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Published on March 9, 2009

Author: theplatinumlife


Open Letter – Rental Companies : Open Letter – Rental Companies . Contact Me: A Practice which is deceptive is necessarily unfair . Blakemore v. Superior Court (2005, Cal App 2nd Dist) 129 Cal App 4th 36, 27 Cal Rptr 3d 877, 2005 Cal App LEXIS 727, rehearing denied, (2005) 2005 Cal. App. LEXIS 941, review denied, (2005) 2005 Cal. App. LEXIS 941. More info and details at : Deluxe Illegal : Deluxe Illegal “…When you rent with Deluxe Rent A Car you are guaranteed a vehicle that is clean, comfortable and affordable….” Just not legal to drive in the state of California This car was rented 6-05-07 The registration was three months past due and this was undisclosed and led to me being stopped by the police and having to re-assure my 3yr and 5yr old daughters that we would not be going to jail. Deluxe – Real Rental Return : Deluxe – Real Rental Return When I returned this vehicle I asked for a manager and none were made available in person or by phone ever. I said “I’m not paying a dime for this vehicle” and called my credit card company and disputed the charges. I signed “I refuse this charge” on the “Real Receipt” and had them give me a copy for my records Notice the coupons….. Deluxe Rent-A-Car Deluxe – Penal Code 470 (b) : Deluxe – Penal Code 470 (b) In the formal dispute they decided it would be better to forge my signature than loose $387. So they submitted this and claimed I signed it… And faxed it in Penal Code 470.  (b) Every person who, with the intent to defraud, counterfeits or forges the seal or handwriting of another is guilty of forgery But somebody forgot that the “forged reprint”, done months later was missing the coupons that printed during rental time Deluxe Rent-A-Car Illegal Tax : Illegal Tax As I reviewed the forgery on the receipt, I looked for anything that would show the date they actually printed the forgery and I noticed a charge I hadn’t even seen. ACRF for 13.10% or $41.73. It is supposed to be an Airport use fee. I live in Los Angeles and they stole this additional money from me. Illegal ACRF Fee Tax Deluxe –ACRF - LAW : Deluxe –ACRF - LAW Deluxe Rent-A-Car THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ENACT AS FOLLOWS: Page 2 of 15 AB 2592 Assembly Bill - CHAPTERED SECTION 1. Section 1936.01 is added to the Civil Code, to read: 1936.01. (a) the following definitions shall apply: (1) "Airport Concession Recovery Fee" means a charge collected by a rental company from a renter that is the renter's proportionate share of the amount paid by the rental company to the owner or operator of an airport for the right or privilege of conducting a vehicle rental business on the airport's premises. Deluxe has no legal access to LAX and thereby pays no ACRF Los Angeles World Airport - ACRF Fee Ashley’s Story : Ashley’s Story Ashley from Texas Rented from Deluxe in April 2008 My boyfriend and I decided to attend the Coachella 3 day music festival in Indio, CA. On April 25th we flew into LAX. One of the main bands we wanted to see was Fri. night around 6pm. We got into LAX around 1pm after a long wait to get the car, we drove only 16 miles when we got pulled over by CA Highway Patrol and were told the car we just rented had registration tags that expired 1 year ago. We explained to the cop that it was a rental and he did not care. The car got impounded, I was given a citation. We ended up super late to the festival and missed all the bands we wanted to see that 1st day of the festival. After complaining a lady from took all of my info from the citation and said it would be taken care of. Three months later I get a notice in the mail for the Superior Court in LA for a bail amount of $808.00 for failure to appear and that a hold was on my drivers license with the DMV I called someone in the legal dept. at Deluxe and left a long detailed message and no one called me back. Ashley continued : Ashley continued Deluxe Rent-A-Car Ashley continued : Ashley continued Deluxe Rent-A-Car Ashley’s Fraud : Ashley’s Fraud Ashley from Texas - Rented from Deluxe in April 08 Guaranteed Fraud Ashley’s Ticket : Ashley’s Ticket Deluxe Promised to take care of Ashley’s Ticket and this is what happens when you trust Deluxe ….. Deluxe Rent A Car lies... Now Ashley has a $808 FTA Ashley continued : Ashley continued Deluxe Rent-A-Car Dani’s 1yr Fraud Report : Dani’s 1yr Fraud Report Dani K. rented from Deluxe 8 times in 2008 Analysis of just one person’s rental history with Deluxe reveals a obvious pattern of continued fraud, ever changing fees and charges, the intentional deceptive business practices, the total disregard for laws lack of ethics. This abuse includes the ACRF fraud, and after being caught, the subsequent 4% increase and re-naming of the ACRF fee to an “Airport Fee”. These practices are soon followed by advertised 15% discount now offset by a “unexplained” 27% fee . This re-affirms the lack of remorse, and inability to resist the desire to continue to defraud the public Dani’s 1yr Fraud Report : Dani’s 1yr Fraud Report Dani K. rented from Deluxe 8 times in 2008 Dani’s ACRF and Airport Fees : Dani’s ACRF and Airport Fees 13% ACRF Fraud MOBF - ??? 