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Information about delta777

Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Siro


BOEING 777 CINCINNATI NORTHERN KY. INTL. AIRPORT F.D.:  BOEING 777 CINCINNATI NORTHERN KY. INTL. AIRPORT F.D. Slide2:  DELTA CONFIGURATION 52 BUSINESS CLASS 225 COACH 277 TOTAL Slide3:  209 FT. Slide4:  INDEX E AIRCRAFT 209 FT IN LENGTH Slide5:  FIRST LANDED IN CINCINNATI APRIL 7, 1999 FOR CHECK FLIGHT WITH DELTA FACTS ABOUT 777:  FACTS ABOUT 777 Used to Provide Direct Service To Gatwick . Designed to fill void between 767 and 747. First delivered to an Airline May 1995. 777- 200 can hold between 305 to 320 passengers. 777 I.G.W. 200 delivered in Feb 1997 can fly 8860 miles with same passengers. 777 has a stretch version (777-300) can hold 368-386 passengers. FACTS ABOUT THE 777:  FACTS ABOUT THE 777 The 777 gross weight is approximately 9% composite material vs 3% of other aircraft. The rear vertical and horizontal stabilizers have carbon fibers in them as does the beams in the floor in the passenger compartment. 777 Exterior Dimensions:  777 Exterior Dimensions 200 and 300 Series Slide9:  777-200 External Dimensions 777 Specifications:  777 Specifications Slide12:  777-200 Passenger Capacity Three Class - 305 to 320 Two Class - 375 to 400 All Economy - up to 440 Slide13:  777-300 Slide14:  Cockpit Emergency Controls Slide15:  T Handles Slide16:  Battery Switch Slide17:  BATTERY SWITCH T Handle operation:  T Handle operation Pull handle up to shut down power to the engine Twist to discharge agent Main Battery Switch:  Main Battery Switch Switch is push type Push to turn off Push again to turn on Cockpit APU Fire Control:  Cockpit APU Fire Control Pull to shut down A.P.U. Twist to discharge agent Slide21:  APU Fire control Cargo fire extinguishers Cargo Fire Extinguishers:  Cargo Fire Extinguishers Push upper switch to arm agent Push lower switch to discharge agent Cockpit Windows:  Cockpit Windows Press button on window release handle and rotate inward to unlock window Use window crank to open window Care must be taken not to confuse nose wheel steering handle with window control Cockpit Windows:  Cockpit Windows Cockpit windows open only from inside cockpit Both side cockpit windows will open Window operation is in manual mode only Slide25:  Nose Wheel Steering Window Control Window Lock Slide26:  COPILOT WINDOW LOCK Slide27:  Emergency Crew Escape Rope Compartment Emergency Escape Rope:  Emergency Escape Rope Located in compartment over crew windows Anchored to airframe Long enough to reach ground when aircraft is on landing gear Does not require any tools to access Slide29:  Flight Crew Seat Controls Seat is shown in full back position Note distance from console Electric forward/back control Electric seat elevation control Manual seat track release - Push down to release Seat tracks indicate direction of movement Slide30:  Flight Crew Seat Controls Seat in full forward position - note proximity to console Slide31:  Cockpit Emergency Equipment Fire Gloves Crash Axe Fire Extinguisher Located on left side of cockpit behind Captain’s seat Slide32:  Crew Bunk Cabin Located to left of cockpit entryway Contains two bunks for off duty crew members May be locked EMERGENCY EXITS :  EMERGENCY EXITS EMERGENCY EXITS:  EMERGENCY EXITS DELTA 777 HAS A TOTAL OF 8 DOORS 4 DOORS EACH SIDE 2 DOORS FORWARD OF WING 2 DOORS AFT OF WING HAS NO OVER WING EXITS. ALL DOORS HAVE CHUTES. USER FRIENDLY AIRCRAFT Slide35:  PULL OUT HANDLE ROTATE 120 DEGREE CLOCKWISE Slide37:  BATTERY BATTERIES :  BATTERIES LOCATED IN E & E COMPARTMENT AFT OF THE NOSE GEAR ACCESSIBLE FROM OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. INSIDE LOCATION IS IN FLOOR HATCH JUST INSIDE THE L1 DOOR. Slide39:  FLOOR ACCESS TO BATTERY JUST INSIDE L1 DOOR UNDER CARPET CREW O2 Slide40:  BATTERY EXTERIOR HATCH FORWARD AUXILLARY POWER UNIT A.P.U. :  AUXILLARY POWER UNIT A.P.U. LOCATED IN TAIL OF AIRCRAFT REQUIRES AT LEAST 24 FT. LADDER TO ACCESS. Slide42:  A.P.U. Engines :  Engines All three of the major engine manufacturers made engines to power the 777. GE 90 PW 4000 ROLLS ROYCE ROLLS ROYCE :  ROLLS ROYCE TRENT 800 CAN GENERATE UP TO 104, 000 LBS OF THURST . USED ON DELTA AIRCRAFT Slide46:  Boeing 777 Engine Kevlar shroud Slide47:  777 engine with thrusters engaged Slide48:  777 engine kevelar shroud for blade disentegration Slide49:  777 engine exhaust area Slide50:  CARGO DOOR Slide51:  CARGO DOOR Slide52:  DOOR CONTROLS Slide53:  TOP CARGO COMPARTMENT DOOR CONTROLS Landing Gear :  Landing Gear The Boeing 777 has the largest landing gear on commercial aircraft It incorporates a 6 truck gear vs a normal 4 truck assembly which most aircraft have. Landing Gear :  Landing Gear This type of landing gear assembly allows for better breaking technology to be incorporated into the aircraft. Slide57:  Prevents rear wheel from swiveling Slide59:  PINNING THE MAIN GEAR Slide61:  RAM AIR TURBINE COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER:  COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER LOCATED IN CEILING OF AFT GALLEY RIGHT SIDE OF AIRCRAFT ALLEN WRENCH REMOVE CEILING EXPOSED AT TOP Slide64:  DAVE SAYS CVR AND FDR ARE HERE AFT GALLEY THAT’S WHAT DAVE SAYS ! Slide65:  CVR FDR AFT GALLEY SLIDES PROVIDED BY :  SLIDES PROVIDED BY DAVE FAWCETT - CINCINNATI DAVE GRIMES - BOISE , IDAHO ROGER HAMILTON - CINCINNATI DENNIS LEON - DALLAS

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