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Published on March 18, 2014

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4747 The Quotable Cancer Cancer Traits Described by Cancerians Mary Valby THE QUOTABLE CANCER describes the crusty, protective Cancer personality with more than 600 quotes and examples from celebrated Cancerians like Helen Keller, Ernest Hemingway and Meryl Streep. Famous Cancer individuals describe their natural talents for nesting and nurturing in one chapter, addressing challenges like bossiness and crabbiness in another. of related interest: Quotable Leo £10.99 Quotable Libra £10.99 Quotable Scorpio £10.99 Quotable Virgo £10.99 Your fate is bound to the stars, but how are you to live? These books will not tell you the future. Instead, these tailor-made guides will show you how to live in harmony with your true nature. What will bring you happiness, what only feels like it would? Composed of thirty-one inspirational messages, methods and quotations, these books will help you to live authentically and discover your most sincere desires and motivations. The Quotable Gemini Gemini Traits Described by Geminis Mary Valby THE QUOTABLE GEMINI describes the verbal, versatile Gemini personality with more than 600 quotes and examples from celebrated Geminis like John Wayne, Paul McCartney and Venus Williams. Famous Gemini individuals describe their natural talents for curiosity and wit in one chapter, addressing challenges like superficiality and restlessness in another. of related interest: Quotable Aquarius £10.99 Quotable Aries £10.99 Quotable Pisces £10.99 Quotable Taurus £10.99 ISBN: 978 1 93699 804 3 QZP | 224pp | 152 x 229 PB £10.99 ISBN: 978 1 93699 803 6 QZP | 224pp | 152 x 229 PB £10.99 Aries ISBN: 978 1 93554 848 5 OPB | 124pp | 127 x 178 PB £10.99 taurus ISBN: 978 1 93554 849 2 OPB | 124pp | 127 x 178 PB £10.99 pisces ISBN: 978 1 93554 847 8 OPB | 124pp | 127 x 178 PB £10.99 Sun Sign Secrets The Complete Astrology Guide to Love, Work, and Your Future Amy Zerner and Monte Farber The bestselling husband and wife team, artist Amy Zerner and author Monte Farber, bring fresh revelations and original psychological perceptions about each astrology sun sign in this beautifully illustrated guide. Their easy-to-understand descriptions of the distinctive attributes of the twelve zodiac signs will provide clear, penetrating and useful insights into your personality and those you care about. Farber offers an ancient history of astrology and its uses, setting the stage for an in-depth description of each sign. of related interest: Luminaries £18.99 Saturn £14.99 Soulmate Path £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 57863 561 0 WB | 272pp | 133 x 191 b & w ills througout PB £12.99 Your Sun Sign As A Spiritual Guide Swami Kriyananda It is so common to hear generalisations such as: Leo is proud and Taurus is stubborn. In his book Kriyananda shows how, with awareness, attention and will, one can cultivate the higher potential of one's sign, leading to greater fulfilment and success. Leo can shine as a channel of light and creativity, without pride, if they remember that Spirit (not ego) is the doer. Taurus can be the essence of loyalty and perseverance, without being stubborn, if they develop an inner fixity of purpose while practising an outward flexibility. In other words, the horoscope shows karmic patterns of energy. We can learn to work with these energies and develop their more refined, higher octaves which will then magnetise new possibilities into our lives. ISBN: 978 1 56589 274 3 CC | 194pp | 140 x 216  PB £12.99 occult & divination astrology Starmap Series Body, Mind & Spirit Ryuji Kagami

occult & divination – astrology 48 Astrology and The Rising of Kundalini The Transformative Power of Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus Updated Edition of Liquid Light of Sex Barbara Hand Clow In this updated edition of Liquid Light of Sex, renowned astrologer and spiritual teacher, Barbara Hand Clow, explores the connection between life crises in your 30s, 40s and 50s and the key astrological passages of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron in your birth chart. She explains how kundalini energy, the ‘liquid light of sex’ that lies at the base of the spine is activated during these planetary transits, rising through the chakras and triggering the process of spiritual emergency and, in many cases health, emotional and relationship problems as well. She shows that by understanding these astrological transits, you can be prepared for turbulent periods and successfully navigate them. Understanding Human Design The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are Karen Curry This is a revolutionary book that explains in simple and direct language the basic principles and uses of the Human Design astrological system. The system, created in the mid-20th century by the late spiritual teacher, Ra Uru Hu, is an astonishingly accurate personality guide that helps you understand your unique personality type. of related interest: Astrology for Yourself £16.99 Astrology of Self Discovery £15.99 Cosmic Astrology £21.00 Life Cycles £10.99 ISBN: 978 1 59143 168 8 BC | 320pp | 152 x 229 21 b & w ills PB £16.99 of related interest: Alchemy of Nine Dimensions £14.99 Awakening The Planetary Mind £15.99 Mayan Code £15.99 Pleiadian Agenda £12.99 ISBN: 978 1 93828 910 1 HIE | 376pp | 178 x 229  PB £16.99 The Emperor’s Stargate Success on All Levels A Guide to the Ancient Chinese System of Zi Wei Dou Shu Albert Cheung Kwong Yin and Alexandra Harteam Be guided by the ancient Chinese system Zi Wei Dou Shu and become the best of what you are meant to be. All you need are the year, month, day and time of birth. ●● Work with your personality type ●● Identify your strengths and weaknesses ●● Sidestep life’s lessons ●● Answer your questions regarding partners, colleagues and staff ●● Stop wasting time of related interest: Animals in the Stars £13.99 Discover the Flying Stars £5.99 Simply Chinese Astrology £9.99 Planetary Aspects An Astrological Guide to Handling Your T-Square New Edition Tracy Marks This comprehensive work focuses on the most challenging dynamics of the birth chart. Originally published in 1987, it is recognised as a classic of modern astrology. The author presents powerful techniques for understanding and resolving the conflicts of planetary aspects, emphasising the potential for growth and achievement involved in stressful aspects. The central theme of this book is the T-square configuration – a chart pattern that occurs periodically for everyone by transit, progression or chart comparison. PLANETARY ASPECTS is a discussion of the conflicts and harmonies of this important aspect and a guide to understanding the crucial periods and challenges it presents. ISBN: 978 1 88694 037 6 OMP | 332pp | 127 x 203  PB £13.99 ISBN: 978 0 89254 204 8 IB | 240pp | 152 x 229  PB £16.99 of related interest: Art of Chart Interpretation £13.99 Your Secret Self £21.00

