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Information about DesertsGEORG

Published on January 8, 2009

Author: aSGuest9688


Deserts : Deserts By Georg Brand Table of Contents : Table of Contents 1.Title page 2.What is a Desert? 3.Where in the World? 4.People in the Desert 5.Desert Animals 6.Desert plants 7.Interesting facts 8.Where did I get all of that information from? What is a Desert? : What is a Desert? A desert dry piece of land that is a very mostly made of sand. Approximately one-third of the Earth's land surface is desert What is a Desert : What is a Desert A desert is a place with 10 inches or 25cm of rain or less a year In the night it can get very cold. Where in the World? : Where in the World? The dark Yellow bits on the map are deserts. As you can see there are not alot of Deserts in the world. But the ones that there are,are very big. People in the desert : People in the desert There are not a lot of people in the deserts of our world. But the people who live there travel all the time. The majority of the people living in the Sahara Desert are nomads, which means that these people are always moving from place to place. The picture down below is of a nomadic man. The headdress he is wearing is called a howli. Why do you think he wears a howli in the desert? For their meals, the nomads can use only foods such as rice and dates that are easily carried as they move around. They also use sheep and camel meat in their cooking because those animals move with them. Desert animals : Desert animals There are a lot animals in the desert. Here is little list of them : Vulture, Fenneck, Scorpion and Camels. The Camel : The Camel The Camel is called the Ship of the Desert for a reason. Its two toed Feet are ideal for walking on Sand. Between the toes there is a little web. This looks like a Ducks Feet. The Camel is a great help for us people because It can carry heavy loads through the Desert. The Camel can last for days and days without water. Food Chain of the Desert : Food Chain of the Desert Desert Plants : Desert Plants Most Desert Plants have long roots that go way down into the earth to get every drop of water they can. Some Desert Plants have a wild canal of roots to get all of the water it can(of course it is much easier for these plants to get water.) The Cactus : The Cactus The Cactus is the most useful plant in the desert.The Cactus has water in itself which sometimes can save lives in case of dehydration of a person. Interesting facts : Interesting facts The Oasis is almost the only water in the desert. Normally there are towns in an Oasis. There are not only sand Deserts but there are also snow Deserts. Where did I get all of that information? : Where did I get all of that information? I learned all of this information over the years without knowing it. But I used a book called Deserts Thank you for watching!!! : Thank you for watching!!!

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