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Published on February 11, 2014

Author: abbieshuttleworth


Defining a British Film Abbie Shuttleworth

Paul (2011) The film ‘Paul’ qualifies for a British film as they have achieved enough points for the cultural test. The film storyline is British as it is based on two British comic book geeks travelling across the US who encounter an alien outside Area 51. The director Greg Mottola doesn’t come under the British film as he was born in New York. Both the main actors are well known British actors. Paul is filmed in many places around the USA therefore it wouldn’t get any points on the cultural test for the setting. The majority of the producers are not British however the only producer in which is born in the UK is Eric Fellner.

Anna Karenina (2012) Anna Karenina complies for a British as it achieved enough points for the cultural test. The director Joe Wright is a British director. The writer of the screen play for the film is Tom Stoppard was born in Czechoslovakia which means he doesn’t follow the cultural test. Leo Tolstoy who wrote the novel for the film is born in Russia so he also doesn’t comply with the British cultural. The main character who is played by Keira Knightley is born in England therefore she adds more British to the film. The producer of the film Tim Bevan was born in New Zealand therefore he does not add any points to the cultural test. However the storyline aspects of the film aren’t British as it is set in the late 19th century in Russia of high society.

Defining a Hollywood film Abbie Shuttleworth

What does conglomerate mean? Conglomerate is a large corporation which is formed by the merging and diverse films. It is also known as a corporation. nition/english/conglomerate

Disney film industry Disney owns media companies such as ABC family, ABC news, ABC daytime and ABC entertainment. Disney benefits from owning ABC as they can use it for advertising. Disney also has a shop where you can buy merchandise such as character toys in which help to promote the films. Disney channel is also part of Disney's media companies. Disney’s greatest film success was Lion King made in 1994. The film was based on William Shakespears play ‘Hamlet’.

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