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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: elizabethannjensen



Cultural design aesthetics have become less isolated and influence each other to evolve a global design standard as technology spreads. Differences between countries in aesthetics and interactions continue to meld. What is the future of international design? How can we design an experience that people feel connected to and love regardless of their location?


What are the differences and similarities in web design preferences around the world? ! How have these changed as the web has become more pervasive? ! What is the cultural basis for differences in design preferences?

We are following international trends instead of creating new and better proposals. We missed our identity as a country. “ Miguel Calderon Group W

Source: Popular Science, “How the Internet Has Spread Around the World”

Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital - the world's best talents and greatest ideas. “ Jack Welch GE CEO, 1981-2001 Image source:

TODAY TOMORROW • Overall approaches • Typography, color, metaphors • Usability • Disruptions and turning points • Where innovation will come from Image source:


[Our regional identity] is the language in which we dream and laugh, the language of our exasperations and tears. For most of us, this language is not English, and quite likely it is not written with the Latin script. “ Gerry Leonidas Typographica

Image source:

I do not think it means! what you think it means…



Power Distance ! ! ! Image source:

Power Distance Individualism ! ! Image source:

Power Distance Individualism Uncertainty Avoidance ! Image source:

Power Distance Individualism Uncertainty Avoidance Masculinity Image source:

Power Distance Individualism Uncertainty Avoidance Masculinity Indulgence Image source:

80 40 20 91 66 62 30 46 24 68 Uncertainty Avoidance IndulgenceIndividualism MasculinityPower Distance CHINA U.S. Image source:Flickr James Cridland

SO… WHAT’S NEXT? Image source: Back to the Future

Internet users in 2012 as a percent of the population Image source: International Telecommunication Union

Images source:

Images source:

Images source:

Image source:

Image source: I think English is boring, and other languages and writing systems are utterly important for the mainstream – which is English now – because they bring some fresh air! “ Oded Ezer


This year, for the first time in history, ! in R&D spending intensity. Image source:! CHINA HAS SURPASSED EUROPE

China could produce more than 1.75 million graduates with design training in the next 10 years.

China is now the largest market in the world for design education. “ Lorraine Justice China’s Design Revolution Image source:

While we do see many universal similarities in consumer needs, there are also unique nuances in user behavior, habits and sentiments in each market. “ Poshu Yeung Tencent Vice President International Business Image source:

Image source:

If you are 18-39, you pay RMB 1 (6 cents) for RMB 1,000 ($162) of coverage. ! You get an additional RMB 1,000 of coverage for every friend that registers by clicking on the promotion in your stream. ! You could accumulate up to RMB 10,000 ($16,000) in malignant tumor insurance. Image source:

Image source: “ Phil Libin CEO Evernote We’re in China because I firmly believe that China will be the crucible of innovation over the next decade.

TODAY TOMORROW • Overall approaches • Typography, color, metaphors • Usability • Disruptions and turning points • Where innovation will come from Image source: YESTERDAY • Spread of the Internet

• Start designing for globalization from the beginning • Build a diverse design team • Connect with designers in other parts of the world • Expand your go-to list of inspiration sources • User test internationally MAKING DESIGN EVERYONE LOVES Image source:Flickr James Cridland


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