Design Scenarios & Simulations 4/8: Story Building Blocks

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Information about Design Scenarios & Simulations 4/8: Story Building Blocks

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: mindcentric



Design Scenarios & Simulations 4/8: Story Building Blocks, by Michael Eckersley, PhD

DESIGN SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS ! ADS 751 Spring 2014 4 4. Story building blocks & techniques Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

Schedule READ Week Date LECTURE & DISCUSSION SCREEN PROJECT WORK E TONIT Wk4 Feb 13 Building Blocks of Story Chapters 4-7 Communicating UX Thru Show animatic reels of Video: 1. Prototyping your story communicating-ux-through-video-1prototyping/ NEXT Wk5 Feb 20 Screen and discuss Read Chapters: Cooper’s economizer Creating Clear 8 Using Stories for program concept videos Advantages Thru The Design Ideas ! Savvy Use of Stories 9: Evaluating With Stories Show iterated reel, developed script, developed characters 2008/12/economizer.html Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS People are looking for ways to economize in these uncertain times. We can all see the evidence of environmental crisis brewing alongside the economic downturn, and it’s easy to feel powerless in the face of such global forces. With politicians and businesses seeking avenues to a sustainable future, Cooper wondered how design might help individuals cut costs while also encouraging behavior that was environmentally responsible. Economizer: Scenario 1, Keith tries a smart meter Economizer: Scenario 2, Theresa goes shopping Economizer: Scenario 3, Theresa gets Keith eco-props on Facebook Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

1 pre-production Production Schedule thru Mar 13 Jan 23 story pitch Jan 30 storyboard Feb 6 story animatic/reel Feb 13 iterated reel, developed script, developed characters 2 kickoff, story backgrounds Feb 20 shoot final video, show rough cut, basic editing Feb 27 iterated video edit w/sound, graphics Mar 6 final evening: “film festival” Mar 13 4 5 post-production 3 © HumanCentered 2006, All Rights Reserved Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

Feb 13 4. The Ethics of Stories 5. Stories as Part of a UX Process 6. Collecting Stories (as part of research) 7. Selecting Stories (as part of analysis) Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

Ken Burns on Story Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

"Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us." –Robert Redford, Actor, Director © HumanCentered 2004, All Rights Reserved! Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

“Stories are equipment for living” –Kenneth Burke Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS !

Building blocks of stories Ira Glass Ira Glass, “This American Life”, NPR Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

Ira Glass on storytelling Anecdote | Moment of reflection Abandoning crap Pushing thru a volume of work Characters and drama Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

Story genres fortunate simple fortunate complex
 fortunate complex simple simple
 tragic complex
 tragic tragic Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

DESIGN SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS ! ADS 751 Spring 2014 4 4. Story building blocks & techniques Design SCENARIOS & SIMULATIONS

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