Deploy Flex with Apache Ant

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Information about Deploy Flex with Apache Ant

Published on January 21, 2009

Author: dctrl



Speak by dCTRL at Swiss Flash User Group Meeting from 20.01.2009

Deploy Flex with Apache Ant Swiss Flash User Group (sfug) Zürich | 20. Januar 2009

Hello my name is Andreas Lorenz dctrl - interactive media gmbh

1 Ant Overview The basics

Without Ant

With Ant

What is Ant? 1. An XML based custom build tool 2. Open source & well documented 3. Standardized & widely used 4. Implemented in Java 5. Platform independent

Ant Goals Create a continuous integration based build process: • Centralized • Automated • Self-Testing

Usage 1. Don‘t do work you‘ve already done 2. Do alot of tasks once 3. Prevent Mistakes

What Ant can do 1. Build swf 2. Do UnitTest‘s 3. Generate ASDoc‘s & SWC Files 4. Build template files 5. Combine Flex projects, modules, assets 6. Copy, zip, ftp, svn 7. Source distribution

2 Ant Basics Creating Issues

Installing Ant 1. 2. Bundled with IDE‘s like Eclipse

Directory structure / project / ant / build / dist / html-template / src

3 Ant Structure Creating Issues

Files 1. Build file «build.xml» 2. Main property file «» 3. Local property file «» 1. Separate data from the process 2. Configuration file 3. Re-usability 4. Not under SVN Referenced by ${var} # default pathes main.path = dctrl/project src.path = ${ main.path}/ src

build.xml 1. One «build.xml» file per project 2. Each build use targets 3. Each target use tasks 4. Each task has properties

build.xml structure Example: <project name=quot;examplequot; default=quot;helloquot; basedir=quot;.quot;> <property name=quot;string.varquot; value=quot;Hello Worldquot;/> <target name=quot;helloquot;> <echo message=quot;${string.var}quot; /> </target> </project>

Build output

<project> Root element 4 attributes: 1. name - projectname (optional) 2. basedir - reference (optional) 3. default - target (required) 4. description - info (optional)

<project> Example: <project name=”hello” default=”main” basedir=”.” description=“standard build“>

<property> 1. User defined variables 2. Case sensitive 3. Defined in build.xml or 4. Reference by ${var} 5. System properties ${} 6. Built-in properties ${}

<property> Example: <property file=quot;build.propertiesquot; /> <property name=quot;compile.debugquot; value=quot;truequot;/> <echo>The main path is ${ main.path }</echo> <echo>The debug state is ${ compile.debug }</echo>

<target> 1. A <project> has one or more <target> 2. Wrapper for a sequences of actions (tasks) 3. Can depend on other <target> 4. Executes only once

<target> 5 attributes: 1. name - target reference 2. depends - other targets (optional) 3. if - conditional (optional) 4. unless - converse of if (optional) 5. description - info (optional)

<target> Example: <target name=quot;jarquot; depends=quot;compilequot; description=quot;create a Jar file for the applicationquot;> <target name=quot;jarquot; if=quot;gui_readyquot;> <target name=quot;jarquot; unless=quot;gui_readyquot;>

<task> 1. Ant built-in Java commands (tasks) 2. Additional tasks like flexTasks (JAR files) 3. Custom Java commands 4. Independent executed code 5. Wrapped in a <target> 6. Can have multiple attributes

<task> Example: <target name=quot;compilequot; depends=quot;initquot;> <!- - Compile the java code - -> <javac srcdir=quot;${src}quot; destdir=quot;${build}quot;/> </target>

<task> Ant built-in tasks: Ant Exec GZip Replace Unzip AntCall ExecOn Jar Style Zip Available Fail Mail Tar Copy Filter Mkdir Taskdef Delete Get Move Touch Echo GUnzip Property Tstamp

<task> Optional tasks (must install JAR files): FTP SVN Mail FlexTasks

Events Ant generates events as it executes: 1. Build started/finished 2. Target Build started/finished 3. Task Build started/finished 4. Message logged

4 A Typical Project Examples

5 Some more infos before you start your own

Resources Homepage: User Manual: Wiki: FAQ: Books: Apache Ant Resources: Apache Ant 1.5 Manual: Flex Ant Tasks:

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