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Information about Demolition

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: maiazuna



Prepared by DKA6A ( Group 4 )

ì   Introduction  Of  Demolition   DKA6A GROUP 4

Methods  of  Demolition   ì  Manual   ì  Mechanical     -­‐Crane  and  demoli1on  ball   -­‐Pnuema1c  impact  tool   -­‐Mechanical  arm   -­‐Explosion     DKA6A GROUP 4



DISMANTLING  SUPERSTRUCTURES     ì  Cut  the  outlets  of  all  the  plant  in  the  building   ì  Buildings  demolished  using  iron  hammer  carefully   ì  Buildings  un1l  the  fall   DKA6A GROUP 4

Mechanical     ì  Crane  and  demoli1on  ball   -­‐Crane  and  ball  demoli1on  is  one  of  the  oldest   demoli1on  methods  devised  and  is  s1ll  commonly  used   all  across  the  United  States   v  Cheap   v  Save  1me   v  Less  cost   DKA6A GROUP 4


Pneumatic  impact  tool     ì  Same  as  it  only  manually  demoli1on  using  this  tool   DKA6A GROUP 4

Mechanical  arm   ì  Using  mechanical  arm  to  demoli1on  building   DKA6A GROUP 4

Explosion   ì  This  method  is  quite  dangerous  because  the   resul1ng  explosion   DKA6A GROUP 4

Kelebihan  dan  kekurangan  pada   setiap  cara  perobohan.       Muhammad  Faiz  Bin  Mad  Sakri   08DKA11F1021   DKA6A GROUP 4 ì  

Kren  dan  bebola   Kelebihan     Keburukan     ì  Cepat       ì  murah     ì  Perlu  tenaga  mahir   ì  Bangunan  untuk  dirobohkan   terhad   ì  Bising       DKA6A GROUP 4


                 Letupan     Kelebihan     ì  Pekerja  sikit   ì  Murah   ì  Cepat   ì  Tak  bergegar   Kekurangan     ì  Memerlukan  ketepatan   masa     ì  Debu  banyak   ì  Pegawai  yang  mahir   ì  Peralatan  sikit   DKA6A GROUP 4


Alatan  tangan     Kelebihan     ì  Serba  boleh   Kelemahan     ì  Lambat   ì  Cekap   ì  Mudah  dikendali   DKA6A GROUP 4


Hydraulic    arm   Kelebihan     Kekurangan     ì  Mudah   ì  Lambat   ì  Boleh  diubah  mengikut   ì  Tidak  sesuai  untuk  bangunan   kesesuaian       bertetulang       DKA6A GROUP 4


ì   DKA6A GROUP 4

Legislative Requirements in Demolition ì  Planning for demolition work - selecting appropriate methods of demolition & equipment to be used ì  Appointing a competent person experienced in demolition work to assess & inspect the structure to be demolished during the course of the demolition work ì  Erecting appropriate hoardings, catch platforms and overhead protection barriers for protection of the public & personnel on the site DKA6A GROUP 4 ì  Maintaining security of site.

Clear directional sign   Clear directional sign   Overhead protection scaffold   Overhead protection scaffold   DKA6A GROUP 4

Safety in Demolition Preparatory operations including pre-demolition surveys and overall planning of demolition work covering methods to be used to bring the structure down   equipment necessary to do the job, & t measures to be taken to perform the work safely,   DKA6A GROUP 4 All planning work performed by a competent person relevant experience in all stages of demolition work.  

 Hand tools for demolition DKA6A GROUP 4  Cutting of vertical facade wall panel.

Pre-demolition Surveys Engineering surveys should be carried out include structural stability, existing services & presence of hazardous substances DKA6A GROUP 4

Risk Assessment     Risk assessment to identify hazards associated with the demolition process, assess such hazards and take reasonably practicable steps to eliminate or control the risks arising from hazards. DKA6A GROUP 4

Demolition Plan ì  The method statement for demolition works should clearly indicate the sequence of demolition, approach to demolition and elements that require specialised methods of removal. Operators and staff involved in the demolition works should be well informed and well versed with how works are to be carried out, the sequence of such works and the safety precautions to be taken prior to the commencement4 works. DKA6A GROUP of

Pre-demolition Work ì  Glass and cladding on external walls should be removed prior to commencement of any demolition works. ì  Services / utilities should be capped, diverted or protected prior to the commencement of any demolition works. DKA6A GROUP 4

