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Published on December 23, 2008

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The final schedule program for RISD DeSE's final critiques on December 11th, 2008. Thank you to all who came and participated in the conversation!

DeSE Woot! Design for Social Entrepreneurship

Design for Social Entrepreneurship Fall ‘08

These final projects, which have been two weeks of research and four weeks of designing, are explorations into the power of design to address domestic social needs. All students have been participating with local nonprofits in Providence throughout the semester to uncover how a product, service, system, space or strategy can improve the services of the organization or the benefactors directly. The projects uncover the dialogue lingering among many of us in our world of uncertain times: what is the power of design and what is the role of the industrial designer as a contributor to our society? From development strategies, bike-sharing programs, volunteer orientation booklets, to business strategies for homeless entrepreneurs and more, you will find a wide range of contributions, which we can then ask- is this design or what role does design play in these solutions? The presentations will be followed by a discussion about the questions posed in this class. What are the opportunities of design for social impact? What might be some of the methods to best engage in a new community or culture to design for/with them? What is the role and relevancy of the industrial designer in addressing some of the leading issues of our day?

The Art and Nature Studio Liam Van Vleet The youth attending CityArts come from Providence’s inner-city communities where they lack access to the beauty of our natural world. The Art and Nature Studio aims 12:00-12:15 Introduction to bring nature to Providence youth, beginning an essential bond between our environment and the Education arts. The studio, an engaging space 12:15-12:45 Liam Van Vleet housing specimens from all walks of life, utilizes hands-on interaction, 12:45-1:15 Krisa Ryan investigation and participation to provide outlets for a range of learning styles, talents and interests. It is an opportunity for the kids to learn from Youth/Children their natural world, to develop an understanding of our living planet, and to become life-long advocates for the environment. 1:15-1:45 Elena Riccio 1:45-2:15 Fiona Rupert 2:15-2:25 Break Project Peppers Women’s Issues Krisa Ryan 2:30-3:00 Hayden Reilly The volunteer training process for Project Open Door has been Homelessness unorganized and impromptu, without 3:00-3:30 Nathan Bastien a planned calendar, explanation of the layout of the program, guidelines, Transportation responsibilities, and a social 3:30-4:00 Nathan Phipps approach to teaching high school students. Due to these inadequacies, a proper training process needs 4:00-4:15 Break to be implemented to make the transition as a volunteer a smooth and enticing one. 4:15-5:15 Discussion This mission of the Peppers initiative is to improve Project Open Door’s after school program through a coherent three-part volunteer What is the role and relevancy of industrial engagement process. design in today’s society?

The Rhode Show RI Women’s Center Elena Riccio Hayden Reilly A main problem for the Rhode Satisfaction and good morale within Show is the fact that they are not as the workforce is interdependent with financially sustainable as some of feeling successful. Success for the the other cottage industries within workers in the Women’s Center of AS220. Rhode Island is connected to the self sufficiency and attitude of the The goal of this project is to develop residents they serve. a better promotion strategy to attract people to donate, come to shows, The mission of this project is to and buy the CDS. Having better promotion strategies means more create an experience that aids opportunities for everyone participating in these great organizations. the success of the residents of the Women’s Center of RI, reflect this success to the workers, and in turn lead to a higher quality of service and perpetuate a tradition of achievement, dialogue and empowerment. International Institute Fiona Rupert Local 401 The International Institutes main Nathan Bastien goal is to give Refugees the tools they need to live a happy and self- The objective of Local401 is to sufficient life here in Providence, develop and test human centered but they are yet to put into motion any long term plans for a 401 product design strategies in local communities. The process focuses children’s program. While the I.I., on developing partnerships and does currently offer a short-term participating in engaged research, babysitting facility it currently has no where it is crucial to meet, work with, budget for a daycare program, and does not have the means to create and learn from, local overlooked one. communities. The solutions utilize a variety of local material scrap, The mission of this Proposal for Change is to create and implement a and manufacturing cut-off, creating an affordable and sustainable volunteer strategy that encourages local members of the community to product. Production jobs and job training will be made available to become actively involved with the refugee children. It will be the goal of homeless individuals in the community. Local 401 aims to connect local this program to help the children integrate into their new surroundings in communities with local resources to develop local solutions. a healthy and productive way.

Pink Rides Nathan Phipps Questions As a part of RISD’s Bike-Town, Pink What is the role and relevancy of the industrial designer in Rides is a bike sharing program today’s society? which extends the joys of cycling to those who do not own bikes in order What are the core values of Industrial Design? to promote active living, sustainable transportation and interpersonal connectedness. How can we preserve the core and stimulate progress? What is ID’s Hedgehog principle? 1. What are we most passionate about? 2. What are we the best in the world at? 3. What drives our economic engine? Are we the “save the world generation”? “What if in the future, the importance of Industrial Design takes a backseat to “product ecosystems?” -Core77 Is it our place to solve other people’s problems? Or is it about the problems we cause? How do you come to know and design for a community new to you? Do we make change, or do we make tools for change? Can we design and do? How does Design for Social Impact affect “green” design? Can we slow down our consumer engine while still driving the economy? Thank you for joining the DeSE studio in our project critiques. Is it possible to realize collaborative projects where on-going relationship- Now please join us for our discussion. The following pages are questions, building and deep listening are prerequisites to the project’s success?-- thoughts and words to spark conversation. Feel free to be inspired by OPE the text here or jump in with any other thoughts or questions you might have from today’s presentations or your personal experiences. Is Design for Social Impact a: a. Privilege Questions, Thoughts b. Responsibility c. Duty and Words to Ponder...>> d. Pleasure e. Necessity

Thoughts Words “I will continue to fight for environmental and social justice. If this path economy leads me to use design as my weapon, so be it.” -LvV energy “Giving the community not only something for today, community but something for tomorrow.” -FR wants vs. needs “The how is the most crucial.” -HR problem solving products vs. strategy “It seems that people are more likely to help with something that is holistic understanding already running than take initiative.” NP systems desgin revolution vs. radical incremental “Once I felt like a part of it, I started to understand more.” - HR developing country over-developed country “The true solutions to these problems may very well not be our products, art vs. design but our minds.” -WH thinking vs. making patience “People care about people.” [in comparison to environment] American -dContinuum Design for America “Dignity and Justice for All”- Human Rigths Day Applied Empathy distribution channels “Running all over the place, talking to people and making connections is more what design should be.” -LvV Humanitarian Social Impact Social Entrepreneurship “I never wanted to give the impression that I know what they need.” - Bottom of the Pyramid NB Other 90% Overlooked Underserved Underprivileged

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