Defective Communication

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Information about Defective Communication

Published on August 12, 2007

Author: rade



Slide1:  Ch. 7 Defective Group Decision Making and Problem solving Preview:  Preview Introduction- Joey Downside of Information- Joey Information Overload- Kerri Information Underload- Amanda Confirmation Bias- Amanda Inferences, False Dichotomies-Glenn Groupthink- Kurt Game show- Jon Outroduction- Jon Downside of Information:  Downside of Information Four Main Points Impairs critical thinking Promotes indecisiveness Encourages “Information Bulimia” Produces a kind of group A.D.D Information Overload:  Information Overload Ways to Cope Screen Information Shut of Technology Specialize in One Area Select Important Information Based on Group Priorities Limit a Search by Making Group Decisions Narrow Search by Pattern Recognition Information Underload:  Information Underload Definition An insufficient amount of information available to a group for decision making purposes Usually a problem of too much closedness in a system Confirmation Bias:  Confirmation Bias Definition When we seek information that agrees with our beliefs and attitudes and ignore information that does not Combating Confirmation Bias Seek disconfirming evidence Present disconfirming evidence Play devil’s advocate Gather allies Slide7:  False Dichotomies FALSE DICHOTOMIES: tendency to view the world in terms of only two opposing possibilities when other possibilities are available Extreme polarities (moral-immoral, good-bad, rich-poor, intelligent-stupid…) Solution Be suspicious of absolutes. Look for third or fourth possibility for a solution. Employ the language of provisionalism and degree Sometimes, rarely, occasionally, mostly… Slide8:  Collective Inferential Error Inferences: conclusions about the unknown based on what is known. Sources Inferential Error: Vividness Effect – tendency to overvalue graphic, outrageous, and shocking events Unrepresentativeness - when we make a judgment we assess the resemblance or accuracy of event presumed to belong to a general category Example (college student group representative) Slide9:  Correlation and Causation Correlation: consistent relationship between two or more variables Causation: strong inclination (X causes Y) The problem? The strong inclination people have for inferring causation (X causes Y) with correlation Taiwan research example X Y X Y X Y Definition: a mode of thinking when a member goes along with the group even when it will have a negative consequence.:  Definition: a mode of thinking when a member goes along with the group even when it will have a negative consequence. Two General Conditions Cohesiveness Concurrence Three Items to Recognize Overestimation Closed-Mindedness Pressures Towards Uninformity Preventing Groupthink Three Steps

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