occult & divination – divination 49 divination Oracle Bones Divination The Greek I Ching Kostas Dervenis One of the most popular and accessible ways of determining one’s fate and fortune in ancient Greece was through the ritual casting of animal bones, similar to the casting of coins or yarrow stalks with the Chinese I Ching. Kostas Dervenis explains how to interpret the casting of the oracle bones – either traditional sheep anklebones or coins – to answer your questions on love, health, wealth and the future. Using the original stanzas discovered in ancient Greek temples in Greece and Turkey, the author reconstructs the complete matrix of interpretation for each possible casting of the bones. of related interest: I Ching Gift Set £38.00 inc vat Martial Arts of Ancient Greece £16.99 Simply I Ching £9.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 101 1 DB | 176pp | 152 x 229 67 2-col ills  PB £14.99 Palmistry Hand in Hand A Unique Blend of Western and Vedic Traditions Beleta Greenaway Palmistry can tell whether you’ll find love, come into money, have a great career and whether you’ll stay in the same house for decades or not. Vedic palmistry fills in the gaps by adding a spiritual element and a Karmic pathway. Beleta is a much sought-after palmist who has been consulting for 35 years; she teaches both methods of palmistry. of related interest: Modern Palmistry £10.99 Simply Angels £9.99 Total Palmistry £12.99 ISBN: 978 1 90306 570 9 ZB | 160pp | 152 x 229 20 b & w ills  PB £10.99 A Guide to The I Ching Carol K. Anthony A GUIDE TO THE I CHING, first published in 1980, was a guide to the Wilhelm/Baynes classic translation of the I Ching. It has now become a classic in its own right. This first psychological interpretation of the I Ching has been recognised until now by teachers and longtime students of the Wilhelm/ Baynes translation, as indispensable to its understanding and use. Developed from notes taken over many years, the Guide mirrors the readers true inner feelings, helping them to bring their life and fate into harmony with the Tao ” the way of the Universe. The book has been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian, and has sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide. of related interest: I Ching £12.99 I Ching: Dead Moon £17.99 inc vat I Ching of Love Tarot Deck £17.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 0 96038 324 5 APC | 334pp | 140 x 210  PB £17.99 Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild illustrated by jimmy manton Awaken the High Priestess Within... The High Priest or Priestess within you walks the path of divine love, power and wisdom. This is the path of spiritual self-mastery where we are initiated through the darkness of struggle into the light of love. Learn to apply the Ancient Mystery teachings of Isis in practical ways to help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your daily life. Allow the Goddess, this sacred priestess, initiate, magician and healer to help you reactivate your own soul talents of healing, magic and more as you journey with her from darkness and uncertainty into light, love and power. ISBN: 978 19221 6101 7 BA | 144pp | 125 x 170 44 full col cards  boxed set £14.99 inc vat Journey of Love Oracle alana fairchild and richard cohn illustrated by Rassouli Featuring 70 illuminating paintings by visionary artist, Rassouli, the cards in Journey of Love oracle are bursting with vibrant hues and stunning mystical depictions of feminine and natural beauty that help you connect deeply with the love that is at the very heart of everything in existence. Inspired by these powerful images and Richard Cohn’s exquisite poetic verses which accompany each artwork, Alana Fairchild offers a profound message of guidance for each card, designed to assist you to find your authentic path through the opportunities for growth presented to you in all aspects of life, especially in your relationships, not only with others, but in your sacred relationship with yourself. ISBN: 978 1 92216 115 4 BA | 164pp | 125 x 170 70 full col cards  boxed set £14.99 inc vat Universal Love Oracle Healing Oracle Cards 12th Anniversary Edition Toni Carmine Salerno Toni Carmine Salerno’s timeless classic, UNIVERSAL LOVE – Healing Oracle Cards, is now packed with even more precious jewels of wisdom, love and beauty than the original edition! Ask the oracle a question; then pick a card (or more than one!) to receive your answer. Take your time and allow the healing vibration that emanates from each card to fill your heart, clear your mind and soothe your soul. ISBN: 978 1 92216 114 7 BA | 124pp | 102 x 132 45 full col cards  boxed set £13.99 inc vat

