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Information about Designer Kitchens by We Are Papilio UK – Bath, Bristol, Oxford

Published on March 25, 2019

Author: wearepapilio


Designer Kitchens by We Are Papilio UK: Designer Kitchens by We Are Papilio UK Submitted By – Matt Pra ll Who We Are: Who We Are We Are Papilio transform spaces by designing and crafting contemporary bespoke kitchen designs tailored to deliver excellence all round. The places that we choose to live, work or relax in shape us as much as we shape them. We believe in transforming environments into inspirational spaces that are both functional and enjoyable . Our Types of Kitchens: Our Types of Kitchens Designer Kitchens Cottage Kitchens Bespoke Kitchens Georgian Kitchens Shaker Kitchens Country Kitchens Oak Kitchens Handmade Kitchens Modern Kitchens Luxury Kitchens Designer Kitchens: Designer Kitchens Designer kitchens means designer appliances and we know what we are talking about when in comes to the latest in modern kitchen technology. We have a passion for making life easier for you, so let us know how you live and we’ll work this into the design process. Every detail of designer kitchens will be considered to work perfectly for you and your family, whether that be making the view from your home the focal point of the room like in The Chefs Kitchen or by working around a traditional much-loved AGA like in The Marble Kitchen. Cottage Kitchens: Cottage Kitchens Cottage kitchens traditionally contain unique features that need to be accentuated rather than hidden away. We’ll emphasize natural architecture, such as beams, with interesting lighting that can change the ambience of the room at the touch of a button. If a room happens to be long or narrow, as with the space in The Marble Kitchen, we’ll use our expert knowledge to break the room up into different areas and really highlight those cottage features and countryside views. Bespoke Kitchens: Bespoke Kitchens Every detail of your bespoke kitchen will be considered to work perfectly for you. Whether a socket placed in the perfect position for your favorite coffee maker or making sure that the flow of the room suits your daily routine, Papilio are skilled in designing kitchens as individual as the people using them. We work with architects to ensure the practical needs for a kitchen are met and if you’re not working with a specific planner we have the skill set to put our own architectural ideas into action. With Papilio, you’re getting a truly bespoke service that extends much further than just installing a kitchen. Georgian Kitchens: Georgian Kitchens A classic Georgian kitchen has painted cabinets in a single color with a matt finish, typically in a neutral color such as grey. We understand the importance of using light to change the ambience within a room, something which is also influential to the Georgian kitchen style. We can transform spaces by using well thought out lighting systems that can be controlled at the touch of a button . By combining elements of the Georgian style with our own contemporary flair we aim to create a timeless and practical kitchen to enhance your space and provide you with a kitchen you want to eat, entertain and relax in for many years to come. Shaker Kitchens: Shaker Kitchens Shaker kitchens are revered around the world for their simplicity, utility and high standards of craftsmanship. Made with functionality in mind, Papilio’s Shaker kitchens place these signatures of Shaker design at the fore. Explore the range and find light, airy spaces fitted with natural materials for a contemporary and stylish take on the country cottage look. Cream and white Shaker kitchens are always popular but they are available in an extensive range of colours and finishes. Country Kitchens: Country Kitchens The country kitchen is all about bringing out the characteristics within the home and adding comfort to bring about a sense of a rural retreat. Making you feel right at home is key to us at Papilio so we’ll consult you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with the end result Oak Kitchens: Oak Kitchens Oak cabinetry was a popular choice among designers for kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms during the 1980s and 1990s and remains a stylish choice to this day. At Papilio we believe in adding a contemporary feel to oak by adding touches of modern technology and stylish colour choices to complement the natural beauty of this hardwood. Lighting is an important factor when designing your oak kitchen, something which we consider very carefully to match your own personal tastes and really bring to life the architecture of the room. Handmade Kitchens: Handmade Kitchens The handmade kitchen allows you to have a say in everything you would like to see in the hub of your home and we’ll help you to bring your ideas to life whilst suggesting options that you may not have considered, just to make it even more special. Papilio are committed to providing you with a space that speak volumes about your personality whilst allowing you to have your say on the design process. Modern Kitchens: Modern Kitchens Modern kitchens cater to the everyday life of the people using them. Gone are the days when the kitchen was dominated by one person preparing, cooking and maintaining the living space, we are now presented with families using kitchens for all kinds of activities from baking to children doing their homework. Speak to us about your own ideas for your modern kitchen by booking your free consultation with Matt and Stephen. Consider what you would really like to be a part of your daily life and we’ll tell you what is achievable for you and your family. Luxury Kitchens: Luxury Kitchens Our very own Matt and Stephen are experts in the latest technology gracing the luxury kitchen market and have an avid interest in seeking out the newest trends at trade shows. We’ll be able to tell you about all of the appliances you should have in your home, whether that be a Quooker tap, a Gaggenau warming drawer or a Siemans Downdraft Extractor, we’ll know what will work for you and your luxury kitchen. Lighting is a key factor when giving your room a luxurious feel. Papilio are able to use the latest lighting technology to integrate different types of lighting in order to change the ambience of a room at the touch of a button. It’s the small details that can really make a room feel luxurious and by combining lighting and music control systems, we can make sure your kitchen is a room you’ll never want to leave . Contact Us: Contact Us / 01373 485088 Address: Papilio Design Studio The Old Church School Butts Hill Frome BA11 1HR

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