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Published on February 18, 2012

Author: urvashimanchanda


IS DELHI SAFE FOR WOMAN???: IS DELHI SAFE FOR WOMAN??? Presented by:- Group 6 Ishmeet Kaur Urvashi Manchanda Mukesh Sehrawat Anshul Arora Himani Arya SCOPE: SCOPE Introduction Crime a gainst women Measures for safety Cases to be thrown light upon Legal framework INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Janani janmabhumishcha swargadapi gariyasi Striyashcharitram deva na janati kuto manushyaha PowerPoint Presentation: Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal rights, mental abilities. She has the right of freedom and liberty as that of her male counterpart. Then why in today’s world she doesn’t feel safe and secure? Why? CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN: CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN Crimes against women are there in our society from the starting, but remain unheard due to: Unawareness Social stigma Lack of media But now the voices of the victims can be heard loud and clear. PowerPoint Presentation: Various crime against women can be stated as :- Rape Domestic violence Sexual harassment Female Feticides Trafficking Dowry RAPE: RAPE PowerPoint Presentation: As defined by the UN… “Rape is a sexual intercourse without valid consent“ Rape is a type of sexual assault which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent. The term is most often defined in criminal law. A person who commits an act of rape is known as a rapist. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PowerPoint Presentation: A case of deprival of right to life, right to be human and right to live with human dignity Includes physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual, economic as well as psychological abuse. Impact of Domestic Violence…: Impact of Domestic Violence… Exhibit Behavioral & Physical Health Problems Suicide Attempt Addiction of Drugs & Alcohol Run Away From Home Engage in Teenage Prostitution Commit Sexual Crimes Lack of trust on close friends and relatives. Loneliness SEXUAL HARASSMENT: SEXUAL HARASSMENT Intimidation , bullying of a sexual nature. Includes a range of behaviours . Can occur in a variety of circumstances. Often , the harasser is in a position of power or authority over the victim. Harassment experiences-classified into 5 categories Verbal Psychological Sexual gestures and exposure Unwanted touch Rape PowerPoint Presentation: Impact of Sexual Harassment… Decreased work performance V ictim becomes the "accused ,“…her dress, lifestyle, private life often comes under attack. Being objectified and humiliated by scrutiny and gossip Extreme stress upon relationships with significant others,or relationships with colleagues Weakening of support network, or being ostracized from professional or academic circles Having to relocate to another city, or another job Loss of references/recommendations FEMALE FOETICIDE: FEMALE FOETICIDE PowerPoint Presentation: Aborting a Female fetus after sex determination tasks. Reasons for high number of incidence of female foeticide include- deep rooted traditional son preference continued practice of dowry concern for safety of the girl child and exploitation and abuse of women and girl children. Situation- further worsened by lack of awareness of women’s rights TRAFFICKING: TRAFFICKING PowerPoint Presentation: As defined by the UN…. “TRAFFICKING is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.“ PowerPoint Presentation: Trafficking - criminal practice of exploiting human beings by treating them like commodities for profit Organized crime which violates all tenets of human dignity and rights. Can occur for various purposes- labour , commercial sexual exploitation, organ trade etc. Poverty, illiteracy, lack of livelihood options, natural/man made disasters makes a person vulnerable to trafficking PowerPoint Presentation: Can be categorized as- Sex-based -trafficking for prostitution, Commercial sexual abuse, Pornography, Cyber sex, and different types of disguised sexual exploitation. Non-Sex- based- for different types of servitude, like domestic labor, industrial labor, adoption, organ transplant, etc. DOWRY: DOWRY PowerPoint Presentation: Dowry- derived from the ancient Hindu custom of “KANYADAN”, “STRIDHAN” & “VARADAKSHINA”. Kanyadaan … The father of the bride offers the groom money or property to the husband of his daughter. PowerPoint Presentation: Stridhan … The bride herself gets J ewellery and Cloth es at the time of marriage. This makes a HINDU bride dressed in a RED wedding sari, wearing traditional gold jewellery . Varadakshina … The father of the bride presents the groom cash or kind. Dowry System…..Beginning: Dowry System…..Beginning The Dowry System was initiated with the intention of providing security for a girl in case of any unexpected circumstances after marriage. And Now….: And Now…. PowerPoint Presentation: Statistics… According to data available with support organizations, of the five lakh people arrested from 2003-2006 in Dowry related offence. 80% were acquitted by court Dowry….seen as a crime in India : Dowry….seen as a crime in India Dowry is seen as a crime in India but still many people still give the groom’s family some of it so that their daughters are not harassed after the marriage. Bride-burning- form of domestic violence, category of dowry death. It occurs when a young woman is murdered by her husband or his family for her family's refusal to pay additional dowry. PowerPoint Presentation: Dowry Related Crimes… Dowry Death Indian law states that any suspicious death of a married woman within seven years of her marriage is considered to be a case of dowry death unless proved otherwise by the defendants It is a cognizable and non- bailable offence. Case study…: Case study… Divya Saundal (28), was found dead in mysterious circumstances at her matrimonial house in Hind Apartments, Dwarka sector-5, in March 2007. Divya had married to Sumit Saundal in January 2005. MEASURES FOR SAFETY OF WOMEN: MEASURES FOR SAFETY OF WOMEN PowerPoint Presentation: Installation of closed circuit cameras in public places. Avoiding going to lonely places at night. Encourage women oriented shows like ‘ Aap ki Kachehri ’. PowerPoint Presentation: Appointment of more female police officers. Self- defence techniques (Marshal Arts, Pepper Spray). Safety at Work… : Safety at Work… Stay calm and try your best efforts to escape from the point. Self Realization on part of Men. Jessica Lall Murder Case (1999-2006) April 29, 1999: Model working as Barmaid killed on refusal to serve beer.: Jessica Lall Murder Case (1999-2006) April 29, 1999: Model working as Barmaid killed on refusal to serve beer. Radhika Tanwar Case March 8, 2011 DU Student shot outside college: Radhika Tanwar Case March 8, 2011 DU Student shot outside college LEGAL FRAMEWORK: LEGAL FRAMEWORK Delhi commission for women…: Delhi commission for women… Set up under the Delhi Commission for Women Act, 1994 Started functioning from June 1996 Includes investigation and examination of all matters relating to the safeguards provided for women Its objectives are to ensure Security Development Well being Under DCW, requirements to ensure safety…: Under DCW, requirements to ensure safety… Full co-operation and assistance from the police Net-working with NGOs and the community neighborhood groups. Legal assistance from the Commission through legal aid centers. Various projects under DCW… : Various projects under DCW… Telephonic helpline Sahyogini Crisis Intervention Centres Rape Crisis Cell Mahila Panchayat Twenty-four Hour Mobile Helpline Crisis Intervention Centers…: Crisis Intervention Centers… Scheme for providing support to victims of rape, domestic violence and torture. Its objectives are… To provide support structure to the CICs of police department To ensure transparency in the professional investigation, registration of FIR and medical examination To reduce trauma and provide counseling help to the victim To provide financial assistance to victim Rape crisis cell…: Rape crisis cell… Started by DCW in September 2005 to provide assistance to rape victims Free legal service for rape victims Its services include… Availability of advocates to the victims Lodging the complaint at the police station, recording the statement Ensuring sensitive handling of the case by the police Opposing bail applications made by the accused Assisting the prosecutor in the case The Indian penal code, 1860: The Indian penal code, 1860 376: Punishment for rape 376A: Intercourse by a man with his wife during separation 376B: Intercourse by public servant with woman in his custody 376C: Intercourse by Superintendent of Jail, remand home etc 376D: Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with any woman in that hospital

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