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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: josephturek3297



Here we explore symmetry and shape concepts, students also learn the importance of thrift and economy of design. The process is very open so they have to work with what they've got and adjust plans despite their intentions.

Deconstruct/Reconstruct Shape- Criteria & Objectives • Students will take a large square or circle, break that up into shapes and rearrange the parts as a new unified shape. • Students will use construction paper, graphite, scissors or exacto knives, paste, and a sheet of 12 x 18 in. paper. 1. Students will cut out three 4 in. squares or 4.5 in. circles. 2. Students must make an abstract design within the confines of their square/circle. 3. Students will cut out their design from two of their squares/circles and paste them down in a symmetrical and altered fashion. • The objective of this assignment is to create something from nothing, explore the potential of area, shape, and symmetry.

Types of Symmetry… with the help of Carlita, the symmetry whale Reflective symmetry Rotational symmetry Radial symmetry Compound or complex symmetry

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