DEMENTIA- Alzheimer's disease.

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Information about DEMENTIA- Alzheimer's disease.

Published on December 16, 2017

Author: rajeshkumarhm1998


Content’s:-: Content’s :- Introduction of Dementia. In which disease’s, Dementia(symptom) are seen. Cause for one particular disease **. Prevention of that disease. Symptom of that disease. Diagnosis & treatment for that disease. Introduction:- : Introduction :- This was the second leading cause of death at global level . It is most common among old people. About 3% people get dementia b/w age of 65 – 74 year’s. 19% b/w age of 75 – 84 year’s. & more then 50% people will get age of above 85 year’s . Disease’s in which Dementia(symptom) are seen.: Disease’s in which Dementia(symptom) are seen. Alzheimer's dementia*(most of cases). => 60% – 80%. Vascular dementia. Lewy body dementia. cause’s for Alzheimer's dementia. : cause’s for Alzheimer's dementia. =>Amyloid precursor protein in lipid bilayer. => Tau protein in cytosol of neuron . In normal condition.: In normal condition. In abnormal (or) pathological condition.: In abnormal (or) pathological condition. b a Slide8: c d Slide9: Histological slide view during autopsy. => Tau protein.: => Tau protein. Cytoskeleton of neuron. a b Slide11: c d Slide12: e f Symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia:-: Symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia:- At early stage symptom’s are not detected. Progressively:- - Short time memory. - Loss of some motor & language skill’s. - Long term memory loss. -Disoriented, etc.…. Diagnosis & treatment of Alzheimer's dementia:-: Diagnosis & treatment of Alzheimer's dementia:- MRI, FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging). Definitive way is only Autopsy. Thank’s for your attention..: Thank’s for your attention.. All this information collected from

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