Democratic Order of Anarchy

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Information about Democratic Order of Anarchy

Published on July 7, 2009

Author: AsianLeader


Slide 1: Are you tired of the same old alliances? Tired of Empty promises? Want something different? Want an alliance with an AWESOME name? Democratic Order of Anarchy : Democratic Order of Anarchy Have you tried the… Slide 3: We are not like every other alliance… Our members are not just another statistic… We know everyone, personably… We will send $3 million to you when you join… no questions asked : We will send $3 million to you when you join… no questions asked There will be no questions asked… No tests to take… No wondering when it’s coming… You will know when it’s coming and by who… We want YOU to join : We want YOU to join Come join us today, and start being part of something big!

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