occult & divination – divination 50 Kuan Yin Oracle Blessings, Guidance and Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine Alana Fairchild illustrated by zeng hao The 44 cards in this deck guide you to a place of inner peace and beauty. Her energy reaches out to you from each card. The messages, inspired by her presence and guiding voice, contain her wisdom to help us live a loving and enlightened life that is practical, spiritual and positive. The guidance in the messages and the practical exercises for each card nourish you on your spiritual path, help you realise that you are a divine Soul and learn to love, trust and live your highest destiny this lifetime. ISBN: 978 09872 0418 9 BA | 144pp | 125 x 170 44 full col cards boxed set £14.99 inc vat of related interest: Kuan Yin Chronicles £13.99 Gems Oracle Bianca Luna Every stone and crystal has a special energy that can be used to harmonise and maintain the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Each of the thirty-five cards represents a stone or crystal and illustrates its properties and characteristics. Together they are a flexible tool that blends the knowledge of the crystals with chakra theory and Yoga practices. The result is a deck of rich ideas that we can use to improve ourselves and our lives through a holistic approach to our state of being. ISBN: 978 886527210 7 LS | 16pp | 88 x 125 35 ful col cards & booklet OR07  deck £15.99 inc vat of related interest: Essence of Gemstones HB £14.99 Gem & Mineral Lore £14.99 Runes Oracle Bianca Luna Illustrated by Cosimo Musio Runes were the ancient oracle used by the peoples of Northern Europe, but their wisdom and depth are still fully present in the world today. They are the magic of the alphabet. The Runes Oracle explains how we can use all the knowledge of the Norse gods to illuminate our lives. The twenty-four illustrated cards can be used in many ways: as a system of divination, as a tool for meditation or as a powerful talisman. ISBN: 978 886527209 1 LS | 16pp | 88 x 125 24 ful col cards & booklet OR06  deck £15.99 inc vat of related interest: Futhark £14.99 Reading the Runes £10.99 White Onyx Stone Runes £24.00 inc vat Crystal Deva Cards The Mineral Kingdom’s Messages of Hope and Self-Empowerment for the New Millennium Cindy Watlington The CRYSTAL DEVA CARDS contain new information channeled from the Crystal Devas, Guardians of the Mineral Kingdom, to help humankind heal the emotional and spiritual life lessons of today’s world. The 44-card deck features colour photos of exquisite crystals. For healing, the Devas have energised each card with its stone’s vibration. The 320-page book links cards to empowering Devic messages, helping you transform your life by releasing outdated belief systems, emotional entrapments, and fear. ISBN: 978 0 96529 800 1 WTP | 320pp | 140 x 216 44 full col cards boxed set £25.00 inc vat of related interest: Color Your Life with Crystals £7.99 Crystal Angels 444 £12.99 Crystal Oracle £13.99 inc vat Crystal Oversoul Attunements £14.99 inc vat Lenormand Oracle Laura Tuan The cards in this oracle remain faithful to the traditional Lenormand images, just as they appeared in nineteenth century Paris, but are in a larger than normal format. Complete directions are included in the book by Laura Tuan. Tuan is one of the most recognised connoisseurs of divination in Italy. She explains the meanings as well as how to use Lenormand cards with great ease and clarity. ISBN: 978 886527235 0 LS | 160pp | 88 x 125 36 full col cards OR08  boxed set £14.99 inc vat of related interest: Tarot Lenormand £17.99 inc vat

