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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: wbengineering


PowerPoint Presentation: Welcome To WB Engineering Product design and development encompasses the complete process of producing a new product and introducing it to the market. The key steps involved in product design and development are idea generation and idea screening, followed by concept testing and product analysis. The product development cycle is complete when you are satisfied with the design and can hold a physical rapid prototype in your hands. PowerPoint Presentation: WB Engineering specializes in consumer product design and design optimization.  Our product design process is very detailed in order to provide the highest quality end product possible. Our engineers start by developing realistic renderings of our customers digital prototype using the latest Autodesk Software. Designs can be optimized for manufacturing and ergonomic ease. Design Optimization The Best Choice for Your Product Design Optimization PowerPoint Presentation: During the discovery phase, we sit down with our customer and discuss their product in detail. This includes discussing product design intent and target market along with any other details that may be relevant to the design and development of their concept. Design Optimization The Best Choice for Your Product Discovery PowerPoint Presentation: We use all of the information provided by our customers to ensure that we use all available resources to understand design feasibility and manufacturability. We gather all empirical data about similar designs in order to help us learn from existing designs and optimize the product’s design and reliability. Design Optimization The Best Choice for Your Product Research PowerPoint Presentation: After gathering all available information, we have brainstorming sessions with our customers to discuss what we have learned and discuss what can be implemented into the product design. Design Optimization The Best Choice for Your Product Brainstorm PowerPoint Presentation: We first develop a Digital Prototype, which is reviewed by our customer and then optimized. We then create a physical model of our digital design for testing and design validation. Physical Prototypes are then created using the method which is best aligned with the design. Physical prototypes can be generated using the latest rapid prototyping technologies (additive manufacturing), as well as traditional CNC. Design Optimization The Best Choice for Your Product Prototypes PowerPoint Presentation: Design Optimization Contact Us Address: 8425 Biscayne Boulevard #204 Miami, FL 33138 Phone : (305) 756-4401 Fax : (305) 756-4498 Email :

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