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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: jujubrenda



Basics of color theory and using JuJuBelle jewelry.

Designing with With

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WHAT IS COLOR? I never thought about it this way before…

It’s LIGHT!!!

Color is found

To learn color theory….go back to First Grade…. Primary Colors

When you combined those, you got? Secondary Colors

+ Equals???

Tertiary Colors Red + Orange = Red Orange Yellow + Orange = Yellow Orange Yellow + Green = Yellow Green Blue + Green = Blue Green Red + Purple = Red Violet Blue + Purple = Blue-Violet

The Color Wheel

Within each color…infinite possibilities!

Definitions & Formulas

Color “Values” Value is the visual “weight” of a color. – Pastels are lighter – Jewel tones are heavier.

WHICH COLORS LOOK GOOD TOGETHER? I don’t know how to put them together!

How do you choose good colors? • There are basic formulas, including: – Monochromatic – Analogous – Complementary – Triadic • Within each formula, try to use colors having similar values.

Monochromatic: All the same color



Red-Blue-Yellow Triad

Green-Purple-Orange Triad

You don’t have to remember all that…. Just buy a color-wheel!

WHAT DO I DO NOW? How does this help my business?

Using Color Theory in Your Business • Use your inventory to create an example of each of the formulas shown here. Display those at your next show or fair. • When customers aren’t sure what “goes with” a piece they like, just rely on color theory to guide them. • Is there a color you never wear, or dislike? Make something with it! • Give a five minute color theory lesson at your next home party and then put out color wheels and challenge everyone to make something. • Organize fobs by color: ROY. G. BIV red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

QUESTIONS? Thank you for being here!

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