Dentistry Methods and Technologies

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Information about Dentistry Methods and Technologies

Published on April 24, 2018

Author: fineartsdentistry


slide 1: Dentistry Methods and Technologies Seemingly strong and white teeth may actually not be as healthy as they appear to be. Many dentists explain that there are a number of dental problems that develop inside the oral cavity without patients even noticing them till they start to trigger pain. Thats why indicating that the problem has progressed to the next stage. Dental infections are almost always overlooked by patients and even by some dentists. Mainly because their diagnosis can only be conducted through highly sensitive equipment and they cannot be treated with regular antibiotics. Patients have to be treated very carefully so that the bacteria present in the mouth are completely expelled and their re-occurrence is prevented. There are plenty of medication methods and treatments when it comes to tooth whitening traditionally done by bleaching gels containing hydrogen peroxide. Unlike other teeth whitening products bleaching gels used by licensed dentists contains a higher amount of peroxide. There are many advantages of having your teeth whitened by licensed dentists. Primarily it is safe and secondly it takes lesser time to get this procedure done by dentists. In the recent years use of laser technology with bleaching agent is gaining popularity. It is one of the most demanded procedures of cosmetic dentistry in every major region. During this laser procedure light energy from argon lasers excites the peroxide molecules without heating up the tooth pulp thus making an inflammatory condition of the teeth. This entire procedure lasts for an hour.

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