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Published on September 28, 2015

Author: nathanhinz


1. Nathan Hinz Design, Illustration, Strategy Capabilities Document

2. Nathan Hinz 1Nathan Hinz Hi, I’m Nate. I’m a design director specializing in brand identity and packaging. The following is an overview of my career, skills, process and case studies. I’d like us to get to know each other a little better.

3. Nathan Hinz 22CAREER WORK SHOWN I spent three years redesigning the world’s most iconic whiskey. Deeply involved in the design strategy, I conceived and created every detail of the package, including glass. I also led the launch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, the most successful new product in Brown-Forman’s history, and Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select, a partnership with the Frank Sinatra Estate. I’m best known for Jack Daniel’s, Tennessee Honey, & Sinatra Select.

4. Nathan Hinz 3Nathan Hinz 3 I’ve worked with a wide range of wonderful clients. (Some of these logos I designed myself)

5. Nathan Hinz 4 My ideal clients Need to invest in their brand,but are cautious about change. Have a perception problem and need to change the conversation. Realize their audience is evolving and know the brand must too. Want to invite new people without losing their base. See the competition has caught upor changed the game. Are looking to change the game themselves.

6. Nathan Hinz 5 I’m proud to say I’ve created designs in the 20th century that are still in use today, and often projects last five years or more. I see value in investing to solve the problem once instead of slapping on another band-aid. I hope you do too. I use design to solve long term problems. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS One of my first projects, I helped re-brand International Trucks. Almost two decades later, you can still see the logo on semi truck grills, delivery trucks and buses across North America. Created at Duffy. 5

7. Nathan Hinz 6 It’s not my primary focus these days, but for five years it was all I did. This means I have a rare combination of skills that are invaluable when tackling complicated projects or collaborating across disciplines. I have a minor in digital design. THE ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS For two years, I led the design for all digital marketing for The Bahamas brand launch. Included, native apps, booking engines, and online campaigns. Recognized at Cannes, London International Awards, The One Show, Communication Arts among others. Created at Fallon. 6

8. Nathan Hinz 7 BMW FILMS Led the digital design for BMW Films Season 2, the most viewed and influential campaign of the 2000s. Among many other recognitions, received Best of the Digital Decade and Grand Prix at Cannes. Created at Fallon. Jack Daniel’s. The Oakland A’s. The Bahamas. My experience with huge, famous brands has been invaluable and informs my thinking on every project. My work has been seen by millions of people and awarded the world over.

9. Nathan Hinz 8 Think of me as a strategist & designer. DEFINE BUILD EXPRESS All great brands have a defined purpose which drives all expressions. A designer has a unique perspective, and will see opportunities in a way that threads the emotional needs to the visual expression more efficiently. In my career, I’ve often played the role of brand consultant as much as a designer. This makes me uniquely suited to dig in and discover your brand’s challenges, craft its purpose, and create expressions that matter. My ideal project:

10. Nathan Hinz 9 HUMAN INPUT ARCHITECTUREVISUALIZATION DESIGN THINKING Design thinking always looks to distill and simplify the problem. Human input, from employees to target audience, is critical. A clear brand architecture will set our goals and drive our purpose. Brand visualization points to the ideal tone and feeling. DEFINE

11. Nathan Hinz 10 LOGO I CONOGRAPH Y PATTERN MATERIALS T YPOGRAPH Y T ONE OF VOIC E COLOR BR AND STORI ES Aa Create the elements for the brand to visually express itself. These elements form a brand identity system that drives all future expressions. This system and the brand thinking are presented in a toolkit to guide brand managers, partners, and vendors. BUILD

12. Nathan Hinz 11 ENVIRONMENT PACKAGING DIGITAL PRODUCT COLLATERAL 2 The brand identity system is rolled out across all the primary touchpoints. Speaking in one voice and reflecting the new strategy, these applications set the standard for future brand expressions. EXPRESS

13. Nathan Hinz 1212CAREER WORK SHOWN Identity My strengths...

14. Nathan Hinz 13 Packaging 13CAREER WORK SHOWN My strengths...

15. Nathan Hinz 14 14 Illustration 14CAREER WORK SHOWN My strengths...

16. Nathan Hinz 15 Print Design 15CAREER WORK SHOWN My strengths...

17. Nathan Hinz 16 The following pages will walk you through the steps behind the recent redesign of the look-and-feel for the Oakland A’s, created with Hub Strategy. Created with Hub Strategy What’s it like to work with me?

18. Nathan Hinz 17 The Oakland A’s are famous for innovation and being a bit feisty. Their working class fans relate to their perpetual underdog status. They play with energy & exuberance that makes them easy to like. For a small internal staff, the brand must be simple to execute. The tag line, green collar baseball gets lost and needs pop. Current branding feels dirty, dated. We want to be more modern. Previous look-and-feel THE BRIEF CREATED WITH HUB STRATEGY

19. Nathan Hinz 18 Green and Gold Forever: reflecting a team that takes pride in getting more from less, all branding is green, gold and white. High contrast imagery with flat color brings energy with just a few elements. Photography is tinted green to be instantly own-able and simple to execute. The aggressive combination of the gold bar, photographic player and bold headlines hits for distance. Visualization Design Sketch CONCEPT 1 CREATED WITH HUB STRATEGY

20. Nathan Hinz 19 Deep Roots: bold, raw & slightly nostalgic. Reflect the working class quality of the team values by showing a proud, well-worn face. Let a bit of a patina show through the brand. Layered color and typography is supported by a pattern made of Oakland A’s iconography. Photography has a warm, grainy quality. The tag line is a masculine, home plate-inspired badge. Visualization Design Sketch CONCEPT 2 Created with Hub Strategy

21. Nathan Hinz 20 The tag line lockup from Deep Roots is brought into Green & Gold Forever. After adjusting the art to blend seamlessly, the photography coloring is made richer for more pop off the gold. Blending & Finessing REFINEMENT Created with Hub Strategy

22. Nathan Hinz 21 POLISH The brand thinking, design strategy and executional decisions are detailed in a toolkit, which also includes brand positioning, campaign assets, rules & methodology, and layout examples. Final art & toolkit Created with Hub Strategy

23. Nathan Hinz 22 Blending their working class history with modern sensibilities, the new look is bold and energetic. With an efficient methodology for ease of execution, the Oakland A’s are set for next season and beyond. RESULT Created with Hub Strategy

24. Nathan Hinz 23 And finally, more work samples Don’t worry, they’re short

25. Nathan Hinz 24 LyveIllustrations and patterns give the brand a humanity that stands out in the tech category. Created with Hub Strategy.

26. Nathan Hinz 25 Break Bread HospitalityThe logo is part of a family of illustrations that celebrate the details of a restaurant experience. Created at Cue, Inc.

27. Nathan Hinz 26 Southern Comfort Gingerbread SpiceThe brand looks like wrapping paper to make the holiday liqueur gift-worthy.

28. Nathan Hinz 27 Thanks. Don’t be a stranger. email 612-242-2780 phone web

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