Depression: It's No Laughing Matter

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Information about Depression: It's No Laughing Matter
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: itseugene



An old friend of mine recently passed on after giving in to his condition. I made this deck to raise awareness about the implications of the illness so we can avoid a similar occurrence. Stay Positive.

Depression is No Laughing Matter. A public service message.

What is it?

This is Depression.

You feel: Empty Guilty ious Anx WorriedHurt Hopeless less orth W le ab rit Ir

More Than 350Million Worldwide Suffer from it.* *Source: World Health Organization

That’s like the Whole of America.

80 of them aren’t receiving % any treatment.* *Source: World Health Organization

as a result.. Close to A their lives each year.* Million people take *Source: World Health Organization

Not all is Lost.

Treatment is effective for 60%affected% 80 of those to

They will Smile Again One Day.

Early Detection means More Effective Treatment

How to Spot Depression?

Excessive Negative Thoughts Photo Credi: Davi Ozolin

Lethargy & Loss of Appetite

Excessive Self Isolation

Inflicting Self-Harm

How YOU can help

Engage Them

Be There for them

Get them help

Keep them Safe.

Donate to: HELP THE CAUSE ick* *Cl

Stay Positive.

ort Sh A deck by Eugene Cheng

In Loving Memory of Lionel Choo 1993 - 2014

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