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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: xdry


Welcome to Welcome to PowerPoint Presentation: Desiccant Dry Cabinet History 1974 saw the development of the first auto-refreshing desiccant dry box for the consumer market. This device used pre-determined amounts of silica-gel which was periodically refreshed by a heater on a timer circuit. Further R&D introduced the use of synthetic Zeolites (Molecular Sieves) as a replacement to Silica Gel in 1976. A patent was awarded in 1982 to a Japanese company for their new design of an ultra-low humidity desiccant dryer. Many future competitive designs would have a number of similarities to this newly patented unit. In 1987 Texas Instruments (Kyusyu, Japan) works with a leading manufacturer of dry boxes to design the first ultra-low humidity dry cabinet for use within their electronics manufacturing facilities. These cabinets are designed to maintain constant environments of 10%, 3%, and 1% RH, and are installed to protect moisture sensitive devices. Prior to this most dry cabinet applications were either residential/consumer or within the optics industry (to prevent fungal growth). PowerPoint Presentation: XDry offers a wide selection of cabinets to choose from, including storage for printed circuit boards, optics, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, collectables, media, and more (select an application at the top of this page). If you don't find what you're looking for click on our customs page , and our engineers will be happy to put together the perfect solution for you, at a cost that's less expensive than you may think! PowerPoint Presentation: What is a Desiccant Dry Cabinet? A Dessicant Dry Cabinet is an enclosure with a supply of desiccant which maintains an internal environment of 1-50% RH. Desiccant dry cabinets are also called: desiccators, dry boxes, dehumidifying cabinets, and ultra low humidity storage cabinets . Ultra-low relative humidity (RH) storage for Electronics , Optics , Photography and Laboratory . Totally self-contained, nitrogen (N2) unnecessary! Use XDry Cabinets for: Ultra-Low RH storage (1-50% RH) of MSDs (moisture sensitive devices) Low Humidity storage of photographic and optic lenses Constant relative humidity storage of materials in a laboratory environment PowerPoint Presentation: contact-us Head Office 8275 South Eastern Avenue Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89123 USA Phone: 702-938-0457 Fax: (514) 333-7859 Toll Free: 1-877-DRY-CABINET (1-877-379-2224) e-mail: Sales Office 6525 Vanden-Abeele Ville St-Laurent, Quebec H4S 1S1 Canada Phone: (514) 227-7747 Fax: (514) 333-7859 Toll Free: 1-877-DRY-CABINET (1-877-379-2224) e-mail: Southeast Asia Bangkok, Thailand Takehito Uenaka, Hokki Co. Ltd. Phone: +66 89 141 5656 e-mail: or United Kingdom Altus Group Ltd. Block 5 Unit 1 Muirhead , Mitchelston Ind. Estate, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 3PB Phone: ++(01592) 655 400 Fax: ++(01592) 655 401 e-mail: website:

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