Protective Precautions Machinery / Equipment ì  All demolition equipment should be operated by competent persons with appropriate training. These equipment should be used and maintained as recommended by the equipment’s manufacturer or supplier. DKA6A GROUP 4

Lifting Equipment DKA6A GROUP 4

Machinery / Equipment     ì  Lifting equipment should be thoroughly examined by an authorised examiner at least once every 12 months for those lifting goods or materials or once every 6 months for those lifting personnel. ì  Only excavators that are originally designed and manufactured to also function as a lifting machine can be registered by an Authorised Examiner as a lifting machine and be used for lifting purposes. DKA6A GROUP 4

Scaffolding ì  Scaffolds above 4m in height (excluding tower and trestle scaffolds) should be erected, installed, added, altered or dismantled by an approved scaffold contractor. ì  Working platforms should be free from debris ì  Every scaffold should have at least one designated access point. ì  Care should be taken to prevent damage to scaffolding components from4 DKA6A GROUP falling debris.

Scaffolding DKA6A GROUP 4

Public Safety ì  The demolition site should be properly barricaded with appropriate warning signs posted. No unauthorised entry should be permitted in the demolition site ì  Hoardings and covered walkways should be provided in conjunction with catch platforms to guide pedestrian flow and DKA6A GROUP 4 protect pedestrian traffic against falling debris.

Well lit covered walkways with clear signage DKA6A GROUP 4

Worker Safety ì  Workers involved in demolition works must be provided with appropriate training and instructions to carry out demolition works safely. ì  Supervision is needed to ensure that only those workers who have received training and instructions are authorised to carry out the work. DKA6A GROUP 4

ì  All personnel assessing the demolition site must be provided with safety boots and helmets. Workers should, when necessary, be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles, hearing protection devices, safety harness, gloves, appropriate respirators for dust or chemicals & protective clothing. DKA6A   GROUP 4

Misting to control dust DKA6A GROUP 4

Asbestos Management ì  When a building or structure is ascertained to contain asbestos, all asbestos materials should be properly removed prior to the commencement of demolition. ì  Asbestos removal should be carried out and supervised by someone trained in asbestos removal and management. ì  Demolition contractors should take reasonably practicable measures to control the release of asbestos fibres by preventing or minimising breakage of asbestos materials.   DKA6A GROUP 4

Demolition work for specified building Wrecking  Ball     ì  The wrecking ball application consists of a crane equipped with a steel ball. ì  The destruction of the building is by the impact energy of the steel ball suspended from the crawler crane ì  The wrecking ball operates outside the building ì  This method is suitable for dilapidated buildings, silos and other industrial facilities.   DKA6A GROUP 4

Application Criteria     free falling of the wrecking ball onto the structure. 1.  Ver0cal  Drop  -­‐ 2.  Swing  in  line  -­‐  swinging of the ball in-line with the jib. A second dragline will normally connect to the ball horizontally to control the ball motion. The ball shall be swung into the building. The ball shall strike at the top of the member so as to avoid the member from falling outside the building. DKA6A GROUP 4


Environmental effects in demolition work Air  pollu0on   ì  Concrete breaking, handling of debris and hauling process are main sources of dust from building demolition ì  Dust mitigation measures complying with the Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regulations shall be adopted to minimise dust emissions. Burning of waste shall not be allowed ì  Diesel fumes generated by mechanical plant or equipment shall be subject to the control of the Air Pollution Control (Smoke) Regulations. DKA6A GROUP 4

Noise     ì  Noise pollution arising from the demolition works including, but not limited to, the use of specified powered mechanical equipment (SPME), powered mechanical equipment (PME), such as pneumatic breakers, excavators and generators, etc., scaffolding, erection of temporary works, loading and transportation of debris, etc. affects the workers, and the sensitive receivers in the vicinity of the demolition site.   DKA6A GROUP 4

Hazardous  Materials   ì  The asbestos abatement works shall be carried out in accordance with the Air Pollution Control Ordinance (APCO) and the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Asbestos) Regulations before demolition ì  Other materials such as LPG cylinders in domestic flats, toxic and corrosive chemicals for industrial undertakings, and any other hazardous materials have to be identified and properly handled and removed prior to the commencement of the demolition of the building. DKA6A GROUP 4

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