you might do it better. Work out what the customer really wants. Slide 21: Stand out from the crowd! The challenge – Welcome to anywhere! : The challenge – Welcome to anywhere! Slide 23: What is ‘brand’? Slide 24: What is ‘brand’? Identity Image Reputation Culture People History Environment Advertising Marketing Public relations Your promise Name Services Attractions Pricing A fish…and fishingA brand is a philosophyBranding is the process by which brands can strengthen, protect and distinguish themselves from the competition : A fish…and fishingA brand is a philosophyBranding is the process by which brands can strengthen, protect and distinguish themselves from the competition Everything works together : Everything works together Destination Management Slide 27: Virtuous circle attract and retain businesses increase revenues raise awareness and profile attract & retain population Attract visitors more higher paying visitors a Developing the Brand Strategy : Developing the Brand Strategy Who are the most important people to be motivated by the planned communication? Priority markets How will the brand and its destination be seen to stand out from its competitors? How will the brand and its destination benefit visitors? What values describe how visitors should feel about the brand and its destination Positioning Image Promise Proposition What is the story….. Slide 29: What is your brand? Slide 30: Examples of good and bad marketing Channels to market : Channels to market Your messages – telling the stories of your product / business / place – as many times as possible using the most relevant channels to reach your markets; Channels to market : Channels to market Your audiences – targeting the messages to those people more likely to purchase/visit than others; Compelling marketing : Compelling marketing Your impact – making sure communications are as memorable and talkable as possible; Slide 34: Communications Tactics Who is the target market for the marketing/promotion? What des the target market already know about the company/service/destination? What is the image you are trying to create? Which aspects of the tourism product will attract with target group? Slide 35: Brochure Clear structure: each page should have a clear theme Content - Focus on experience; avoid “manager” pictures; focus on views for resort; in accommodation show typical room with high quality photograph / warm lighting; 1/3 photographs, 1/3 text; Photo’s are very important to create a positive image; they should be as big as possible, with people, sunshine, activity, animals…not architectural, with empty rooms; you could use or drawings; Check production quality; picture resolution; color reproduction Ensure correct translation; General Hints for Marketing Material Internet and Marketing : Internet and Marketing Ensure you have a simple and clear site Not too much text A picture tells thousand words Observe the Three Click rule! Keep it current and correct Make sure it is easily accessed It is registered with Search Engines Make sure it is linked to relevant sites Communicating with existing customers: Have a feedback opportunity Ask permission to contact person Send offers Publish comments Slide 37: General Hints for Public Relations Find one angle for possible stories; Use Special Events as hooks for the media, Get to know journalists, participate in famil trips; Work with Tour Operators and other partners eg transport operators Slide 38: Advertising What to include: Focus on the experience and the values you are communicating, not just your building or the physical things. Negotiate trial deals with media; Image quality is vital; Direct Marketing Mail out offers to your customer data base; Past customers; Ask permission to mail; Potential customers; The Sales Package; The Marketing Plan : The Marketing Plan A ROAD MAP (GUIDE) TO DEVELOP LOGICAL, WORKABLE, MARKETING STRATEGIES IN A STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURE TO ATTAIN THE GOALS YOU SET MARKETING PLAN DEVELOPMENT : MARKETING PLAN DEVELOPMENT Strategy and tactic development Evaluation and controls Communicating the plan The Marketing Plan : The Marketing Plan Situation Analysis: - Assumptions, Sales History and Budget, Review of Strategic Markets, Review of Key Products and Services, Review of Key Territories "SWOT" analysis (company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies Schedules Promotion and PR Performance Indicators Evaluation and Review Procedures SITUATION ANALYSIS : SITUATION ANALYSIS SITUATION ANALYSIS * MARKET NEEDS * COMPETITION * MARKET SIZE * PRODUCT PRICING * OUTSIDE INFLUENCES * DISTRIBUTION * MARKET COVERAGE * MARKETING COMMUNICATION * MARKETING SUCCESS FACTORS * MARKETING PROBLEMS/OPPORTUNITIES * POSITIONING Slide 43: Working Sessions Marketing Case Studies Marketing = Profit : Marketing = Profit ■ TO SUSTAIN LIFE, A BUSINESS MUST PRODUCE PRODUCTS THAT PEOPLE WILL WANT TO BUY AT ADEQUATE PRICES TO PRODUCE A PROFIT! ■ TO PRODUCE PRODUCTS PEOPLE WILL BUY, AND CONTINUE TO BUY, REQUIRES CUSTOMER FOCUS! (MARKET RESEARCH) ■ THIS IS THE MARKETING RESPONSIBILITY; TO BE CERTAIN OUR PRODUCTS ARE SATISFYING CUSTOMER NEEDS AND WANTS. ■ THUS, BY PRODUCING PRODUCTS THAT SATISFY CUSTOMERS NEEDS AND WANTS, WE CAN SELL AT ADEQUATE PRICES TO PRODUCE PROFIT! Profit is survival! Slide 45: Thank You

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