occult & divination – divination 51 Whispers of Love Oracle Cards for Attracting More Love into your Life Angela Hartfield Illustrated by Josephine Wall WHISPERS OF LOVE ORACLE CARDS were created to help you find methods and messages for building stronger more loving relationships whilst, also, reminding you of the interconnectedness of everything in your life. Whether it be a romantic connection or your connection to others around you, these beautifully illustrated cards will help you find answers and solutions. You can choose cards for everyday guidance or you can do readings focusing on a specific question or relationship. ISBN: 978 19221 6110 9 BA | 144pp | 125 x 142 50 full col cards  boxed set £13.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 19221 6103 1 BA | 168pp | 125 x 170 45 full col cards  boxed set £14.99 inc vat of related interest: Among the Mermaids £11.99 Tarot of the Mermaids £17.99 inc vat Les Vampires Oracle Ancient Wisdom and healing messages from the Children of the Night Lucy Cavendish Illustrated by Jasmine Becket-Griffith A stunning deck designed specifically for people facing difficult decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing to move away from draining careers, situations or people. Vampiric energies have often been feared and reviled, but today, the amazing creatures of Les Vampires are proving to be allies from the most mysterious of realms, helping many humans through their own dark night of the soul. Full of wise guidance, ancient teachings, proven methods of protection, deeply comforting advice and provocative challenges to our flawed perceptions, LES VAMPIRES offers a clear pathway through the darkest and most troubled of times. ISBN: 978 1 92216 116 1 BA | 164pp | 125 x 170 45 full col cards  boxed set £14.99 inc vat of related interest: Strangeling £12.99 Vampire Magick £14.99 Vampires Tarot of Eternal Night £17.99 inc vat Messenger Oracle Ravynne Phelan (aka Michele-lee Phelan) Reconnect with the Magic of the Universe! There was a time when we ‘humanity’ could see and feel the Divine within each other and all around us. We were one with nature and moved in harmony with the seasons and cycles of life. We honoured and accepted the signs and messages sent by Gaia and Great Spirit. This deck is for those who yearn to re-ignite their connection with Gaia, Great Spirit, the natural world and its creatures. MESSENGER ORACLE strengthens our ancient bond with nature and spirit. ISBN: 978 09872 0411 0 BA | 124pp | 115 x 150 50 full col cards  boxed set £13.99 inc vat Oracle of the Mermaids Magical Messages of Healing, Love & Romance Lucy Cavendish Illustrated by Selina Fenech Mermaids have long been the luscious messengers between the world of the Ocean and the world of humans. Loving, adventurous, kind and daring, Mermaids can teach you ways to heal your past, love yourself more deeply, live authentically, embrace your creativity and find your life purpose. Overflowing with mermaid magic, legends and lore, the 168-page guidebook features in-depth messages and clear, accurate card spreads to help you to find answers for yourself, your loved ones or your clients.

occult & divination – divination 52 Crystal Talismans Four stones, four precious talismans, lend a helping hand where it is needed most and help us to transform our days. The stones were chosen to give support in love, success, well being and good fortune. The set includes a book that explains crystal basics and teaches how to best use their energies as effective talismans. Love Crystals ISBN: 978 886527321 0 LS  |  4 crystals in a velvet bag with instructions CT01  boxed set £7.99 inc vat Success Crystals ISBN: 978 886527322 7 LS  |  4 crystals in a velvet bag with instructions CT02  boxed set £7.99 inc vat Wellbeing Crystals ISBN: 978 886527323 4 LS  |  4 crystals in a velvet bag with instructions CT03  boxed set £7.99 inc vat Fortune Crystals ISBN: 978 886527324 1 LS  |  4 crystals in a velvet bag with instructions CT04  boxed set £7.99 inc vat Pendulums Egyptian Gold ISBN: 978 886527242 8 PEB13  £15.99 inc vat Crystal ISBN: 978 886527244 2 PEB15  £15.99 inc vat Drop Gold ISBN: 978 886527247 3 PEB18  £15.99 inc vat Transparent (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527248 0 PEB19  £15.99 inc vat Amethyst ISBN: 978 886527250 3 PEB21  £15.99 inc vat Clear Quartz ISBN: 978 886527251 0 PEB22  £15.99 inc vat Rose Quartz ISBN: 978 886527252 7 PEB23  £15.99 inc vat Classic Pendulums Bloodstone ISBN: 978 886527255 8 PEB28  £15.99 inc vat Conical Silver (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527261 9 PEB34  £15.99 inc vat Power Bloodstone ISBN: 978 886527262 6 PEB35  £15.99 inc vat Renewed in packaging and contents, all our best selling pendulums are now available in their new boxed set edition. Set includes a guide to use your pendulum and an elegant velvet bag to carry your pendulum with you. PEB13 PEB15 PEB19PEB18 PEB21 PEB34PEB35PEB28PEB23PEB22

occult & divination – divination 53 Spherical Gold ISBN: 978 886527240 4 PEB11  £15.99 inc vat Conical Gold ISBN: 978 886527241 1 PEB12  £15.99 inc vat Spiral Silver ISBN: 978 886527243 5 PEB14  £15.99 inc vat Pointed Gold ISBN: 978 886527256 5 PEB29  £15.99 inc vat Soul Gold ISBN: 978 886527257 2 PEB30  £15.99 inc vat Deluxe Pendulums PEB36 PEB37 PEB39 Spirit Gold ISBN: 978 886527258 9 PEB31  £15.99 inc vat Sound Gold ISBN: 978 886527259 6 PEB32  £15.99 inc vat Wisdom Silver (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527263 3 PEB36  £15.99 inc vat Egyptian Silver ISBN: 978 886527264 0 PEB37  £15.99 inc vat Seven Chakras ISBN: 978 886527266 4 PEB39  £15.99 inc vat Equilibrium Gold ISBN: 978 886527245 9 PEB16  £23.00 inc vat Precision Gold (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527246 6 PEB17  £23.00 inc vat Sensibility Gold (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527249 7 PEB20  £23.00 inc vat Rose Quartz Chakra ISBN: 978 886527253 4 PEB25  £23.00 inc vat Amethyst Chakra ISBN: 978 886527254 1 PEB26  £23.00 inc vat Premium Pendulums PEB38 Pentacle 7 Stones (Chamber) ISBN: 978 886527260 2 PEB33  £24.00 inc vat Amethyst Pyramid ISBN: 978 886527265 7 PEB38  £23.00 inc vat PEB16 PEB17 PEB20 PEB33 PEB25 PEB26 PEB11 PEB12 PEB14 PEB29 PEB30 PEB31 PEB32