3/8/2008 thru 5/10/2008 Dani’s ACRF and Airport Fees : Dani’s ACRF and Airport Fees 17.62% - Airport Fee 4% > the ACRF Fraud 09/25/2008 thru 10/11/2008 Dani’s Mystery Receipts : Dani’s Mystery Receipts 15% “Special Discount” 27% “?? Mystery Fee ??” = 12% Unfair and Deceptive 10/12/2008 thru 12/11/2008 Dani’s Mystery Receipts : Dani’s Mystery Receipts Finally…with only 20 days left in 2008 The “1st” Legitimate Receipt of the Year with “No” Random Fees !!! 12/11/2008 Dani’s Fraud Outline : Dani’s Fraud Outline The Fraud Timeline The Notice of intent to sue “Deluxe” is dated 11/26/2008 Dani’s “1st Legit ” bill the entire year of 2008 12/11/2008 Response to notice “…stopped a long time ago” 12/15/2008 Dani K. rented from Deluxe 8 times in 2008 Definition of Fraud : Fraud (frôd) n. A deception practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Any act, expression, omission, or concealment deceiving another to his disadvantage specifically a misrepresentation, omission or concealment of some fact material to a transaction; and it is made with knowledge …. with the intent to deceive another and that is reasonably relied on by the other who is injured thereby Definition of Fraud Intro to Fraud Conspiracy : Intro to Fraud Conspiracy 1st Week of August 2008, 1 Week After The Site Went Live Deluxe stopped the ACRF fee. Previously they advertised on and showed a strategically low price and the ACRF fee. This appears to be a normal “tax” as all 10 “legal companies” pay and show this. However as they keep this money, this advertisement is not only false, it is deceptive, and shows intent to defraud and keep money they could not legally collect. Deluxe Rent-A-Car in conjunction with Johnny Park have conspired to circumvent the law in order attain a competitive edge and to still defraud the consumer. This act is deceptive & gives them an 13% unfair, competitive advantage. They violated - B&PC § 17200 Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Legal Violations : Legal Violations Legal Violations Of The Law B & P C § 17500 – False Advertisement …. It is unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or association, or any employee thereof with intent directly or indirectly…to perform services, or any advertising device, including over the Internet, any statement, those services, professional or otherwise, which is untrue or misleading, and which is known, or which by the exercise of reasonable care should be known, to be untrue or misleading, or for any person, firm, or corporation to so make or disseminate any such statement as part of a plan or scheme with the intent not to sell those services, so advertised at the price stated therein, or as so advertised. 2009 -Cover-up & False Advertisement : 2009 -Cover-up & False Advertisement 2-10-09 – False Advertisement They have NEVER has an agreement with the LAWA and never had the right to charge the ACRF fee . On 12-15-08 Deluxe claimed to have stopped charging the ACRF fee “…a long time ago” - However on 12-11-08 they were charging a unnamed 27% fee and they are still deceiving clients with false ads, and lies. B & PC 17200 – Trade Practices : B & PC 17200 – Trade Practices B & PC § 17200 – Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Unfair competition shall mean and include any unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act or practice and unfair, deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising and any act prohibited by Ch-1 (Section 17500) Part 3 of Div 7 of B&PC. 17206. Civil Penalty for Violation of Chapter Any person who engages, has engaged, or proposes to engage in unfair competition shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for each violation, which shall be assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in the name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General, or by any city attorney… FTC Top Scams : FTC Top Scams The