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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: pritrazo



This is the photo of an island. It’s summer. The water is light blue and the sky too. There is a boat and a plane. Between the water and the trees there is a bridge. The boat is big and white, the small plane is white and red. The houses are brown and the bridges are brown too.

There is a beautiful beach and a big forest on the island. On the sand there are houses and on the water there are seven boats. Six boats are white and one boat is pink and white. The water is blue, light blue and dark blue.

There aren´t any people. I think it's a desert island. In the water there aren't any divers and between the palm trees and the water there isn’t a restaurant. The water is light blue, the sand is light yellow and the trees are tall.

There aren’t any boats, any planes, any houses, or any people on the beach. Under the bridge there aren’t any tables or chairs. The bridge hasn't got handrails. The sky is light blue and the clouds are white.

The island is green. Is there anybody on this island ? Is there a boat on the island? There is a golf course on the island. There is a pool in the middle of the island. The island is a pretty 5- point star.

This island is like a big shell. I think there are boats, beaches… are there people in the island ? Are there tables and chairs in the island ? Are there trees near the island ? Are there helicopters on the island ? The island has a very beautiful design!


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