occult & divination – magic 54 magic Overthrowing The Old Gods Aleister Crowley and the Book of the Law Don Webb Boldly defying Crowley’s warning not to comment on the Book of the Law, Ipsissimus Don Webb provides in-depth interpretation from both black and white Magical perspectives, including commentary from Dr. Michael A. Aquino, who served as High Priest of the Temple of Set from 1975 to 1996. Webb examines each line of the Book in the light of modern psychology, Egyptology, existentialism and competing occult systems such as the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff and contemporary Left-Hand Path thought. of related interest: Book of the Law HB £17.99 Lords of The Left Hand Path £21.00 Magick of Aleister Crowley £16.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 189 9 ITI | 352pp | 152 x 229 PB £16.99 The Book of Primal Signs The High Magic of Symbols niGeL Pennick With more than 300 unique woodcuts, drawings, calligraphy and photographs – many never before reproduced – Pennick examines ancient and enduring glyphs in detail, such as the circle, cross, eye, pentagram, fleur de lis, tree of life and horseshoe, as well as several families of symbols, such as craftsmen’s marks, runes, symbolic beasts, human heads and skulls and the sigils of Mammon. The author explains the multiple forms and uses of each from ancient times to the present day, reflecting their roots in the Western Mystery tradition. of related interest: Ancient Pagan Symbols £18.99 Herder Dictionary of Symbols £16.99 How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 315 2 DB | 256pp | 152 x 229 340 b & w ills PB £11.99 The Voodoo Doll Spellbook A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Spells and Rituals Denise Alvarado Few things are as synonymous with voodoo as the voodoo doll, and in this book Denise Alvarado draws on her authentic Creole tradition to offer a bevy of spells, amulets, oils, enchantments, hexes and blessings. Inside this book are a myriad of secret spells that help you to bind your enemies, banish naysayers and bend people to do your will. There are instructions on how to make a Get Even Gris Gris Doll to even the score and other dolls and spells to make yourself irresistible, find a lover, spice up your sex life. of related interest: New Orleans Voodoo Handbook £16.99 Vodou Love Magic £12.99 Vodou Money Magic £14.99 Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook £18.99 ISBN: 978 1 57863 554 2 WB | 224pp | 179 x 229 b & w photos & ills throughout PB £16.99 Sex Magick Best of The Equinox Volume III Aleister Crowley Introduction by Lon Milo Duquette Sex magick, the practice of utilising sexual energy and sacred sex rituals as a potent force to reach higher states of consciousness, has been cloaked in secrecy for centuries, passed down as a Secret Doctrine through many esoteric orders, from the Knights Templar to the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and, finally, the O.T.O. 20th century English occultist, mystic, ceremonial magician and O.T.O. leader, Aleister Crowley, believed that sexual magick was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. He dedicated the entire second half of his life to exploring its mysteries. SEX MAGICK presents the bulk of Crowley’s written works on the subject including: The Gnostic Mass, Energized Enthusiasm, Grimorium Sanctissimum, Star Sapphire, Liber Ash, Liber Chath and Liber Stellae Rubeae. ISBN: 978 1 57863 571 9 WB | 224pp | 140 x 216 PB £14.99 of related interest: Dramatic Ritual £14.99 Enochian Magick £15.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 187 5 ITI | 272pp | 152 x 229 45 b & w ills  PB £16.99 of related interest: Clavis or Key to The Magic of Solomon HB £80.00 Necronomicon HB £105.00 Witch’s Master Grimoire £10.99 The Book of Grimoires The Secret Grammar of Magic Claude Lecouteux Drawing on his own private collection of grimoires and magical manuscripts as well as his privileged access to the rare book archives of major European universities, Claude Lecouteux offers an extensive study of ancient books of magic and the ways the knowledge within them was kept secret for centuries through symbols, codes, secret alphabets and Kabbalistic words. Touching on both white and black magical practices, he explains the basic principles of mediaeval magic, including the doctrine of names and signatures, mastery of the power of images and the laws of sympathy and contagion. He gives an overview of magic in the Western Mystery tradition, emphasising both lesser-known magicians such as Trithemus and Peter of Apono and famous ones like Albertus Magnus and Hermes Trismegistus.

