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Published on May 7, 2014

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Conference presentation from 2013 CSSHE on what defines student success

WHAT DEFINES STUDENT SUCCESS: A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Tricia Seifert, Ph.D. Diliana Peregrina-Kretz Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

WHAT DEFINES STUDENT SUCCESS: A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Tricia Seifert, Ph.D. Diliana Peregrina-Kretz Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Supporting Student Success Study To understand how stakeholder groups perceive their institution's organization and approach to supporting student success.

Methodology • Constructivist methodology – participants play a role in the data interpretation • Interviews with senior administrators, faculty collaborators & individual faculty • Focus groups with faculty, SAS staff, students & student leaders

Sample 80 Faculty 42 Senior Leaders 122 SASS 128 Students N=372 ▪Two publically-funded education sectors: Colleges (4) and Universities (9) Varied geographic location, size, mandate and programming ▪Eastern, Western and Northern Ontario, GTA ▪Research intensive, primarily undergraduate, applied degrees, diploma, certificate programs ▪Diverse communities

Data Analysis 1. Data was coded 2. Overarching domains developed 3. Take-away statements drafted 4. Synthesized institutional statements and supported with evidence 5. Met with peer de-briefer 6. Drafted site visit report 7. Cross site comparison

What Defines Student Success?

Is it: a) Retention and graduation b) Year-to-year persistence c) Employment after graduation d) Sense of belonging e) Student engagement f) Student satisfaction g) Community Building h) Taking risks i) …. j) ….

Theoretical Framework Kuh and colleagues, 2006 Institutional Conditions Post College Outcomes Pre-College Student Behaviour

How is Student Success Defined?

Faculty Senior Administrators Staff Students 1. Mastering Academic Content 2. Retention and Graduation 3. Personal Success 1. Retention and Graduation 2. Holistic Success 3. Academic Success 1. Personal Success 2. Holistic Success 3. Engaging Students 1. Personal Success 2. Academic Success 3. Sense of Belonging Top Definitions of Student Success

Academic Success •Retention and Graduation •G.P.A. •Content Learning •Finding Correct Program Fit •Student Engagement

Personal Success •Achieve what students came to achieve •Taking risks and challenges •Day-to-day success •Engagement •Sense of belonging •Building community

Making Sense of Student Success Academic Success Retention and Graduation G.P.A. Content Knowledge Finding a good program fit Being prepared for the workforce Personal Success Achieve what students came to achieve Taking risks and challenges Day-to-day success Holistic Varies by Student

Faculty Perceptions ….the focus on decreasing the number of students who aren't successful and don't continue To me success is giving them the tools they need to access the services, supports, the delivery model of courses, how material is taught that makes it so they can do well

Senior Administrators’ Perceptions ….it is a strategic direction for the college and a board's ends policy, they actually define a metric that we have to measure and [it is] the biggest component [graduation rates]. Broadening their understanding of the world. A lot of social issues are learned here. It is a time of developmental growth.

Staff Perceptions One thing that we hear from the top is student success is graduation rate, and I don't necessarily define it that way. And I don't even necessarily define it as job ready because some use college as a stepping-stone to get to university, and it works the other way to…To me it needs to be kept flexible, and should have a student focus to help them achieve their goals in life …I would like to keep it general.

Students’ Perceptions To me, its not just marks. I think you have more success when you are involved and around other students. So your extracurricular, your time management skills are part of your success. I get good grades, but I do a lot of extra things on campus. I work with the student pub on campus, I work at the convenience store. Student success is not just about getting good marks, its about making yourself a well rounded individual.

Summary All of the Above Faculty and Senior Administrators Definitions Staff and Students Definitions The influence of the institution's organizational structure in defining student success

Implications Shared Vision and mission that enhances student success Collaboration and communication are key Student Experience and Satisfaction

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