Designing curriculum for global understanding

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Published on July 27, 2013

Author: julielindsay



Created for educator workshop at Flat Classroom Live! Hawaii 2013

STRAND C Flat World Learning Designing Curriculum for Global Understanding Flat Classroom Live! 2013, Hawaii LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP Julie Lindsay

Why global projects?

Discuss! What is „collaboration‟? What is „global collaboration‟? What conditions must exist to support global collaboration in learning?

Collaboration Primer  2 or more people working together  Higher order thinking skill  Local:  geographical proximity  more opportunity for synchronous communication  often cultural and linguistic differences minimized.  Global:  Collaborators geographically dispersed (eg cultural and linguistic differences or different time-zones)  requires more of an asynchronous approach

Getting Started with Global Projects Find like-minded educators Design Outcomes Select Tools Manage for Success

Challenges of Embedding Global Collaboration Going Beyond the ‘Wow’ Engaging learners and leaders Shifting traditional pedagogies Having realistic expectations

Global Collaboration 1.0 Global Collaboration 2.0 Global Collaboration 3.0 Evolution of Global Collaboration in Education

Am I willing to redesign my curriculum to embed a global project into what my class does? “Designing a global collaborative experience involves transcending the obvious real time linkup, fostering higher order thinking and providing opportunities for cultural understanding while usually making a product that impacts others in a positive way. ”

Project Design Relationships


Step 1 Connection

Connection Personal Learning Network (PLN) Connection Pull Technologies 1.RSS Reader 2.Tablet-Sized Devices 3.Handheld Devices 4.Social Bookmarking 5.Joining Online Conversations 6.Networking Organizations 7.Location Based Apps

Connection Taxonomy © Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay, ‘Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds’. Pg 55

Discuss! What technologies do you use to connect with your PLN? • RSS • Social bookmarking • Blog • Twitter • Other?

Step 2 Communication

Two types to sustain a global project Communication Traditional Classroom Separated by Location Separated by Time Flat Classroom Unified by the Internet Unified by asynchronous communication tools SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS

Step 3 - Citizenship

Discuss! What is YOUR definition of digital citizenship?

Digital Citizenship “…the norms of behavior with regard to technology use” Ribble and Bailey

Citizenship Global competency and confidence

© Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay 2011 Enlightened Digital Citizenship model

Map of world‟s Facebook connections Source: Facebook December 2010 Step 3: Citizenship Technology Access

You can run into the 21st Century when you know how to use 21st century tools. Technical Awareness

“To blindly accept a website‟s profile settings is to hand over your digital destiny.” Individual Awareness

“The novelty and addictiveness of technology will harm our relationships and productivity unless we take control.” Social Awareness

Cultural Awareness  Everyone is not just like me.  Everyone is like me in some ways.

Step 4 Contribution and Collaboration

Online Existence “The weakness is that if there is a problem, and you e-mail them, they can just ignore the email, or they can just do their own thing and not listen to what you ask of them.” Student in the Horizon Project

Technopersonal skills - Synchronous Collaboration

Technopersonal skills - Asynchronous Collaboration

Co-Creation Collaboration

Discuss! What is „co-creation‟? Can you have co-creation without the 3 R‟s of global collaboration?

Step 5: Choice

Discuss! What are the reasons for giving students choice in their learning? What are the characteristics of teachers in the choice-rich environment?

Step 6 - Creation To be able to Create is a 21C Learning Objective

Revised 2001 by Lorin Anderson

Step 7: Celebration

Celebrate New friends New achievements A sense of accomplishment Making the world a better place Enhanced cultural understanding

Vienna International School Summit


Discuss! What are the CHARACTERISTICS of a GOOD Global Project? How can we design learning experiences that embrace global education as well as enforce rigor and relevance.....or are these the same? How important is collaboration and co-creation in global project design? Does this importance differ depending on the age of the participants?

Project Management Shared expectations Support for Success Reflect and Redesign

Project Design Tools Available on the wiki:  Flat Classroom Framework Sample  Blank Flat Classroom Framework Form (writable)  Connection Planning Tool  Global Project Design Template



Blooms Revised Taxonomy Research Framework



The SAMR Ladder

Where do I find global partners?

How to find Project Partners? #1 Social Networks 3. Where?Where? Description URL Global collaborative project ideas inspired by the Learning 2.0 educational network Flat Classroom Educator Network Global Education Conference Global Classrooms Taking IT Global

How to find Project Partners? #2 Established Networks 3. Where?Where? Location URL iEarn ePals Skype Education Flat Classroom Projects eTwinning (europe online)

How to find Project Partners? #3 Hashtags 3. Where?Where? Location URL #flatclass Conversations around the principles of merging classrooms and co-creating together #globaled Global education conversations #globalclassroom Conversations around global classroom conversations #edchat Lots of conversations happen on this hashtag in education

How to find Project Partners? #4 Conferences 3. Where?Where? Location URL K12 Online Conference (online only) - free Global Education Conference (online only) – free m/ ISTE ($) Flat Classroom Conferences (Free for virtual $ for f2f) Lots of conferences by curriculum area Look for them!

Discuss! How can we design learning experiences that embrace global education as well as enforce rigor and relevance? Are these the same?

STRAND C Flat World Learning Collaboration & Sharing Exploring Emerging Technologies in the Classroom

Horizon Report K-12 2013 Emerging Technologies

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