occult & divination – magic 55 A Druid’s Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants Spagyrics in Magical and Sexual Rituals New Edition of Celtic Plant Magic Jon G. huGhes In this practical guide to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes reveals the gentle alchemy of converting plant essences into potent compounds for working sex magic rituals. Examining the identification, harvesting and magical properties of more than 70 flowers and trees, he details the careful and meticulous spagyric preparation of plant extracts and complexes as well as the process of obtaining or creating suitable alcoholic spirits for the base of these preparations. of related interest: Druid Magic Handbook £14.99 Druids Herbal £12.99 Sexual Practices of the Druids £14.99 The High Magic of Talismans and Amulets Tradition and Craft cLaude Lecouteux The use of talismans and amulets stretches back nearly to the dawn of man, from everyday items magically prepared, such as horns or coins, to intricate and beautiful jewelry imbued with protective powers. Drawing on his private collection of mediaeval manuscripts as well as his privileged access to the rare book archives of major European universities, Claude Lecouteux provides a comprehensive history of the use of talismans and amulets for protection, healing and divine influence. of related interest: ABC of Magic Charms £10.99 Amulets, Talismans and Magical Jewelry £21.00 ISBN: 978 1 62055 265 0 DB | 304pp | 152 x 229 34 b & w ills PB £12.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 279 7 ITI | 256pp | 152 x 229 38 b & w ills HB £17.99 The Theban Oracle Discover the Magic of the Ancient Alphabet That Changes Lives Greg Jenkins Like runes, the Theban Oracle is a unique and singular writing system or, more appropriately, an alphabet-codex that is based on the ancient magical writings devised by the 14th-century magus, Honorius of Thebes. It was later utilised as an oracle by such masters of the occult sciences as Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Petrus De Apono, Dr. John Dee and other mediaeval and renaissance contemporaries of high magick. The Theban code-writing system appeared to go dormant until 1801, when Englishman, Francis Barrett, brought it and other esoteric aspects of magick back into vogue. It was later re-discovered by Gerald Gardner in the 1930s, when it caught on in select covens and metaphysical circles. Now Greg Jenkins reveals the secrets of this magical alphabet and oracle system to provide wisdom and guidance for today. ISBN: 978 1 57863 549 8 WB | 256pp | 140 x 216 b & w symbols & images pB £14.99 of related interest: John Dee £47.00 John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery £42.00 Lost Art of Enochian Magic £14.99 Meaning of Witchcraft £21.00 Aleister Crowley The Beast in Berlin Art, Sex, and Magick in the Weimar Republic toBias chuRton Gnostic poet, painter, writer and magician Aleister Crowley arrived in Berlin on April 18, 1930. As prophet of his syncretic religion “Thelema,” he wanted to be among the leaders of art and thought and Berlin, the liberated future-gazing metropolis, wanted him. There he would live, until his hurried departure on June 22, 1932, as Hitler was rapidly rising to power and the black curtain of intolerance came down upon the city. Drawing on previously unpublished letters and diary material by Crowley, Tobias Churton examines Crowley’s years in Berlin and his intense focus on his art, his work as a spy for British Intelligence, his colourful love life and sex magick exploits and his contacts with German Theosophy, Freemasonry and magical orders. ISBN: 978 1 62055 256 8 ITI | 416pp | 152 x 229 16pp col insert & 55 b & w ills HB £20.00 of related interest: Book of Thoth £16.99 Golden Builders £14.99 Magick HB £68.00 Magus of Freemasonry £14.99 Dragonflame Tap Into Your Reservoir of Power Using Talismans, Manifestation, and Visualization Lawren Leo DRAGONFLAME is a new and powerful philosophical system that sets forth a magickal equation for achieving spiritual transformation and manifesting one’s desires. From insightful meditations and visualisations to magickal exercises and rituals, this book offers spiritual guidance, with beginners' instructions and advanced practices that will help both novices and adepts achieve transformation in an understandable and reader-friendly format. of related interest: Dragon’s Tarot £17.99 inc vat Dragonlore £12.99 ISBN: 978 1 60163 310 1 NPB | 256pp | 152 x 229 7 b & w ills PB £13.99

