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Published on November 10, 2008

Author: saminerenberg



A workshop presented by the Grain Collaborative at the Better World by Design Conference. How to use frameworks to uncover overlooked design opportunities, and how to partner with local organization to make social change through design.

Design for Social Entrepreneurship Workshop Saturday November 8th, 2008 Presented by Grain

Who are we? What is Social Entrepreneurship? What are the UN Millennium Development Goals? How do we use frameworks to uncover design opportunities? How do the UN MDGs translate to what’s going on in the US? -->Brainstorm How do we partner with local organizations to create change? --> Charrette --> Share

A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change. Wikipedia A social entrepreneur is someone who has innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. Ashoka

We have been SURROUNDED by them this weekend...

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Solving Overlooked Problems: Find (a) simple solutions (b) to overlooked problems (c) that actually need to be solved, and (d) deliver them as informally as possi- ble, (e) starting with a very crude version 1, then (f) iterating rapidly. Paul Graham


Assemble on Site Oxygen Concentrator Pneumonia: Leading cause of Child Mortality In Niger, 1 out of every 4 children born will not live to see their 6th birthday. The leading cause of these deaths for children under the age of 5 is pneumonia. In more developed countries pneumonia is rarely fatal, but in Niger, limited access to hospi- tals, a lack of trained medical staff, and limited access to medical oxygen allow pneumonia to cause 25% of child fatalities. Affordable Medical Oxygen Will Save Lives The AOS O2 concentrator is a concept of an oxygen generating system that would cost 75% less than a high quality oxygen concentrator without sacrificing any performance. Components specific to oxygen concentrators would be purchased from a company that specializes in refurbishing oxygen systems, like Accurate Biomed in Missouri. The remaining components are purchased off the shelf to eliminate all manufacturing costs. All components will be packaged in plastic crates along with assem- Accurate bly instructions. The plastic shipping crate becomes the housing Biomed for the new oxygen concentrator. Inc. Packaging Referbished Off the Shelf Package in Minimize becomes Assemble with Components Components Plastic Crates Shipping Costs Housing Instructions Assemble on Site Oxygen Concentrator 11 7 5 9 3 2 6 8 10 1 4 12 Cut Template 1 Leaving the assembling for the end users accomplishes two goals. The assembly process will serve as a training exercise for the staff, while familiarizing them with the working components of the system. Assembling on site will also reduce the price significantly.

In honor of our new President-elect... How can we Design for America? in “a new spirit of service and sacrifice”

Election Issues

Economy Healthcare Education War Environment Global Partnership

Economy Healthcare Education War Environment Global Partnership

Women’s Health In the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics women are about six times as likely as men to experience intimate partner violence. 22% of women in the US surveyed were physically assaulted by an intimate partner at one point in time.

Design & Process Experience Service Product Strategy HEAR CREATE DELIVER -Identify Required Who to talk to -Making sense of data Resources -Identifying Patterns How to gain empathy -Create Implemen- -Defining Opportunities tation Plan How to capture stories -Creating Solutions -Scope out Finan- cial Sustainability participate opportunity identification observe interview build a team brainstorm synthesize prototype draw your job IDEO

Women’s Health Women’s Center of Rhode Island

Temporary housing limited to 30days

Design Opportunities Prevention- How might we enable women to -avoid abusive relationships? -leave abusive relationships? -seek help when in an abusive relationship? Interior Space- How might we -provide a space/room that brings a sense of dignity to women and their family? -provide an experience or an object that welcomes them into their new situation? Overworked and Underpaid Staff- How might we -allow a space and time for the staff to step back and reflect on the work they are doing and the transformational power it has? -create a program that shows appreciation to the staff to encourage them in the work they are doing? -increase their donor base to hire more staff or pay more to existing staff? Time Limits- How might we -work with the community to offer more rooms to serve more women? -gain access to resources to develop new rooms? -link women to more permanent housing situations? Community Healing- How might we -bring the women together to share and heal? -develop programs that allow for reflection and personal growth?

“I ask you to join in the work of re- making this nation the only way it’s been done in America for two-hun- dred and twenty-one years -- block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.”

Thank You!

The Triple Bottom Line... People Sustainability Planet Profit

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