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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: Neosperience



Janos Tolgyesi for Neosperience

iOS 7 design cafe Janos Tolgyesi

Agenda • New design paradigm of iOS 7 • Clear design • Content as a UI • UIKit Dynamics: physics in the UI • Multilevel UI and parallax • New tools for designers: Quartz Composer • Conclusions

iOS 6: Skeumorphism • UI elements “look like real things” • Helps the user to guess the function of a UI element • Examples: 3D buttons, paper-like backgrounds, etc. • Some says it has a transitional function

iOS 7: Clear design • Focus on function • Focus on the basics • Focus on content • Focus on interactions

Focus on function • An app that does everything is an app that does nothing • An app designed for everyone is an app designed for no one

Focus on the basics • Contrast: use for driving user’s attention • Repetition: the brain searches for patterns • Alignment: make order between UI elements • Proximity: related things close the each other • Typography: minimum number of font styles

Focus on content • Strip away the skeuomorphic ornamentation and realism, leave the fundamentals • De-emphasise “chrome” • Content as a UI

Simplified UI elements • If the basic UI is simple then any extra visual weights (gradients, borders, etc.) drives attention • Use them only if the items require special attention

What is “chrome”? • Everything that are not part of the content themself • Navigation bar, tab bar, hamburger menu, etc. • Hide chrome whenever possibile

DEMO for hiding “chrome”
 iOS Safari hides URL and toolbar

Content as an UI • Whole screen whenever possible • Content defining the screen: blurred glass • Use content for navigation

DEMO for Content as a UI:
 iOS Reminders and Passbook

Focus on interactions • Direct manipulation • iOS “Photos” does not use arrows to move between photos • Manipulate UI elements as they would behave in reality • 3D effects: parallax and multilayer UI • Navigation with gestures: swipe from the left edge of the screen takes you “Back”

New design paradigm • iOS 6: “looks like real things” • iOS 7: “feels like real things”

Making the UI feel “real” • Dynamics: instead of thinking about animations, think about physical principles • • Continuity: instead of separate screens think about items that persist from screen to screen • • Bouncy button? Springs? Magnets? Gravity? How to animate them? How to make transitions? Bounciness: add playfulness to the items

New developer tools in iOS 7 • UIKit dynamics • Multi-level UI: blurred glass and parallax effect • Bouncy animations • New gestures • Custom screen transitions

UIKit Dynamics • Physics engine for animating UI elements • Relatively simple API • Gravity, attachments, springs, collision, constant force, snap, friction, mass, flexibility, etc.

 UIKit Dynamics Catalog

Advanced UIKit Dynamics • Combining of these effects allows to define UI that obeys to physical laws

More demo on UIKit dynamics • Collection view with springs, exploding share button, bouncing rubber button • Sandwich flow: Content as an UI & UIKit Dynamics • Circle menu: • OnCue music player:

Multi-level UI • Different levels of the app (background, content, menu, popup, etc.) • Different levels of the UI • Developer tools: parallax effect and blurred glass

 Blurred glass: Apple Control Center 
 Parallax effect: Home screen and alert popup

New gestures • Gestures are somewhat analogue to keyboard shortcuts • iOS 7 introduced the “swipe from the edge of screen” gesture • Left screen is used for “Back” • Other edges might be defined by developer • Reserved for power users

[DEMO: Custom gestures] 
 3D catalogue of Mattel ToyBox

Custom screen transitions • New back and next screen animations • The developer (and the designer!) can define new screen transitions

[DEMO: Custom screen transitions] 
 ILoveCats example

Designer tools • To design dynamic interactions, Photoshop is not enough any more • Design dynamic UIs without writing a line of code: Quartz Composer

Quartz Composer • Free tool from Apple • Used for designing visual effects, animations, transitions, etc. • Does not need you to write code • But still has a steep learning curve • Video tutorial: Building Facebook home with Quartz Composer

Conclusion • Designers have to be a bit developers • Developers have to be a bit designers
 … and we surely need a common language

More resources •

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