Designed Giving- It's Alchemy, turning your treasures into contribution.

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Information about Designed Giving- It's Alchemy, turning your treasures into contribution.

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: JacquelineHurwitz



It’s alchemy - turning your treasures into contribution.

Mission: We are building a curated, ‘go-to’ resale and e-commerce entity that will connect nonprofits, donors, and cause shoppers. Designed Giving is a conduit for hard assets converting art, fashion, home décor, and more, into funding for most nonprofit organizations. Personalized and cause-oriented impact shopping is facilitated via donor directed proceeds.

Designed Giving is a new 501c3 concept of “giving via donor-directed proceeds,” and cause-related impact shopping. This social entrepreneurial venture employs scaled and targeted nonprofit funding. In the simplest terms the concept entails the following - a person or organization donates an item(s) to Designed Giving and directs the sale- proceeds to the nonprofit of their choice. Consumers may shop by cause or item type. The most direct impact will occur when nonprofits make requests of their supporters to donate items to Designed Giving and direct the proceeds back to the nonprofit.

It’s alchemy - turning your treasure into contribution!

Designed Giving is a nonprofit that was created to fund other nonprofits. We are a brick + mortar and online conduit with an online portal feature that funnels otherwise untapped funds to qualified nonprofits.

Mission It’s alchemy - turning your treasure into contribution. Designed Giving is a conduit for hard assets converting art, fashion, home décor and more, into funding for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. As a 501(c)3 we aim to build a highly-curated, ‘go-to’ retail brick + mortar and e-commerce entity that connects nonprofits, donors, and cause shoppers. Donor directed proceeds are earned via diversified impact shopping opportunities.

Simple + + =


Potential partners  Nonprofits  Corporations  Individuals  Foundations  Commercial enterprises

Opportunity FUNDING Philanthropy is expanded via otherwise nonexistent charity-centric funding-channels  For nonprofits,  Local charities  Private foundations & others



Brick and Mortar

e-commerce DDGG Impact Shops Nonprofit Portal Shopping Cart 3 - items User friendly

Impact Shopping _________________ _______________________


Events Gallery shows Receptions Book Signings Shopping Fundraisers Fashion Shows

Programs Employees hired via local nonprofit career services: DDGG Internships: DDGG Events: For causes or for specific nonprofits

Target Cash giving is flat, but consumers are buying again!

Resale Stats from NARTS – Association of National Resellers Resale is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and one of the fastest growing retail segments. Resale is the ‘ultimate’ in recycling.  The U.S. resale industry has annual revenues of approximately $13 billion. - First Research  In 2011 and 2012, the resale industry has experienced a growth of approximately 7% per year.  Currently in U.S. - 25,000 not-for-profit, resale, and consignment shops. The not-for-profits are charity specific and the rest are for-profit retail.  16 -18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store each year. For consignment/resale shops, it’s about 12 -15%. - America’s Research Group  Goodwill Industries generated $2.69 billion in retail sales in 2010.  Crossroads Trading Co., did over $20 million in 2012.  Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels. There is no typical resale shopper.

e-commerce Year U.S. Online Sales  2012 (Q1) Year Global Online Sales $50,270,000,000  2011 $255,600,000,000 2011 $763,200,000,000  2010 $172,900,000,000 2010 $680,600,000,000  83% of online users have made an internet purchase  56% of online users who have made a purchase multiple times  8% of retail sales are made online

Volunteers Designed Giving leverages two of the top four national volunteer activities:  Fundraising  Selling items to raise money

Marketplace For profit shopping of brands that give back. For For profit online mall. Every purchase will benefit up to 15% to a cause. For profit. Website and shop. Create shopping events for nonprofit partners. profit shopping. A majority of the net proceeds go to their partner charities. For profit search engine. Portion of advertiser dollars go to charity of consumer’s choice. EbayGivingWorks: Nonprofit-centric boutique. All proceeds benefit The Help Group programs. Serves as a vocational training center for students with autism and other challenges. Nonprofits and resellers create accounts and can sell and self manage sales of items with as low as 10% of the proceeds going to charity. Nonprofit-centric boutique. All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Portal to 850 online stores; up to 40% of each purchase goes to causes. For profit. Website. Hi-end resale. Nonprofit-centric boutique. All proceeds benefit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Nonprofit committed to helping most of the children charity shops that provide support for children in need. generates income from number of charity shop affiliations Designed Giving is the comprehensive concept in impact shopping.

Maximization We maximize the dollar value of donations: Create funding for nonprofits $4 billion in unrealized donations Thrift and bulk sales are pennies on the dollar Greater impact on the causes that you care about most.

Giving In 2011 total giving in the U.S. was more than $298 billion In 2012 total giving in the U.S. increased to $316 billion - Bulk of giving is by individuals - $9 out of $10 is given by an individual - Total giving is 11% below 2007 - Corporate giving is down by 5% - Giving has declined 9x since 1971 - 95% of high net worth households give to charity - 88% of households give to charities - 62% of high net worth donors cite ‘giving back to the community’ as chief motivation for giving

Initial Funding Plan  Item Donations and Sales Angel Donors Venture Capital Foundation Grants Government Grants

Initial Funding Plan II Pop-Up: a temporary retail space Creates awareness and facilitates the initial raise of Designed Giving funding and nonprofit funding. Advantages include an ability to adjust the concept, short term lease, and lower costs.  Duration – 1 to 4 weeks  Opening Night Fundraising Event  Sell donated items  Receive donations  Proceeds split (65%/35%) between designated nonprofits and DDGG

Initial Funding II a Successful proof of concept!!! Designed Giving held its inaugural pop-up event on February 16, 2014. These are the stats:  4 hour event  50+ attendees  Cash raised - $1,485.00  17 donations  31 Nonprofits will benefit from the event

Initial Funding Plan III Antique mall retail space Create awareness of the Designed Giving concept. Retail space in a high-traffic antique mall. Display and sell donated items.  Installation in a high-traffic antique mall, to generate sales and expand awareness.  Ongoing - until hard opening of Designed Giving.  A diverse inventory to entice shoppers.  Concept expands to diverse demographic.  This is an opportunity to let others - antique mall sales personnel -

Initial Funding Plan IV Website and e-commerce

Designed Giving is a nonprofit that was created to fund other nonprofits. Thank you for your time and consideration, Jacqueline Hurwitz and Sherrie Berger

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