56 Wax Seal Spiritual Set Set comprises 3 sticks of natural wax and 3 interchangeable seals. ISBN: 978 886527329 6 LS  |  155 x 110 WS05 box set £21.00 inc vat Natural Wax Refills Use the natural wax to give new life and new colours to you seals. ISBN: 978 886527238 1 LS  |  80 x 110 WS04 pack £8.99 inc vat Calligraphic Ritual Set Set comprises of 1 stick natural wax, 1 seal, feather with 5 interchangeable nibs and ink. ISBN: 978 886527330 2 LS  |  245 x 190 WS06 boxED set £21.00 inc vat occult To Perfect this Feast A Performance Commentary on the Gnostic Mass Revised and Expanded Third Edition James Wasserman and Nancy Wasserman Aleister Crowley wrote the Gnostic Mass in 1913. He described it as the central ritual, public and private, of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). The authors – both longtime O.T.O. members and consecrated bishops of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholicae (EGC) – share between them over half a century of practising the Mass. Their passionate devotion to the rite was rewarded in 2006 with an important, long-sought insight into the complex geometry of the ritual. In 2009, they published their research in the first edition of this book. Based on a continuing series of understandings, an even more accurate second edition was created in 2010. This third and final edition solves remaining subtleties in the choreography of the five officers and the overall conclusion of the rite. ISBN: 978 0 97188 703 9 SB | 128pp | 152 x 229 PB £18.99 of related interest: Aleister Crawley and The Practice of the Magical Diary £14.99 In The Centre of The Fire HB £30.00 Sex Magick £14.99 Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism Origins, Magic, and Secret Societies Patrick Lepetit Not merely an artistic or literary movement as many believe, the surrealists rejected the labels of artist and author bestowed upon them by outsiders, accepting instead the titles of magician, alchemist or – in the case of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo – witch. Drawing on an extensive range of writings by the surrealists and those in their circle of influence, Patrick Lepetit shows how the surrealists employed mythology, gnostic principles, tarot, voodoo and alchemy not simply as reference points but as significant elements of their ongoing investigations into the fundamental nature of consciousness. of related interest: Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival £12.99 Secret Societies and the Hermetic Code £14.99 ISBN: 978 1 62055 175 2 ITI | 512pp | 152 x 229  PB £23.00 occult & divination – magic

occult & divination – occult 57 ISBN: 978 1 57863 553 5 WB | 160pp | 152 x 229  PB £11.99 Invisibility Mastering the Art of Vanishing Steve Richards From Harry Potter’s famous cloak, to the secrets of the “Invisible Man,” popular culture has long been obsessed with the idea of becoming invisible. Yet, the art of invisibility is one of the most closely guarded of all occult secrets. For centuries magicians and adepts have hinted at ways of achieving this seemingly impossible feat, but now these ideas have been brought together for the first time to form a complete manual on how invisibility can be accomplished. Drawing on alchemy, Rosicrucianism, mediaeval magic, hypnotism, Einsteinian physics and yogic techniques, Steve Richards presents an authoritative and entertaining investigation into this extraordinary subject. of related interest: Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop £9.99 Goddess Spells for Busy Girls £11.99Night Sun Journal Fabio Listrani The disturbing mystery of night giving way to the day and day giving way to night. The images of the Night Sun guard our thoughts. Fulcanelli Master Alchemist Le Mystere des Cathedrales, Esoteric Intrepretation of the Hermetic Symbols of The Great Work Fulcanelli Translated by Mary Sworder In 1926 the fabled alchemist Fulcanelli left his remarkable manuscript concerning the Hermetic Study of Gothic Cathedral Construction with a student. He than disappeared. The book decodes the symbology found upon and within the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe which have openly displayed the secrets of alchemy for 700 years. of related interest: Cathedral of The Black Madonna £14.99 Church of Mary Magdalene £15.99 Fulcanelli and The Alchemical Revival £12.99 ISBN: 978 886527314 2 LS | 160pp | 150 x 210  JOU28 PB £ £8.99 inc vat Ceccoli Nicoletta Ceccoli BT47 ISBN: 978 886527317 3 Silver Witchcraft Franco Rivolli BT46 ISBN: 978 886527316 6 ISBN: 978 0 91473 214 3 BoL | 238pp | 152 x 229 PB £17.99 tarot Tarot Bags These quality satin tarot bags are beautifully made and ideal for keeping a cartomancers’ most treasured decks safe and secure. 160 x 225 BAG £8.99 inc vat

occult & divination – tarot 58 ISBN: 978 886527190 2 LS  |  66 x 120 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX205  deck £17.99 inc vat Ghost Tarot Davide Corsi Between the visible and the invisible, between memory and the supernatural, there is a subliminal space, the world of ghosts. This is where restless spirits exist during those fleeting moments when they search for their lost mortality. The Ghost Tarot takes you to a romantic and eternal world, where unique wisdom abides. of related interest: Little Book of True Ghost Stories £12.99 Tarot 3D £14.99 inc vat Tarot Draconis Davide Corsi A number of years after the first Dragons Tarot, David Corsi was asked to create a new deck. Corsi knows how to embody the magic and the primitive purity of dragons. His work is the perfect marriage between the expressive and the epic grandeur of the classic fantasy style and the iconic power of the traditional Tarot. of related interest: Pictorial Key to The Tarot £17.99 inc vat Tarot of The Elves £17.99 inc vat Vampire Tarot of Eternal Night £17.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527202 2 LS  |  66 x 120 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX204  deck £17.99 inc vat Marseille Cat Tarot Severino Baraldi The Tarot of Marseille has been rediscovered by modern tarot readers. In this cheerful tribute to the Marseille Tarot, the images have been redesigned and reconstructed with amusing cats, while retaining all the details of the traditional cards. This deck gives new energy to the cards of Marseille and will attract many people to one of Tarot’s most important historical decks. of related interest: Black Cats Tarot £17.99 inc vat Tarot of Pagan Cats £17.99 inc vat Tarot of the White Cats £17.99 inc vat Tarot of Marseille £17.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527303 6 LS | 66 x 120 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX211 deck £17.99 inc vat Tarot Illuminati EriK C. Dunne The light is the key to understanding this extraordinary deck, which combines artistic beauty, symbolic depth and intuitive vigour. It is a light that warms the soul, frees the mind, relieves fear and casts the gaze toward infinity. The search for enlightenment drives people to overcome their limits, gives them the energy to overcome difficulties and find their way in the dark. This is what allows us to grow. of related interest: Illuminati Journal £8.99 inc vat Tarot Illuminati Boxed Set £25.00 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527289 3 LS  |  70 x 122 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX207  deck £17.99 inc vat