Federal Trade Commission’s Top 10 Scams # 8 - Travel/Vacation Fraud Through analysis data in the Consumer Sentinel Data Base I am not a lawyer, but I think the fact that they advertised on the internet with the sole objective to attract interstate and foreign travelers this fraud may qualify under Title 18, Part I, Chapter 63 - § 1343. Fraud by Wire If you are a victim of this ACRF fraud of “Deluxe” you should contact your local State’s Attorney General’s office and show them this info and your receipt for evaluation. Foreign Travelers contact the Department of Justice (DOJ) and do the same Title 18:1:63 § 1343 Wire Fraud : Title 18:1:63 § 1343 Wire Fraud TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 63 § 1343. Fraud by Wire Whoever, having devised, intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce , any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years. Cases… 1 : Cases… 1 Cases of Interest…. . As used in B & P C §§ 17200 et seq., unfair competition shall mean and include any unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business act or practice Written in the disjunctive, this language establishes three varieties of unfair competition. People ex rel. Bill Lockyer v. Fremont Life Ins. Co. (2002, 2nd Dist) 104 Cal App 4th 508, 128 Cal Rptr 2d 463, 2002 Cal App LEXIS 5176, rehearing denied, (2003) 2003 Cal. App. LEXIS 63, review denied, (2003) 2003 Cal. LEXIS 2113. Cases… 2 : Cases… 2 Cases of Interest…. . Number of violations of B & P C §§ 17200 et seq., the “unfair competition law,” is to be determined based upon the number of victims and the number of independent acts. Violations calculated in this way reasonably relate to the gain or opportunity for gain achieved by the unlawful acts and can fairly be determined through expert testimony, the facts elicited at trial and circumstantial evidence People ex rel. Bill Lockyer v. Fremont Life Ins. Co. (2002, 2nd Dist) 104 Cal App 4th 508, 128 Cal Rptr 2d 463, 2002 Cal App LEXIS 5176, rehearing denied, (2003) 2003 Cal. App. LEXIS 63, review denied, (2003) 2003 Cal. LEXIS 2113. Cases… 3 : Cases… 3 Cases of Interest…. . The test for determining a violation of the unfair competition law, B & P C § 17200 is a disjunctive one. The plaintiff may show that the acts or practices at issue are either unlawful or unfair or deceptive. Coast Plaza Doctors Hospital v. UHP Healthcare (2002, 2nd Dist) 105 Cal App 4th 693, 129 Cal Rptr 2d 650, 2002 Cal App LEXIS 5312, request denied, (2003) 2003 Cal. LEXIS 3049. Cases… 4 : Cases… 4 Cases of Interest…. . . It is not necessary that the predicate law provide for private civil enforcement. B & P C § 17200, borrows violations of other laws and treats them as unlawful practices that are independently actionable. Hewlett v. Squaw Valley Ski Corp. (1997, 3rd Dist) 54 Cal App 4th 499, 63 Cal Rptr 2d 118, 1997 Cal App LEXIS 310, superseded by statute as stated in, UFW v. Dutra Farms (2000, 6th Dist) 83 Cal App 4th 1146, 100 Cal Rptr 2d 251, 2000 Cal App LEXIS 756. John Hennessey : John Hennessey John Hennessy, as President of Netstar, the parent company of Johnny Park, Deluxe Rent-A-Car and Johnny Cars is the primary beneficiary of this fraud. These companies work in conjunction with to advertise the unfairly low prices, subsidized by the fraudulently obtained ACRF fees, on the internet. This is then target marketed to foreign and interstate travelers thus creating a strategic target with limited recourse LAWA Denied : LAWA Denied This fraud reduces the income revenue of the legitimate LAWA approved Car Rental Companies who do pay 10% of their gross receipts to the LAWA. Since all of their customers come from the airport, this also means the LAWA is denied money that it is entitled to Fraud Counts : Fraud Counts Deluxe claims to have 450 cars & based on each car being rented 5 times per month they have committed 2250 frauds every month.. from at least 6/2007 until 8/2009. The LAWA approved rental companies may have potentially & collectively lost $10-$30M in gross sales and the LAWA $1-3M in actualized revenue from this fraud. The greed of one man could be equal to the annual salary of 20-60 Average “Joe’s” working on LAX projects. end : end . Contact Me: A Practice which is deceptive is necessarily unfair . Blakemore v. Superior Court (2005, Cal App 2nd Dist) 129 Cal App 4th 36, 27 Cal Rptr 3d 877, 2005 Cal App LEXIS 727, rehearing denied, (2005) 2005 Cal. App. LEXIS 941, review denied, (2005) 2005 Cal. App. LEXIS 941. More info and details at :

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