Defining photographic terms

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Information about Defining photographic terms

Published on December 15, 2016

Author: JamesBurns67


1. SHUTTER SPEED Shutter speed is the nominal time for which a shutter is at a given tie. What does shutter speed do? Shutter speed allows the camera to let more light in the picture, this is typically used for low light or night photography. Shutter speed has a blur effect on the picture if you lower the Shutter speed. However, if you make the shutter speed higher it will make the image stop motion.

2. ISO ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The lower the number of ISO , the less sensitive the camera will be to light and the finer to grain it will be. The higher ISO will be higher sensitivity, used in dark lighting. ISO, depending on the sensitivity will make the image look brighter or darker. example

3. COLOR BALANCE Color balance is the intensities of the colors, mostly the primary colors, Red, green, blue. The color balance objective, is to render specific colors. For example, neutral colors. Color balance adds a dark tinted effect to picture.

4. WHITE BALANCE White balance is removing unrealistic color casts, so that the objects appearing white in the picture are rendered white in the photo. Proper camera white balance has to take into effect the color temperature of light source. The effects of white balance to the image makes the color what it actually is. For example, if there is the color white in the image, the white balance will make the image white.

5. APERTURE & DEPTH OF FIELD Aperture is how much light the camera let’s into the picture, it’s a combination between shutter speed and aperture size. In the image below it shows how the different variety of aperture settings and how each picture is effected. Depth of field. In the image below it shows depth of field and how it effects an image. The image of the flower, shows another type of depth of field however it’s narrow.

6. MANUAL EXPOSURE Manual exposure is where the photographer gets manual control of the aperture, whilst the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to achieve the exposure.

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