Demonstrative adjectives

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Information about Demonstrative adjectives

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: ehatter



Information about demonstrative adjectives for Spanish 2 classes.

Demonstrative Adjectives Profesora Hatter Ye-yah!

Definition “so what that mean, miss?” Demonstrative adjectives demonstrate distance between the speaker of the sentence and the noun. Ejemplo: This jacket, that purse, those

este, esta Estos, estas this these ese, esa Esos, esas that those aquel, aquell aquellos, aqu a ellas that one over there those over there

Placement The demonstrative adjectives come before the noun. It must agree with the gender and number.

Ejemplos Let’s make some examples for each of the demonstrative adjectives

Este/estos & esta(s) este traje –this suit  esta camisa-this shirt estos zapatos-these shoes Estas grapadoras-these staplers 

Ese/esos & esa(s) Ese moño-that bowtie Esa sudadera –that sweatshirt Esos aretes – those earrings Esas bolsas – those purses

Aquel/Aquellos & Aquella/Aquellas  Aquel sombrero –that hat over there  Aquella falda – that skirt over there  Aquellos anillos –those rings over there  Aquellas pulseras –those bracelets over there

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