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Information about Design Research Overview

Published on July 30, 2008

Author: eldredl



I pulled this brief overview together for a client unfamiliar with design research and user-centered design principles.

A Brief Overview of Design Research

What is Design Research? • Design research is the set of practices that are used to find out a user’s needs and preferences for a product

Why Conduct It? • Keeps the consumer at the forefront • Catches errors early • Saves money over time

Competitive Analysis • Who else is out there? • What are our competitors doing? • What works? What doesn’t? • What can we do to improve on their designs?

Personas • Who are our users? • How do they interact with technology? • What need do our users have that we can fill?

Card Sort • How would our users organize our content? • What are their perceptions about its usefulness?

Focus Groups

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