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Published on January 8, 2009

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DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Desert regions and wind erosion Desert and adjacent region desert region which has an arid climate steppe region adjacent to a desert with semiarid climate Slide 3: Desert (arid climate) and steppe (semiarid climate) areas on Earth DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Wind erosion processes deflation is the removal of rock waste from the land by the wind blowout or deflation hollow is a depression excavated by the wind in materials as sand and silt deposits easily eroded because of a lack of the presence of adequate vegetation which impedes deflation abrasion is the “sandblasting”effect on materials caused by the impact with particles carried by the wind Slide 5: Blowout or deflation hollow DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Wind erosion loads suspended load suspended wind blown particles consists primarily of silt or clay size particles and if highly concentrated can result in dust storms deposition of the suspended load can result in large deposits of loess lacking layering or stratification DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION bed load particles bounced along the ground usually consists of sand size particles accumulation of the bed load forms desert sand dunes which can migrate easily(active dunes) Active sand dunes Nature of active (unstable) dunes dune profile consists of a more gentle windward slope and steeper leeward slope or slipface Slide 8: Dune profile DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION shifting dunes shift downwind and can bury roads, airport runways, homes, etc. Categories of active dunes based on shape of dune in plan view barchan crescent shaped with convex portion facing the wind direction formed with a constant wind direction and limited sand supply Slide 10: Barchan dunes DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION transverse elongated perpendicular to direction of wind formed with a constant direction of wind and large supply of sand DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION longitudinal or seif elongated in general direction of wind formed with slightly different wind directions and limited sand supply DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION star or complex formed with variable wind direction DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Inactive or stable dune Parabolic dune(foredune) formed along coastlines of oceans or large lakes winds cause blowouts in sand resulting in a crescent shape with the convex side facing the prevailing wind direction DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Desert landscape and evolution Alluvial fan fan shaped deposit formed at the foot of mountains in the desert valley or basin a bajada is an apron of sediment resulting from a coalescence of alluvial fans Playa lake and playa a temporary shallow lake formed in the central basin of a desert during a rare abundant rainfall--a playa is the dry flat lake bed that remains Slide 16: Bajada , playa lake and playa DESERTS AND WIND ACTION : DESERTS AND WIND ACTION Inselberg an isolated erosional remnant present after long term erosion of mountain areas which are reduced to these bedrock knobs elevated above the surrounding sediment filled basin Slide 18: Stages of landscape in mountainous desert regions Slide 19: THAT’S ALL THE CYBER ROCKS FOLKS

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