Description outline - Describing a superhero

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Published on June 3, 2019

Author: lorenaest


1. DESCRIBING A SUPERHERO 1) He’s / She’s (very) tall, short, young, old, thin, strong 2) He’s got / She’s got long/short, straight/wavy/curly, brown/blond/red/green hair big/small, blue/brown/green eyes a beard, a moustache a ponytail, braids, a bun glasses 3) He’s / She’s wearing a body suit boots gloves a mask a belt a cape a necklace, a medallion, earrings, a bracelet... 4) He’s / She’s good, bad, evil, intelligent, clever, powerful, generous, funny, kind, mysterious... 5) He / She can run very fast fly lift heavy things see through objects read people’s minds climb walls freeze things burn things Spiderman is young, thin and strong. He’s got short, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. He’s wearing a red and blue body suit, red boots, red gloves, and a mask. He’s good, intelligent and funny. He can climb walls, run very fast, and shoot spider webs. His real name is Peter Parker. Document created by Lorena Estrada Álvarez for Educational Purposes

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