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Published on May 8, 2008

Author: Umberto


Slide1:  Internet Policy iLaw Eurasia eGovernance Academy Tallinn 13-17 December 2004 James X. Dempsey GIPI Global Internet Policy Initiative The Internet Today:  Computer IP Phone VoIP Gateway PBX Gateway ISP Gateway Cable Modem Cable Modem VoIP Router Phone Line Phone Line WiFi Access Point PDA Phone ((GSM or CDMA)) DSL Modem Telephone Computer PBX iPBX (Gateway) IP Phone Cell phone 3G Telephone ISP Gateway Custom Dialer Telephone Telephone Phone Line The Internet Today Laptop Computer Slide3:  1968 1970 1973 1981 1990 1993 1995 1968 Advanced Research Projects Agency starts ARPANET; FCC decision in Carterphone case requires incumbent to accept other equipment 1970 French CYCLADES built 1973 First international connections to the ARPANET 1981 Minitel deployed across France 1982 TCP/IP adopted 1983 EARN (European Academic and Research Network) established 1986 NSFNET created (backbone speed of 56Kbps) 1990 CA*net (national Canadian backbone) connected 1991 Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX) formed after NSF lifts restrictions on the commercial use; gopher released by U. of Minnesota; World Wide Web (WWW) released by CERN 1993 NSF role ends; Mosaic Web browser released by U. of Illinois 1995 Traditional online dial-up systems (e.g., CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy) begin to provide Internet access 1997 Consumer use of Internet grows dramatically, driven by flat rate pricing 1991 1982 1983 1986 1997 Evolution of the Internet 1966 FCC commences “Computer Inquiry” - will rule that data services are unregulated; incumbent telcos must accept competing data services Slide4:  1998 US Dept. of Commerce signs off on Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers (ICANN) to develop a process for transitioning DNS management from government to private sector 1999 ICANN announces five testbed registrars for .com, .net and .org: AOL, CORE, France Telecom/Oleane, Melbourne IT, 1999 Wireless Markup Language (WML) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) are released 2001 Code Red worm and Sircam virus infiltrate thousands of web servers and e-mail accounts causing a spike in Internet bandwidth usage 2001 September 11th attack on US World Trade Center – Internet performs successfully 2003 Hundreds of Spain based web sites take their content offline to protest a new law requiring commercial web sites to register with the Spanish government 2003 SQL slammer worm takes 10 minutes to spread worldwide affecting tens of thousand of servers and applications such as bank ATM systems, air traffic control and emergency 911 systems 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 1998 1999 2001 2003 Evolution of the Internet - Recent Developments The Protocol “Stack”:  The Protocol “Stack” World Wide Web Access File Transfer E-mail Service Domain Name Service TCP/IP is a software protocol that enables data networks with incompatible protocols and operating systems to interoperate Any computer to any computer Any device to any device TCP/IP separates applications/services from transport, different from the voice network Enables entry at edges The type of the network (electric, co-axial, wireless, satellite, fiber) no longer dictates the application or services Fiber, Copper, Wireless Packet Switching { IP TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) (Internet Protocol) Many Entities Are Engaged in Internet “Governance”:  Many Entities Are Engaged in Internet “Governance” International government bodies Standards setting - ITU Consultative - WSIS, APEC Advisory - OECD, Regional governmental or treaty-based - EU, COE, OAS National governments International non-governmental standards bodies ICANN W3C IETF Contractual or cooperative arrangements among private corporations - peering agreements Decisions of individual users Slide8:  Internet Governance No government All government Degree of government involvement International Regional National Company/Local Individual Internet standards Taxation Censorship Telecom regulation Spectrum policy ITU Domain names Trade policy Cyber-crime Development aid Spam On-line privacy Cyber-security E-government WTO IETF, W3C ICANN COE Peering User Decisions Filtering/Publishing CERTs Global ICT Policy Themes, Issues and Venues:  Global ICT Policy Themes, Issues and Venues

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