occult & divination – tarot 59 Tarot of The Nymphs Mauro De Luca The ancient purity of the water flows through this deck, home to fairies whose profound lightness help to create a Tarot deck that is as ephemeral and delicate as it is eternal and imperishable. Its silent beauty welcomes and protects human experiences with a compassionate touch that is sometimes seductive and sometimes maternal but always truthful. of related interest: Tarot of The Mermaids £17.99 inc vat Silver Witchcraft Tarot barbara Moore illustrated by franco rivolli Throughout these cards, the wisdom and magic of the ages are expressed through Luna’s silver light. Each image combines the rich tradition of tarot with modern pagan symbolism, creating a unique and beautifull experience. of related interest: Book of Shadows Tarot Vol. I £17.99 inc vat Book of Shadows Tarot Vol. II £17.99 inc vat Silver Witchcraft Tarot Kit barbara Moore illustrated by franco rivolli This book, by world famous author Barbara Moore, is the perfect companion for these wonderful cards, helping you to see the tarot, understand it and mirror into it your beliefs and experience for deeper and more powerful readings. of related interest: Book of Shadows Boxed Set £33.00 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527297 8 LS | 66 x 120 78 full col cards & instructions leaflet EX209 deck £17.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527310 4 LS | 160pp | 135 x 206 78 full col cards full col throughout KIT 27 boxed set £25.00 inc vat ALSO AVAILABLE Silver Witchcraft Book ISBN: 978 886527311 1 PB £8.99 ISBN: 978 886527296 1 LS | 66 x 120 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX210 DECK £17.99 inc vat Tarot of The Sacred Feminine Floreana Nativo Ilustrated by Franco Rivolli The Myth of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess who is the first of all, virgin and mother, lover and warrior, young and old, has been told and retold through the centuries and cultures. In all its forms, it is as ever holy even as it is always different. The story is forever changing while it always remains true to itself. Truth is utterly consistent and completely changeable. The story of the Sacred Feminine is the Myth of Humankind told from the female point of view and illuminated by the moon. of related interest: Fire Tarot £17.99 inc vat Tarot of the Princesses £17.99 inc vat ISBN: 978 886527290 9 LS | 66 x 120 78 full col cards & instruction leaflet EX208 deck £17.99 inc vat

occult & divination – wicca 60 wicca wicca The Witches’ Almanac Mystic Earth Issue 33 Spring 2014 – Spring 2015 Theitic Founded in 1971 The Witches’ Almanac is a witty, literate and sophisticated publication that appeals to general readers as well as hard-core Wiccans. Modelled after the Old Farmers’ Almanac, it includes information related to the annual Moon Calendar (weather forecasts and horoscopes), as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, interviews, mystic incantations, interviews and many a curious tale of good and evil. The theme of Issue 33 (Spring 2014 – Spring 2015) is Mystic Earth. Included are articles on Ganesha, graveyard dust, Italian cimaruta amulets, veiled witches and the legend of the Wicker Man. ISBN: 978 0 98243 239 6 WA | 208pp | 152 x 229 PB £9.99 of related interest: Mrs B’s Guide to Household Witchery £12.99 ISBN: 978 886527220 6 LS  |  66 x 120 45 full col cards & instructions EX206 deck £10.99 inc vat Wicca Cards fedora feltrin and maria caratti illustrated by peter o’neilL The roots of the path of Wicca are deep. They lead from the ancient Celtic divinities to Oriental divinities and to the Goddesses. These cards offer the symbols of the journey of the Wicca the Goddesses the Elements the Rituals… the stones which construct the Spiritual existence Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch Mastering the Five Arts of Witchcraft Raven Grimassi For the first time in more than a decade, Grimassi introduces readers to a new system of witchcraft, one that draws upon the old ways and the old days to teach the practitioner how to master all that it is to be a Witch. Chock full of spells, illustrations of plant spirits and rituals, Grimassi takes readers deep into the woods to learn the secrets of the Thorned Path. Here we meet the entities that dwell deep within the organic memory of the earth – the devas, the deities, the magical life force behind the surface of the wooded glen. Chapters include Plant Spirits of the Green Realm, The Rose and Thorn Path of Witchery, Works of Magick, The Old Ones and The Old Rites. ISBN: 978 1 57863 550 4 WB | 272pp | 152 x 229 40 b & w ills PB £14.99 of related interest: Horns of Honor £14.99 Old World Witchcraft £14.99

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