Design thinking for dummies (data scientists)

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Information about Design thinking for dummies (data scientists)

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: deanmalmgren



These are our slides from our Strata 2014 (Santa Clara) workshop.

WELCOME Dean (@deanmalmgren) Mike (@mstringer) Laurie (@laurieskelly)




INTERVIEW listen carefully be thoughtful, ask why, dig deep empathy is key 10 MINUTES

INTERVIEW WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED • Learn about the nuances of a problem • What makes this relevant for humans? • Who uses it and why?


EXPLORE build on others thoughts prefer radical ideas one mouth at a time 20 MINUTES

EXPLORE WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED • Have the attitude that “anything is possible (eventually)” • Don’t focus too much on the details of the data or analysis • Speak the language of the problem, not the solution


SYNTHESIZE clump post-its in groups stars will force a decision mistakes are OK 15 MINUTES

SYNTHESIZE WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED • Tweak or discard clearly infeasible ideas • But still focus on usefulness, not feasibility


SKETCH sketch out your concepts ignore distracting details ugly is just !ine 20 MINUTES

SKETCH WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED • Usually sketch many times before writing any code • Make sure concept addresses one use case well • Use finer tipped markers, pens, and pencils for more detail • Build even more refined wireframes with inkscape/photoshop • Keep using the language of the problem owners, not nerd speak.


OBSERVE observe carefully don’t defend, they’re helping you empathy is key 10 MINUTES

OBSERVE • Understand which parts of concept are useful or not (and why!) • Ask for suggestions and questions WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED


PROTOTYPE make your concept real it’s not the !inished product build for more feedback 40 MINUTES

PROTOTYPE WHEN DATA IS INVOLVED • This involves getting data, doing some analysis, and presenting results • Short iteration cycle forces you to focus on essential parts • Important thing is to start building trust with end users • The details of feasibility come up here • It’s OK to fail; you’ve got lots of good ideas on the backburner

THANKS Dean (@deanmalmgren) Mike (@mstringer) Laurie (@laurieskelly)

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