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Information about Depression Symptoms Treatment and Prevention | Meddco

Published on December 14, 2019

Author: meddco_health


slide 1: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App Depression slide 2: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App What is Depression Depression can be called a disorder of the state of mind in which a persons mental state becomes such that he becomes extremely unhappy and angry and his feelings interfere with his daily life and make him difficult. slide 3: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App Symptoms of Depression The following symptoms of depression occur: ● Feeling tired after a little work ● Always sad and disappointed ● Lack of confidence and self-esteem ● Blaming yourself for chronic failures. ● Feeling unworthy of myself in everything. ● Poor sleep slide 4: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App Causes of Depression Depression can have many causes in the present type of lifestyle. The main causes of depression can be: ● Depression can be genetic ● Depression can occur due to hormone change ● Changes in circumstances may cause depression ● Drinking and intoxication can cause depression. ● Even after continuous failure a person becomes a victim of depression. slide 5: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App Treatment of Depression Depression is a treatable mental illness. Depression can be corrected in the following ways: • Support- Support of family and friends is most beneficial to a person suffering from depression. Self-help is also helpful in the treatment of a person suffering from depression. For this: ● One should try to concentrate on his work ● Exercise regularly especially aerobic exercise slide 6: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App . Compare Hospital Costs India - Meddco Search and compare surgical treatment prices medical treatment prices diagnostic tests price etc among various hospitals near your location with just a single click. You can also have a look at the reviews ratings and facilities at the hospitals clinics in your area. Get appointments booked in just 30 seconds and learn more about the nearest health check up camps and their dates and venues to get a health check up for free or at discounted rates. Download app now | Visit website slide 7: WWW.MEDDCO.COM Download App Meddco House 209 Flying Colors Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg Mulund West Mumbai Maharashtra India. PIN Code : 400080 Contact Us : +91703997039

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